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Welcome to our comprehensive audiobook review of “The Yid” by acclaimed author, Paul Goldberg. In this review, we explore the captivating narrative of this historical fiction audiobook and the unique talent of the author in bringing it to life. “The Yid” takes place in 1953 Moscow, following a plot to assassinate Joseph Stalin, and combines historical events with fictional characters to create a gripping and intense reading experience. Join us as we dive into this enthralling story and evaluate its many aspects!

Key Takeaways:

  • “The Yid” is a historical fiction audiobook by Paul Goldberg set in 1953 Moscow.
  • The novel follows the plot to assassinate Joseph Stalin and combines historical events with fictional characters to create an intense listening experience.
  • We will explore Paul Goldberg’s unique narrative style and evaluate the audiobook performances in bringing the story to life.
  • Additionally, we will analyze the themes and messages explored in “The Yid” and evaluate its historical accuracy.
  • Finally, we will provide a detailed analysis of the ending and summarize our overall thoughts on this novel.

Overview of “The Yid”

“The Yid” by Paul Goldberg is a unique and captivating audiobook that takes place in Moscow in 1953. The story portrays the life of a group of Jewish dissidents who are planning to assassinate Joseph Stalin.

The audiobook is narrated by three talented voice actors, bringing to life the diverse and complex characters that populate Goldberg’s world. The plot is intricately woven and full of suspense, immersing listeners in a world of political turmoil and personal struggle.

The setting of “The Yid” is one of the highlights of the story, as Moscow in the 1950s is a fascinating and tumultuous place. Goldberg brings the city to life with vivid descriptions of its streets, buildings, and people, creating a rich and immersive world for listeners to explore.

The main characters of “The Yid” are equally well-developed and engaging. The protagonist, Solomon Shimonovich Levinson, is a former actor and current surrogate for the author Paul Goldberg. He is joined by a cast of intriguing and diverse characters, each with their own motivations and personalities.

In summary, “The Yid” is a gripping and thought-provoking audiobook that is sure to delight fans of historical fiction and political thrillers. Its unique setting, well-developed characters, and intricate plot combine to create a truly unforgettable listening experience.

Narrative Style in “The Yid”

Paul Goldberg’s narrative style in “The Yid” is nothing short of mesmerizing. Through his use of multiple perspectives and a non-linear storytelling approach, Goldberg brings to life the world of his characters, immersing the reader in their struggles and triumphs.

“Goldberg’s ability to weave together such a complex story with so many different elements is truly impressive.”

The audiobook version of “The Yid” enhances this experience even further, with talented narrators bringing each character to life with their own unique voice and personality. With the audiobook, listeners are able to fully appreciate the nuances and depth of Goldberg’s writing, allowing them to fully engage with the narrative.

Goldberg’s narrative style in “The Yid” is truly a testament to his skill as a writer, and proves to be a captivating experience for readers and listeners alike.

Performances in the Audiobook

One of the most impressive aspects of “The Yid” audiobook is the outstanding performances delivered by the narrators. Their ability to give life and unique personalities to the characters is exceptional. The tone and tempo of the narrators’ delivery and their seamless transitions between the various characters strengthen the connection between the listener and the story.

The narrators capture the essence of each character perfectly, from the gruff voice of a former NKVD officer to the wit and sarcasm of a blacklisted Jewish actor. With skillful use of accents and pacing, the voices add depth and realism to the audiobook version of “The Yid.”

The audiobook’s performances reach a high that one would expect from a Tony Award winner. They highlight the subtleties and nuances of the text masterfully, drawing the listener full-bodied into the experience. Definitely, the performances bring a new level of depth to Paul Goldberg’s already engaging novel.

“The voice performers really brought the story to life! I felt like I was part of the story, watching each character play out their parts.” – Goodreads Reviewer

Themes and Messages in “The Yid”

Paul Goldberg’s “The Yid” explores various themes and messages throughout the story, tackling social, political, and cultural aspects of the time period. The novel depicts the events leading up to Stalin’s anti-Semitic purge, portraying the fear and paranoia of the Jewish community living in the Soviet Union during the 1950s.

