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If you’re looking for a heartwarming story that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired, look no further than Jojo Moyes’ “One Plus One” audiobook. In this review, we’ll dive into the captivating elements of this story, exploring the themes, characters, and emotional impact that make it such a memorable listen. Whether you’re a fan of Jojo Moyes’ other works or are simply looking for a story that will tug at your heartstrings, “One Plus One” is a must-listen.

Before we delve into the specifics of the audiobook, let’s take a moment to introduce the author behind it. Jojo Moyes is a British novelist and journalist who has written numerous bestsellers, including “Me Before You” and “The Giver of Stars.” With “One Plus One,” Moyes delivers a heartwarming and poignant story that explores the challenges and joys of family, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Now, let’s get into our in-depth review of “One Plus One,” covering everything from the story summary and main characters to the narration and performance, writing style and language, character development, themes and messages, and more. By the end of this review, you’ll understand why “One Plus One” is a beloved audiobook that is well worth a listen.

Overview of “One Plus One”

Jojo Moyes’ “One Plus One” is a heartwarming audiobook that follows the story of Jess, a working-class single mother, and her children Nicky and Tanzie. When Tanzie’s exceptional math skills lead to an opportunity for a life-changing scholarship, Jess sets out on a road trip to Scotland in hopes of securing her daughter’s future. Along the way, they encounter Ed, a tech millionaire facing legal trouble, who offers to give them a ride in his luxurious car.

The main characters in “One Plus One” include:

Character Description
Jess Thomas A hardworking single mother who will do anything for her family.
Nicky Jess’ stepson who is bullied at school and struggling with his emotions.
Tanzie Jess’ daughter who has a remarkable talent for math and dreams of attending a prestigious school.
Ed Nicholls A wealthy tech entrepreneur who helps Jess and her family on their journey.

The plot of “One Plus One” revolves around Jess’ struggle to provide for her family and secure Tanzie’s future, as well as the unexpected bond that forms between the characters during their road trip. Along the way, they face numerous challenges and obstacles, including financial woes, legal troubles, and personal conflicts. However, they also discover the importance of friendship, love, and the power of a helping hand.

Narration and Performance

When it comes to audiobooks, the narration and performance can make or break the overall experience. “One Plus One” benefits from exceptional narration delivered by acclaimed audiobook narrator, Steven Crossley. His rich, melodious tone, impeccable diction, and skillful pacing transport listeners into the story, bringing Jojo Moyes’ characters to life with each spoken word.

In addition to Crossley, the audiobook features a cast of talented voice actors who give voice to the multiple characters in the story. Their performances are compelling, authentic, and engaging, adding layers of emotion and depth to the already heartwarming narrative.

The performance quality of “One Plus One” is outstanding, capturing the essence of the story and immersing listeners in its journey. Whether you’re a fan of audiobooks in general or are new to the format, “One Plus One” is a must-listen that will leave you spellbound and wanting more.

“Steven Crossley and the supporting cast of voice actors deliver an impeccable performance, bringing a genuine soul to the characters in Jojo Moyes’ heartwarming story.”

Writing Style and Language

Jojo Moyes’ writing style in “One Plus One” is remarkable and sets the perfect tone for the heartwarming story. The language is beautifully descriptive, immersing the reader into the story’s world and characters. Moyes’ prose is eloquent and thought-provoking, adding depth and emotion to the narrative.

One particular strong suit is the author’s skill in creating relatable and realistic dialogue that enhances the characters’ personalities and relationships. The use of colloquial language and slang as well as the incorporation of accents and dialects make the characters come alive and read like real people.

“‘It’s alright,’ he said. ‘I’m not entirely convinced by your own sincerity all the time either.’ He added with a smile, and she was absurdly pleased.”

This excerpt exemplifies the author’s ability to capture the subtleties of human interaction and connection through language.

The overall writing style and language used in “One Plus One” contribute significantly to the audiobook’s storytelling experience. The prose enhances the story’s emotional depth, making it a memorable and compelling listen for fans of Jojo Moyes’ works.

Character Development

Throughout “One Plus One,” the main characters undergo significant character arcs, displaying remarkable growth and complexity that enriches the story’s narrative. Jess, a struggling single mother, begins as a defeated, downtrodden character but gradually develops into a strong and loving mother who fiercely protects her family at every turn. Ed also experiences a transformation, shedding his snobbish and selfish demeanor to emerge as a compassionate and empathetic person who realizes the value of family and loyalty.

