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If you’re a Star Wars fan, you won’t want to miss out on Carrie Fisher’s “The Princess Diarist” audiobook. Fisher, the beloved actress behind the iconic role of Princess Leia, shares intimate reflections on her time in the franchise in this candid memoir.

Through the audiobook, Fisher takes listeners on a journey through her personal life and experiences as a Hollywood celebrity. Her narration style and emotional vulnerability make for a captivating listening experience.

Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or just looking for an engaging memoir, “The Princess Diarist” is a must-listen.

Key Takeaways

  • The Princess Diarist offers unique insights into the experiences of a Hollywood icon
  • Carrie Fisher’s emotional narration style adds depth to the memoir’s themes of love, fame, and self-discovery
  • The impact of Fisher’s storytelling is felt not just in the literary world, but in the lives of her fans
  • Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of Fisher’s personal struggles and triumphs
  • The audiobook is a must-listen for Star Wars enthusiasts, but also has broad appeal for anyone interested in candid memoirs

About the Author, Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was an American author, actress, and screenwriter. She was born in Beverly Hills, California, in 1956, to actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher.

Fisher is best known for her iconic portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. Her performance in the series has cemented her status as a cultural icon, captivating audiences with her bravery, wit, and unwavering spirit.

Aside from her acting career, Fisher was an accomplished author, publishing several novels and memoirs. Her writing was known for its candid, irreverent style, exploring themes of mental health, addiction, and personal struggle.

It is through Fisher’s unique perspective on life and her experiences in the entertainment industry that she brings an intimate voice to her memoir “The Princess Diarist.” As we explore her reflections on her time as Princess Leia and the making of Star Wars, we gain a deeper understanding of the woman behind the iconic character.

Overview of “The Princess Diarist”

“The Princess Diarist” is a memoir written by the late iconic actress and author, Carrie Fisher. In the book, Fisher uses personal journals she kept while filming the original Star Wars movie to reflect on her experiences and emotions during that time. The memoir offers unique insights into Fisher’s life and iconic role as Princess Leia.

The memoir is divided into three parts. The first part reflects on Fisher’s experience filming Star Wars and navigating her newfound fame. The second part delves into her affair with co-star Harrison Ford, which she kept private for over 40 years. The third part showcases her personal poetry and reflections on the impact of aging and her celebrity status.

Overall, “The Princess Diarist” is a candid and emotional journey through Fisher’s life and career. Her wit and writing style make this memoir entertaining and insightful for any fan of Star Wars or Fisher’s work.

Narration Style and Performance

The narration of an audiobook can make or break the listening experience. In The Princess Diarist, the audiobook is narrated by the author herself, Carrie Fisher. Fisher’s distinctive voice, wit, and emotion add an extra layer of authenticity to this already personal memoir.

Fisher’s narration style is conversational and engaging, as if she is sharing her story with a close friend. Her reading is genuine and raw, allowing listeners to connect with her on a deeper level. Whether she is recounting amusing anecdotes from the set of Star Wars or reflecting on her personal struggles, Fisher’s voice draws listeners in and keeps them captivated.

“I think I am a product of Hollywood inbreeding. When two celebrities mate, something like me is the result.”

The audiobook’s production quality is top-notch, with clear audio and precise pacing. The background music is subtle and complements Fisher’s words without being distracting.

Overall, Fisher’s narration style and performance enhance the listening experience of The Princess Diarist audiobook, making it a must-listen for fans of the actress and those seeking an intimate look into the world of Star Wars.

Reflections on Star Wars Fame

Carrie Fisher’s experiences with Star Wars fame are a significant theme throughout “The Princess Diarist” audiobook. Her candid reflections provide a behind-the-scenes look at the emotional journey of being part of such an iconic franchise.

From the pressure of living up to fan expectations to the struggles of balancing personal and professional life, Fisher’s words resonate with anyone who has experienced the highs and lows of fame.

“The first thing [fans] do is accuse you of the crime of not being who they thought you were.”

As Fisher shares personal stories from the set, she highlights the unique challenges and scrutiny that come with being a part of something as culturally significant as Star Wars.

Through her reflections, Fisher humanizes the experience of fame, revealing the toll it can take on mental health and personal relationships. But at the same time, she celebrates the unbridled joy and excitement of being a part of something she loves.

