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If you’re looking for a captivating American story, look no further than “America America” by Ethan Canin. As a professional copywriting journalist, I had the chance to explore this gripping audiobook and gain insights into the writing style and themes presented.

Key Takeaways:

  • The audiobook “America America” by Ethan Canin offers a captivating narrative.
  • The writing style and themes expertly woven into the story provide a deeper understanding of the author’s craft.
  • The narration and performance of the audiobook enhance the overall listening experience.
  • The plot analysis and character development reveal intricate details about the story and its main characters.
  • The historical context provides a deeper appreciation for the narrative.

Overview of “America America”

In this section, we will provide an overview of the “America America” audiobook. The story takes place in the late 1960s and early 1970s, focusing on the journey of a young man named Corey Sifter from a working-class background to the center of politics and power. Ethan Canin’s clever writing and character development will take you on an emotional rollercoaster as you follow Corey’s journey through the American landscape.

The setting of the story is primarily in a small town in upstate New York, where Corey was born and raised. This close-knit community becomes the starting point for Corey’s journey to the top, and you’ll quickly find yourself immersed in the town’s rhythms and pace of life.

The audiobook is a gripping American narrative that masterfully weaves together history, politics, and human emotion.

Writing Style and Themes

Ethan Canin’s writing style in “America America” is characterized by its vivid descriptions, introspective passages, and poignant observations. The author employs a narrative structure that shifts between present and past tenses, creating a sense of nostalgia and a connection to the characters’ inner thoughts and emotions. Canin’s prose is both elegant and accessible, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the story effortlessly.

The themes explored in “America America” are a testament to Canin’s skill as a storyteller. The audiobook touches on topics such as identity, ambition, power, and love. These themes are woven throughout the narrative, influencing character motivations and actions. One of the most prominent themes in “America America” is the American Dream and the disillusionment that can come with its pursuit.

The audiobook is a thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of the human experience, presented through multifaceted characters, rich historical context, and skillful prose. It offers an engaging and immersive listening experience that will leave a lasting impression on the listener.

Narration and Performance

The narration and performance of an audiobook can make or break the overall listening experience. In “America America”, the voice actors went above and beyond to bring the characters and their stories to life. Their impeccable delivery and nuanced performances enhanced the listener’s engagement with the narrative and made for a more enjoyable experience.

“America America” is a masterclass in audiobook narration, with the voice actors delivering each line with sincerity, emotion, and conviction. Their ability to capture the essence of the characters and convey the intense emotions of the story is a testament to their talent and dedication.

The voice actors responsible for the narration and performance of “America America” are among the best in the business. Their outstanding work has been recognized by critics and fans alike and has helped to establish the audiobook as a must-listen for fans of American literature.

Plot Analysis

One of the most compelling aspects of “America America” is the intricately woven plot that draws readers in from the beginning.

The story follows the life of the ambitious Marcus Messner, a young man from a working-class family with aspirations of achieving the American Dream. As he navigates through life at a prestigious college, Marcus faces a series of challenges that threaten to upend his dreams and unravel his sanity.

The plot of “America America” is filled with unexpected twists and turns that keep readers on the edge of their seats. From the moment he arrives at college, Marcus faces a series of moral dilemmas that test his character and resilience. The story’s pacing is masterfully done, building up to a climactic and satisfying conclusion.

plot analysis

The overall structure of the story is well-crafted, with each chapter building upon the previous ones to create a cohesive and powerful narrative. The themes of ambition, morality, and identity are expertly woven into the plot, adding depth and complexity to the story.

Overall, the plot of “America America” is a masterclass in storytelling, expertly crafted to captivate readers and leave a lasting impression.

Character Development

In “America America,” Ethan Canin creates complex characters that undergo significant growth and transformation throughout the narrative. The development of each character is intricately woven into the broader story, providing insights into the themes and messages presented.

The main character, Corey Sifter, is a bright young man from a working-class background who dreams of rising up the social ladder and making a difference in the world. As the plot unfolds and Corey is exposed to the corruption and power struggles of American politics, he must confront his own values and beliefs, ultimately transforming into a person who is both more empathetic and more cynical.