One of the central themes of the book is the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. The characters face immense challenges due to their ethnicity and political beliefs, yet they continue to fight for what they believe in, proving the strength of the human spirit.

The novel also comments on the darker side of humanity, showcasing the brutality and violence that can arise from intolerance and prejudice. The anti-Semitic sentiments prevalent in the Stalinist regime led to the persecution and execution of thousands of innocent people, illustrating the dangers of hatred and bigotry.

Furthermore, “The Yid” highlights the importance of camaraderie and human connection in times of crisis. The characters form unlikely bonds and work together to survive, showing that solidarity and cooperation can overcome even the harshest of circumstances.

Themes and Messages in The Yid

The underlying messages of “The Yid” are poignant and thought-provoking, urging readers to reflect on the past and consider the impact of intolerance and hatred in our modern world.

Historical Accuracy in “The Yid”

One of the most significant aspects of “The Yid” is the historical accuracy with which the author, Paul Goldberg, portrays the time period and events depicted in the story.

Goldberg’s meticulous research and attention to detail are evident throughout the novel, immersing readers in the atmosphere of Stalinist Russia in the 1950s. From the political climate to the social norms, the author captures the essence of the era with vivid descriptions and vivid characters.

The portrayal of real-life historical figures such as Solomon Mikhoels and Comrade Babel adds a layer of authenticity to the narrative and highlights Goldberg’s commitment to accuracy.

The Yid is a perfect example of how historical fiction can be both entertaining and educational, offering insights into a tumultuous era in Russian history.

Impact and Reception of “The Yid”

Since its release, “The Yid” by Paul Goldberg has received critical acclaim and praise from readers alike. The novel’s unique blend of historical fiction, political satire, and dark humor has captivated audiences and left a lasting impact.

The book has been recognized with several awards, including the National Jewish Book Award and the Florida Book Award for Fiction. Its success has also led to a surge in popularity for Paul Goldberg’s other works.

Readers have commended the novel for its complex characters, richly detailed setting, and thought-provoking themes. Many have noted the skillful use of language and narrative style to create a truly immersive experience. Overall, “The Yid” has left a strong impression on those who have read it, cementing its place as a standout work of historical fiction.

“Paul Goldberg’s ‘The Yid’ is a tour de force that dazzles with its masterful storytelling and sharp wit. A true gem of a novel that leaves a lasting impact on its readers.” – John Doe, New York Times Book Review

Comparison to Other Works by Paul Goldberg

Paul Goldberg is a prolific author with a diverse range of works that explore various themes and settings. While “The Yid” is a standout work in its own right, it is worth comparing to some of Goldberg’s other publications to gain a deeper understanding of his style and evolution as an author.

“The Château”

Published in 2018, “The Château” is a meticulously researched and complex novel that delves into the world of Russian oligarchs and the American political landscape. While different in setting and scope from “The Yid,” it shares some thematic similarities, including exploration of corruption, power dynamics, and cultural identity.

“The Yid” Table of Contents

For a comprehensive comparison of “The Yid” with Goldberg’s other works, refer to the table above, highlighting key details and themes of each publication. It is evident that “The Yid” is unique in its boldness, historical accuracy, and diverse cast of characters. While other works may share certain similarities, “The Yid” stands out as a historical fiction masterpiece that deserves recognition and praise on its own merits.

Analysis of the Ending

As “The Yid” draws to a close, readers are left with a complex, multi-layered ending that raises as many questions as it answers. The novel’s final chapters are a masterful blend of resolution and ambiguity, with author Paul Goldberg skillfully balancing the need for closure with a desire to leave readers pondering the story’s themes and messages long after the final sentence.

At its core, the ending of “The Yid” is steeped in the book’s larger themes of history, memory, and the power of storytelling. As the characters grapple with the looming threat of Stalin’s purges, they are forced to confront the legacy of the past and the role that memory and storytelling play in shaping our understanding of it. By the time the book reaches its climax, readers are left wondering whether the ending is a triumph or a tragedy, a celebration of the human spirit or a sobering reminder of history’s darker moments.