For anyone with an interest in the Star Wars franchise or the impact of fame on a personal level, “The Princess Diarist” offers a valuable and introspective look at one woman’s remarkable journey.

Personal Stories from the Set

Carrie Fisher’s time on the Star Wars set was filled with personal stories and anecdotes that shed light on her experiences during the filming of the iconic movies.

One of Fisher’s most memorable moments on set was when she donned the infamous metal bikini for her role as Princess Leia in “Return of the Jedi.” Fisher recounts the experience in her book, sharing her initial discomfort and ultimate acceptance of the revealing costume.

“What redeems it is I get to kill him, which was so enjoyable. And then I felt really bad because I was thinking, ‘Poor guy, he’s just sitting there.’ But then I thought, ‘No, that could be a very valuable experience for him.’ “

– Carrie Fisher on her reaction to seeing Jabba the Hutt on set

Fisher also shares behind-the-scenes moments of filming, including pranks played among the cast and crew. One such prank involved Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, replacing Fisher’s shampoo with honey, much to her dismay.

Throughout “The Princess Diarist,” Fisher offers an intimate look at her life on the Star Wars set and how it impacted her personal journey.

Candid Insights into Fisher’s Life

Carrie Fisher was known for her openness and candor, and her memoir “The Princess Diarist” is no exception. Through her writing, Fisher offers readers a glimpse into her personal life, including her struggles with addiction and mental health.

One particularly candid insight that Fisher shares in the book is her experience with bipolar disorder. Fisher was diagnosed with the condition in her mid-twenties and struggled with it throughout her life. In “The Princess Diarist,” she reflects on the ups and downs of living with bipolar and the impact it had on her personal and professional life.

“Having waited my entire life to get an award for something, anything…I now get awards all the time for being mentally ill. It’s better than being bad at being insane, right? How tragic would it be to be runner-up for Bipolar Woman of the Year?” – Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist

Fisher also discusses her tumultuous relationship with Paul Simon, revealing intimate details about their time together. Despite the challenges they faced as a couple, Fisher’s reflections on their relationship are honest and insightful, offering a unique perspective on love and partnership.

“You know how they say that religion is the opiate of the masses? Well, I took masses of opiates religiously. It was a gorgeous way to cope…until it wasn’t.” – Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist

Through her writing, Fisher bravely confronts the challenges she faced in her personal life while also offering moments of levity and humor. Her honesty and vulnerability make “The Princess Diarist” a compelling and unforgettable read.

Emotional Vulnerability in “The Princess Diarist”

One of the most striking elements of “The Princess Diarist” is Fisher’s emotional vulnerability. Through her memoir, the author invites readers on a deeply personal journey, detailing her experiences on and off the set of Star Wars. Fisher lays bare her thoughts and feelings, sharing intimate reflections on her career, relationships, and struggles with mental health.

Her memoir is a testament to the power of vulnerability in storytelling. By allowing herself to be open and honest, Fisher offers readers a unique perspective on life in the public eye. She shows that even those who seem outwardly successful can still grapple with inner turmoil, and that being vulnerable is not a weakness but a strength.

The emotional honesty of “The Princess Diarist” resonates with readers, who are drawn to the raw and authentic nature of Fisher’s writing. Her memoir is a tribute to the power of personal storytelling, and a testament to the enduring legacy of one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

Impact and Reception of “The Princess Diarist”

The release of “The Princess Diarist” was met with significant excitement from fans and literary critics alike. Fisher’s raw and honest reflections on her time in the Star Wars franchise struck a chord with readers, creating a sense of connection and intimacy between the author and her audience.

Many reviewers praised Fisher’s storytelling abilities, describing the memoir as a poignant and insightful exploration of love, fame, and self-discovery. The audiobook version, in particular, received high praise for Fisher’s engaging narration style.

“Fisher’s audiobook performance is a true highlight of this memoir. Her witty quips and unapologetic revelations make for a captivating listening experience.” – Publishers Weekly

“The Princess Diarist” quickly became a New York Times bestseller, with fans flocking to get their hands on a copy of the memoir. The book’s impact can be felt throughout the literary world, inspiring new conversations and perspectives on Fisher’s life, work, and legacy.

Themes Explored in “The Princess Diarist”

“The Princess Diarist” offers readers a unique perspective on love, fame, self-discovery, and reflection. Through her book, Fisher shares personal experiences of living in the limelight, and the challenges she faced as an actress and writer.