Similarly, the other characters in “America America” undergo significant growth and transformation. The reader watches as they grapple with personal and societal issues, amass power and wealth, and question their own motives and choices. Each character’s journey is unique, yet each contributes to the larger narrative and themes.

Canin’s masterful character development elevates “America America” to a must-read for fans of American literature. The depth and complexity of the characters add a layer of richness and meaning to the already compelling narrative.

Historical Context

Gain a deeper appreciation for “America America” by examining the historical context of the narrative. The story is set in the 1960s, a time of immense cultural and political change in the United States. This period was marked by significant social movements, including the Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s Liberation Movement. These events influenced the attitudes and values of the characters in the audiobook, providing insight into their motivations and decisions.

Additionally, the narrative is heavily influenced by the political climate of the time, including the Vietnam War and the Kennedy assassination. By exploring the historical context, listeners can gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by the characters and the impact of these events on their lives.

Furthermore, the story delves into the theme of class struggle in America, highlighting the disparities between the wealthy and the working class. Understanding the historical context of this issue can provide insight into the motivations and actions of the characters.

Ethan Canin masterfully weaves these historical events and societal issues into the narrative, creating a rich and complex story that is both gripping and thought-provoking. By understanding the historical context, listeners can gain a deeper appreciation for the themes and messages conveyed throughout “America America.”

Critical Reception and Impact

Since its publication, “America America” has received critical acclaim for its captivating narrative and expertly woven themes. The review aggregator Metacritic gave the book a score of 81 out of 100, indicating “universal acclaim.”

The New York Times Book Review called it “a magnificent novel,” and The Washington Post praised it as “a tour de force of historical fiction.”

“America America” has not only received critical acclaim but has also made a significant impact on literature and society. It was a finalist for both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award, cementing its status as a modern American classic.

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Outcome
2009 Pulitzer Prize Fiction Finalist
2009 National Book Critics Circle Award Fiction Finalist
2008 Los Angeles Times Book Prize Fiction Winner

The novel’s impact has also been felt beyond the literary world. Its engaging narrative and exploration of American history continue to educate and provoke thoughtful analysis among readers.


In conclusion, “America America” by Ethan Canin proves to be a captivating American narrative that expertly weaves together historical context, intricate characters, and a compelling plot. Canin’s writing style shines throughout the audiobook, presenting prominent themes that are sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners. The narration and performance of the story are equally exemplary, enhancing the overall listening experience.

The critical reception and impact of “America America” have been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the book for its relevance and significance in the literary world. As a result, we highly recommend this audiobook to anyone interested in American history, literature, or gripping narratives that leave a lasting impression.

So, if you’re looking for a thought-provoking story that will keep you engaged from start to finish, “America America” by Ethan Canin is the perfect audiobook for you.


Can I listen to "America America" as an audiobook?

Yes, “America America” is available as an audiobook.

Who is the author of "America America"?

The author of “America America” is Ethan Canin.

What is the audiobook "America America" about?

“America America” is a captivating American story that explores various themes and follows the lives of its main characters.

What is the writing style like in "America America"?

Ethan Canin employs a unique writing style in “America America” that effectively conveys the narrative and explores deep themes.

Can you provide an overview of the plot in "America America"?

“America America” encompasses a compelling storyline that delves into the lives of its characters and paints a vivid picture of American society.

How are the characters developed in "America America"?

The characters in “America America” undergo significant development, allowing readers to witness their growth and the impact they have on the narrative.

Is the historical context discussed in "America America"?

Yes, “America America” incorporates a rich historical context that adds depth and enhances the overall reading experience.

What has been the critical reception of "America America"?

“America America” has received positive reviews and has made a significant impact on literature and readers.

Can you provide a conclusion for the review of "America America"?

Yes, the audiobook review of “America America” concludes with a comprehensive summary of the main points discussed throughout the article, offering an overall evaluation and recommendation for interested readers.

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