Their interactions and relationships with other characters also contribute to their development, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses while offering opportunities for growth. Tanzie’s presence in the story encourages Ed to become more empathetic, while Nicky’s stubbornness gives Jess a new perspective on the challenges of parenthood.

Jojo Moyes skillfully weaves the character development throughout the story, building upon each character’s experiences and challenges to create compelling arcs that culminate in a satisfying conclusion. With each challenge and obstacle overcome, the characters grow and evolve, displaying a level of complexity that makes them feel realistic and relatable.

Character Development

“Moyes skillfully weaves the character development throughout the story, building upon each character’s experiences and challenges to create compelling arcs that culminate in a satisfying conclusion.”

Themes and Messages

Jojo Moyes’ “One Plus One” is a heartwarming story that delivers several significant themes and messages. The narrative explores the theme of perseverance, as the characters work to overcome challenges and obstacles. The story also conveys the importance of family and the bonds that tie us together, even in the face of adversity.

Moreover, “One Plus One” tackles the theme of social class, emphasizing the disparity between those with financial means and those without. Through this portrayal, the story highlights the struggles faced by low-income families and the importance of empathy and understanding.

The overarching message of the audiobook is one of hope and optimism, as the characters strive for a better life and ultimately find redemption and happiness. The story reminds us that, despite life’s difficulties, there is always a reason to keep going and to believe in ourselves.

“Hope,” he said, “is the biggest weapon you can use against anything. Never let it go.” – Jojo Moyes, One Plus One

Symbolism and Imagery

Throughout “One Plus One,” Jojo Moyes employs various literary devices to enhance the themes and messages of the story. The use of symbolism, particularly the repeated imagery of the broken-down car, emphasizes the idea of perseverance and the journey towards a more hopeful future.

The author’s vivid descriptive language also contributes to the overall ambiance and tone of the story. From the picturesque countryside of Scotland to the bustling streets of London, “One Plus One” immerses readers in a world full of rich detail and sensory experience.

Themes and Messages Symbolism and Imagery
Perseverance Repeated imagery of broken-down car
Family and Relationships The bond between Ed and Jess’s family
Social Class Contrasting images of low-income families and wealthy businessmen
Hope and Optimism The journey towards a better life

Emotional Impact

Jojo Moyes’ “One Plus One” is a heartwarming story that packs a powerful emotional punch. The narrative is nuanced and complex, exploring themes of love, family, and the human condition with great emotional depth. It’s impossible not to become invested in the lives of the main characters, and their struggles and triumphs elicit a deeply impactful response from readers.

One of the most emotional moments in the story comes towards the end, as the family faces a difficult decision that threatens to tear them apart. The raw emotion on display is palpable, and the moment is both heart-wrenching and cathartic.

Readers have shared their profound emotional responses to the story, expressing admiration for the skillful way Moyes handles delicate subject matter and the depth of feeling she elicits. Many have been brought to tears by the moving portrayal of the characters and their struggles.

The emotional impact of “One Plus One” cannot be overstated – it is a beautiful, affecting story that lingers with readers and leaves a lasting impact.

Pacing and Plot Development

Jojo Moyes does an excellent job of maintaining a steady pace throughout “One Plus One”. The story progresses seamlessly, with each chapter building on the previous one in a way that keeps the reader engaged. The pacing of the plot is well-balanced, never feeling rushed or dragged out.

There are a few plot twists in the story which keep readers guessing until the end. The unexpected revelations are not only thrilling but also add depth and complexity to the narrative. Moyes cleverly interweaves these twists throughout the story, ensuring they never feel contrived or forced.

The story progression throughout “One Plus One” is a testament to Moyes’ masterful storytelling. The characters’ arcs are well-developed, and their growth feels authentic and earned. Moyes gracefully ties up loose ends and brings the story to a satisfying and emotional conclusion.

“I loved the twists and turns this story took. It kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page.”

Setting and Atmosphere

One of the most notable strengths of “One Plus One” is the vivid and immersive setting. Jojo Moyes masterfully crafts a world that is both familiar and unique, engrossing the listener in the story from the very first chapter. The setting transports you to various parts of England, from the quaint coastal town of St. Piran to the bustling streets of London, with each location brought to life through Moyes’ use of descriptive imagery.