One of the main themes explored in the book is love. In it, Fisher reflects on her complicated romantic relationship with co-star, Harrison Ford, and the impact it had on her life. The book offers insights into the complexities of love and how it can shape one’s life in significant ways.

Fame is another significant theme in “The Princess Diarist.” Fisher reflects on life in the public eye and how it affected her mental and emotional well-being. She shares her personal struggles with depression and addiction, highlighting the pressure that comes with celebrity status.

Self-discovery is also a major theme in the book. Fisher reflects on her journey of self-discovery, detailing personal insecurities and her efforts to build a stronger sense of self. She shares candid insights into her life, allowing the reader to connect with her on a deeply personal level.

Fisher’s unique perspective on living in the spotlight is another essential theme in the book. Through her writing, Fisher offers insights into how being in the public eye can both shape and challenge one’s identity, providing a rare glimpse into the world of Hollywood stardom.

Overall, “The Princess Diarist” provides readers with an intimate look into Fisher’s inner world, and the various themes that shaped her life. The book offers candid reflections on love, fame, self-discovery, and the challenges that come with having a career in the entertainment industry.

Comparisons To Fisher’s Other Works

Carrie Fisher was celebrated for her varied body of work, which included acting, writing, and script doctoring. It’s interesting to compare “The Princess Diarist” with her other published works, to evaluate the similarities and divergences in Fisher’s writing style, themes, and impact.


Fisher authored several novels before “The Princess Diarist.” Her debut novel, “Postcards From The Edge,” portrays the complex and often tumultuous relationship between a mother and daughter. It’s full of humor, pathos, and raw vulnerability. “Surrender The Pink,” Fisher’s second novel, blends romantic comedy with Fisher’s signature wit and insight. While both books deal with personal struggles, they differ significantly from the memoir style of “The Princess Diarist.”


Fisher was an accomplished memoirist, with several published works prior to “The Princess Diarist.” Her first memoir, “Wishful Drinking,” explores her tumultuous upbringing, her celebrity status and struggles with addiction, and the impact of her bipolar diagnosis on her life. “Shockaholic,” her second memoir, delves deeper into her experience with electroconvulsive therapy for her bipolar disorder, as well as her encounters with other celebrities. While both memoirs share similar themes with “The Princess Diarist,” “The Princess Diarist” is a far more of an intimate glimpse into Fisher’s life and career.

The Princess Diarist Postcards From The Edge Surrender The Pink Wishful Drinking Shockaholic
Writing Style Fisher’s conversational tone and self-deprecating humor is present across all her works. However, “The Princess Diarist” is unique in that it blends elements of poetry and prose, allowing for a lyricism not found in her other works. “Postcards From The Edge” and “Surrender The Pink” both showcase Fisher’s characteristic wit and skill with snappy dialogue. However, they are more tightly plotted and follow a more traditional narrative structure compared to “The Princess Diarist.” In “Surrender The Pink,” Fisher incorporates witty narrative voice and a comic timing when it comes to relationship issues. Fisher’s prose is reflective and intimate, with a sharp sense of humor. Her ability to delve into personal struggles while still maintaining a light touch is present throughout “The Princess Diarist” and “Wishful Drinking.” “Shockaholic” shares the same humorous voice but also reveals the difficulties and pressures of growing up in the spotlight, and how those narrative structures can affect the person until adulthood.
Themes While all of Fisher’s works touch on themes of mental health, addiction, and fame, “The Princess Diarist” is more narrowly focused on her experience working on the “Star Wars” franchise and her star-crossed affection for co-star Harrison Ford. “Postcards From The Edge” and “Surrender The Pink” both explore themes of mother-daughter relationships, addiction, and the price of fame. “Surrender The Pink” describes the story of a relationship and how life always has this forever-love flavoring everything. Both “The Princess Diarist” and “Wishful Drinking” explore addiction, mental illness, and the impact of growing up in a famous family. But “The Princess Diarist” focuses more specifically on Fisher’s relationship with Harrison Ford, her aspirations as a writer, and her musings on the nature of fame itself. “Shockaholic” continues “Wishful Drinking’s” exploration of life in the public eye but focuses more on Fisher’s attempts to find alternative treatments for her bipolar disorder.
Impact “The Princess Diarist” was Fisher’s final published work, coming out just before her untimely death in 2016. It is a memorable and bittersweet testament to her talent and legacy. “Postcards From The Edge” and “Surrender The Pink” helped cement Fisher’s reputation as a witty and insightful writer. Both were turned into successful films. “Surrender The Pink” was made into a TV movie. “Wishful Drinking” topped the New York Times Best Seller list and was turned into a successful stage production and HBO special. “Shockaholic” consolidated Fisher’s fame as a funny and evocative raconteur who could spin darkly humorous tales out of her difficult life experiences.