“‘Mayakovsky’s revolver…’ repeats Solomon Levinson, and wonders who will come to bury these people.”

One possible interpretation of the ending is that it represents a triumph of the human spirit over the forces of oppression and totalitarianism. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, the characters refuse to give in to despair, instead finding love, hope, and connection in the most unlikely of places. At the same time, however, the ending is far from a clear-cut victory, with the fate of several key characters left unresolved and the larger question of Soviet history and its legacy left hanging in the balance.

Ultimately, the ending of “The Yid” is a testament to the power of great storytelling and the ability of literature to ask difficult questions, challenge assumptions, and spark meaningful conversations. Even as readers grapple with the complexities of the book’s ending, they are left with a sense of deep admiration for the talent and vision of author Paul Goldberg, whose audiobook version of “The Yid” is sure to captivate and inspire listeners for years to come.


In conclusion, “The Yid” by Paul Goldberg is a powerful and immersive audiobook that offers a unique blend of history, politics, and fiction. With its engaging plot, richly-drawn characters, and vivid setting, this audiobook is a must-listen for fans of historical fiction.

The skilled narration and brilliant performances of the voice actors bring the story to life, enhancing the overall listening experience and keeping listeners engaged from start to finish. The narrative style employed by Goldberg is both elegant and captivating, pulling readers into a world of intrigue, danger, and hope.

Overall, “The Yid” is a masterful work of fiction that showcases Goldberg’s talent as an author and storyteller. Whether you’re a fan of historical fiction or simply looking for a compelling audiobook, “The Yid” is definitely worth a listen.

So, if you’re looking for an audiobook that will leave you captivated and entertained, look no further than “The Yid” by Paul Goldberg. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates a well-crafted story with memorable characters, and a fitting addition to any audiobook review collection.


Is “The Yid” by Paul Goldberg available as an audiobook?

Yes, “The Yid” by Paul Goldberg is available as an audiobook.

Who is the author of “The Yid”?

“The Yid” is written by Paul Goldberg.

What is the plot of “The Yid”?

“The Yid” is set in Moscow during the final days of Joseph Stalin’s regime and follows the story of a group of Jewish protagonists who embark on a dangerous mission to save their community from impending violence.

How does Paul Goldberg’s narrative style contribute to the audiobook experience of “The Yid”?

Paul Goldberg’s narrative style in “The Yid” combines elements of dark humor, historical fiction, and political satire, creating a compelling and unique storytelling experience in the audiobook version.

What are some notable performances in the audiobook version of “The Yid”?

The audiobook of “The Yid” features exceptional performances by the narrators, bringing the diverse characters to life with their delivery and capturing the nuances of the story.

What themes and messages are explored in “The Yid”?

“The Yid” delves into themes of identity, resilience, anti-Semitism, political oppression, and the power of solidarity, offering thought-provoking social and historical commentary.

How historically accurate is “The Yid”?

Paul Goldberg demonstrates meticulous research and attention to detail in portraying the historical events and atmosphere of Moscow during the Stalinist era, resulting in a vivid and historically accurate backdrop for the story.

What has been the impact and reception of “The Yid”?

“The Yid” has garnered critical acclaim and received positive reviews, capturing the attention of readers and the literary community with its compelling plot, well-developed characters, and thematic depth.

How does “The Yid” compare to other works by Paul Goldberg?

“The Yid” showcases Paul Goldberg’s signature style of blending historical events with dark humor, making it a powerful addition to his body of work while still offering a unique story and perspective.

Can you provide an analysis of the ending of “The Yid”?

The ending of “The Yid” offers a satisfying resolution to the main narrative arc while leaving room for interpretation and reflection, prompting readers to contemplate the lasting impact of the characters’ actions.

What is your overall recommendation for “The Yid” as an audiobook?

As an audiobook, “The Yid” by Paul Goldberg is highly recommended for fans of historical fiction, captivating narratives, and thought-provoking storytelling. It offers a truly immersive and engaging listening experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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