The descriptive language used throughout the audiobook creates a palpable atmosphere that captures the essence of each scene. The reader can almost feel the salty ocean breeze in their hair, hear the sounds of the city, and taste the delicious food that the characters enjoy. Moyes’ attention to detail and ability to paint a picture with words creates a sense of realism that further immerses the listener in the story.

The setting and atmosphere also contribute to the overall tone of the story, conveying the highs and lows of the characters’ experiences. From the happiness and excitement of a seaside vacation to the anxiety and stress of a high-stakes competition, the listener is swept along with the characters, experiencing their emotions and struggles as if they were their own.

Setting and Atmosphere

“The rain bounced off the pavement like popcorn, making everything blur in a wash of colours.” – Jojo Moyes, “One Plus One”

Cultural and Social Context

Jojo Moyes’ “One Plus One” portrays significant cultural and social issues in modern-day Britain. In the audiobook, we witness a multilayered narrative that explores themes of classism, financial struggles, single parenthood, and the impact of technological advancements on communication, among others.

The story’s relevance is palpable, given its ability to reflect the everyday challenges faced by individuals and families in contemporary society. In particular, the character of Jess Thomas, a single mother working multiple jobs to make ends meet, resonates with many listeners who have experienced similar financial strains.

Moreover, Moyes cleverly weaves in references to current events and pop culture, making the story feel all the more relatable and true to life. From mentions of “Downton Abbey” and “The X Factor” to nods towards social media and technology, the audiobook taps into the zeitgeist and offers a fresh take on modern British culture.

The broad range of cultural and social issues addressed in “One Plus One” make it a must-listen for those interested in exploring relevant and thought-provoking themes relevant to our times.

Critique and Analysis

In this section, we will provide critical analysis of “One Plus One” audiobook.


The audiobook boasts of an engrossing narrative, which draws in the listener to empathize with the characters. The story’s emotional depth is another notable strength, with the intricately woven plot and character arcs that leave a lasting impact. The performance quality by the voice actors heightens the overall experience, further immersing the listener into the story.


While the storytelling is excellent, there are a few minor plot holes that can distract some listeners. Additionally, some may find the storytelling to be predictable at times.

Critical Analysis

Overall, “One Plus One” presents human stories of resilience and self-discovery, with a captivating narration, a well-crafted plot, and fully-realized characters. The author’s writing style adds depth to the audiobook, allowing the listener to think critically about the themes and messages portrayed in the story. The emotional impact of the audiobook is noteworthy, as it evokes empathy, sadness, and joy in the listener.

“One Plus One” is a heartwarming story that strikes the perfect balance between emotions and storytelling, making it a recommended listen for fans of the genre.

Comparisons and Recommendations

If you enjoyed “One Plus One” by Jojo Moyes, we have some recommendations of similar audiobooks for you to explore:

Book Title Author
Me Before You Jojo Moyes
The Light We Lost Jill Santopolo
The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep H.G. Parry
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine Gail Honeyman

Each of these audiobooks offers a compelling story, relatable characters, and emotional depth similar to “One Plus One.”

If you’re looking to explore more of Jojo Moyes’ works, we recommend:

  • After You
  • Still Me
  • The Giver of Stars

These novels showcase Moyes’ signature writing style and engaging storytelling and are sure to delight fans of “One Plus One.”

Expand your audiobook collection with these recommended reads and other works by Jojo Moyes.


Overall, “One Plus One” by Jojo Moyes is a heartwarming audiobook that is sure to captivate listeners with its compelling story, relatable characters, and emotional depth. Moyes’ writing style and language are both beautifully crafted, creating a vivid and engaging narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

The audiobook’s narration and performance are equally impressive, with the voice actors delivering stellar performances that bring the characters to life in a truly remarkable way. The pacing and plot development are well-balanced, with plenty of plot twists and turns to keep listeners engaged throughout.

The character development in “One Plus One” is also noteworthy, with each character experiencing significant growth and complexity over the course of the story. The themes and messages conveyed in the audiobook are powerful, offering valuable moral lessons and deeper meanings that will resonate with listeners long after the audiobook has ended.

Overall, we highly recommend “One Plus One” to anyone looking for an engaging and heartwarming audiobook that will leave a lasting impression. Jojo Moyes’ works are always a delight to read or listen to, and “One Plus One” is no exception. With its relatable characters, beautiful prose, and emotional depth, this audiobook is a must-listen for fans of the genre.

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