In the end, “The Princess Diarist” stands out as a unique work, not only because of its focus on the “Star Wars” franchise, but because of its willingness to lay bare Fisher’s most intimate thoughts and feelings. It showcases Fisher’s talent not only as a writer and actress but as a true original.

Carrie Fisher's memoir The Princess Diarist

“…every time I checked it was still there like the mark of some expired skin condition, present but fading. You can’t find that kind of love, it either saves you or destroys you.”
-Carrie Fisher, “The Princess Diarist”


Overall, “The Princess Diarist” is a captivating memoir that provides a unique glimpse into Carrie Fisher’s personal life and her experiences with the iconic Star Wars franchise. The audiobook offers an intimate and emotional journey that is enhanced by Fisher’s candid reflections and personal anecdotes.

One of the key takeaways from “The Princess Diarist” is the impact of fame on an individual’s personal life. Fisher’s vulnerability and honesty about her struggles with fame provide a powerful message about the importance of mental health and self-care.

Another important theme explored in the memoir is the power of self-discovery and reflection. Fisher’s journey to uncover her true self and her experiences with love and heartbreak offer valuable insights and reflections that readers can relate to.

“The Princess Diarist” is a must-read for fans of Carrie Fisher and the Star Wars franchise. The memoir has received critical acclaim and is a testament to Fisher’s talent as a writer and storyteller.

Overall, “The Princess Diarist” is a captivating memoir that offers a unique perspective on fame, self-discovery, and the human experience. Whether you choose to read the book or listen to the audiobook, you will not be disappointed.


What is “The Princess Diarist” by Carrie Fisher?

“The Princess Diarist” is a memoir written by Carrie Fisher, the beloved author and actress known for her iconic role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise.

What is the audiobook review of “The Princess Diarist”?

The audiobook review of “The Princess Diarist” provides a detailed analysis of Fisher’s candid reflections on her time as Princess Leia and offers insights into her personal journey.

What does “The Princess Diarist” provide an overview of?

“The Princess Diarist” provides an overview of Fisher’s memoir, including its themes and unique insights about her experiences as Princess Leia.

How would you describe the narration style and performance of the audiobook?

The narration style and performance of the audiobook add depth and emotion to Fisher’s personal stories, creating a captivating listening experience.

Does “The Princess Diarist” contain reflections on Star Wars fame?

Yes, “The Princess Diarist” includes Fisher’s intimate reflections on her experiences with Star Wars fame, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and her emotional journey.

What personal stories from the Star Wars set are shared in the book?

“The Princess Diarist” presents personal stories and anecdotes from Fisher’s time on the Star Wars set, offering readers a glimpse into behind-the-scenes moments and their impact on her life and career.

In “The Princess Diarist,” what candid insights about Fisher’s personal life are revealed?

“The Princess Diarist” exposes candid insights about Fisher’s personal life, allowing readers to gain a deeper understanding of her struggles, triumphs, and unique perspective.

How does “The Princess Diarist” showcase emotional vulnerability?

Through her memoir, Fisher exhibits emotional vulnerability as she invites readers to explore her personal journey and lays bare her thoughts and feelings.

What was the impact and reception of “The Princess Diarist”?

“The Princess Diarist” received both critical acclaim and appreciation from fans, leaving a lasting impact in the literary world and further establishing Fisher as a talented writer.

What themes are explored in “The Princess Diarist”?

“The Princess Diarist” delves into themes of love, fame, self-discovery, and Fisher’s unique perspective on living in the spotlight.

How does “The Princess Diarist” compare to Fisher’s other works?

“The Princess Diarist” can be compared to Fisher’s other works in terms of writing style, themes, and impact, allowing readers to analyze the similarities and differences.

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