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If you’re a fan of the fantasy genre and audiobooks, chances are you’ve heard of Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series. In this audiobook review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the third installment in the series, “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire.”

With a captivating plot, intricate world-building, and well-developed characters, “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” has earned its place as a fan favorite. But how does the audiobook version stack up?

Join us as we explore the various aspects of the audiobook, from the narration to the emotional impact it has on the listener. By the end of this review, you’ll have a better understanding of whether “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” is worth your time and attention as an audiobook.

About the Author – Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas is a New York Times bestselling author who was born on March 5, 1986, in Manhattan, New York City. She attended Hamilton College and later received a degree in creative writing and a minor in religious studies from the University of Southern California.

Maas began her writing journey at the age of sixteen, posting fiction on FictionPress and later on her personal blog. In 2008, she began writing “Throne of Glass,” which was later picked up by Bloomsbury Publishing and published in August 2012. Since then, Maas has become one of the most popular young adult fantasy writers, with over eight million copies sold worldwide.

Aside from the “Throne of Glass” series, Maas has also written the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series, “The Crescent City” series, and published several standalone novels. Her books have been translated into over thirty-six languages.

The Plot of “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire”

“Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” by Sarah J. Maas continues the story of Celaena Sardothien, an assassin with a troubled past. The book opens with Celaena traveling to the kingdom of Wendlyn on a mission from the King of Adarlan. In Wendlyn, Celaena meets Queen Maeve, who reveals secrets about her past and gives her a new task to complete.

As Celaena navigates through this new world, she discovers she has magical abilities and meets new allies and enemies. With war looming on the horizon and dangerous forces at play, Celaena must use all of her skills and knowledge to fulfill her tasks and protect those she cares about.

The plot of “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” is full of twists and turns and will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Setting and World-Building

Sarah J. Maas has done an exceptional job of creating a rich and nuanced setting for “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire.” The world-building is immersive and detailed, incorporating a range of unique elements that make the fantasy world stand out from others in the genre.

One of the notable aspects of the setting is the range of different environments and landscapes that are explored, from sprawling deserts to dense, mystical forests. Each location is vividly described, allowing the listener to fully visualize the world that the characters inhabit.

The world-building in “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” goes beyond just physical settings, however. The intricacies of the political and social structures are also explored, adding depth and complexity to the story. The magical systems and mythology are also well-developed and incorporated seamlessly into the world.

All of these elements combine to create a fully-realized, believable world that feels like it could exist beyond the pages of the book. It’s one of the strengths of the series, and “Heir of Fire” is no exception.

Character Development

One of the strengths of “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” is the remarkable character development throughout the story. Sarah J. Maas skillfully portrays the growth and transformation of the main characters, particularly the protagonist, Celaena Sardothien.

Celaena undergoes numerous challenges and experiences in this installment, which enables her to overcome personal obstacles and emerge stronger as a person. We see her shift from a self-pitying, lost soul to a determined, fierce warrior, ready to fight for what she believes in. This transformation is not immediate but gradual, making it all the more impactful.

Moreover, the supporting characters are also elevated in this book, with each having their own subplots expertly woven into the main narrative. The interactions between the characters help to deepen their personalities and relationships, creating a rich and complex world.

The author’s representation of each character’s unique qualities and flaws is an outstanding example of character development in fantasy literature, setting a new standard for the genre.

character development

“Maas’s skilled portrayal of character growth and transformation demonstrates how her writing has evolved over time. Fans of the series will be thrilled to see the characters they love develop in unexpected and powerful ways.”

Narration and Voice Acting

One of the most crucial aspects of any audiobook is the quality of its narration and voice acting. In the case of “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” audiobook, listeners are treated to a superb narration by Elizabeth Evans, who brings the story and characters to life with her engaging voice and dynamic range.

Evans’ narration is clear and easy to follow, making it simple to become immersed in the world of “Heir of Fire.” Her character voices are distinct and consistent, making it easy to discern who is speaking and adding depth to the dialogue. Additionally, Evans’ emotional range is impressive, allowing her to capture both the lighter and darker moments of the story with authenticity and sensitivity.

Overall, the narration and voice acting in the “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” audiobook are top-notch, adding to the overall listening experience and making it a highly enjoyable way to enjoy the book.

Pacing and Structure

The pacing and structure of “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” are exceptional, delivering an engaging and enthralling listening experience. The storyline progresses at a steady and deliberate pace, allowing listeners to comprehend and appreciate the intricate details of the world-building and character development.

The structure of the story is well-planned, with each chapter contributing to the overall plot and character arcs. The multiple storylines converge seamlessly, creating a cohesive and satisfying conclusion.

The author’s use of flashbacks and alternate perspectives adds depth and richness to the story, providing a better understanding of the character’s motivations and history. These elements are expertly integrated into the narrative, enhancing the overall listening experience.

“The pacing and structure of this audiobook are phenomenal – every chapter feels like it has purpose and something new to offer. It’s hard not to get invested in the story when it’s this well-written.”

Themes and Symbolism

One of the noteworthy aspects of “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” is the prevalence of themes and symbolism throughout the story. From the portrayal of inner strength and resilience to the darkness that lurks beneath the facade of power, the book deals with various profound themes.

The symbolism of the story is also significant, with various objects and events holding deeper meaning beyond their physical existence. For example, the character of Manon Blackbeak represents the struggle between order and chaos, while the wyverns are symbolic of freedom and rebellion.

The use of themes and symbolism enhances the overall depth and meaning of the story, making it more than just a simple fantasy tale. Instead, it brings to light important messages about the nature of power, the importance of inner strength, and the consequences of our actions.

Emotional Impact

Listening to “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” is an emotional rollercoaster that leaves a lasting impact on the listener. Sarah J. Maas crafts a story that evokes a range of emotions, from heart-wrenching sadness to exhilarating triumph. The characters’ struggles and triumphs are so vividly portrayed that you can’t help but feel invested in their journey.

The stunning narration by Elizabeth Evans adds to the emotional impact of the audiobook. Her ability to infuse each character with their own unique voice and personality makes them feel even more real, drawing the listener deeper into the story.

Emotional Impact

“Maas builds on the emotional intensity of her characters, keeping the reader engaged and invested until the very end.”

In many ways, the emotional impact of “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” is what sets it apart from other fantasy novels. While the world-building and plot are certainly impressive, it’s the depth of feeling that truly makes this story unforgettable.

Critical Reception

Since its release, “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” has garnered critical acclaim from both readers and experts alike. The audiobook version’s narration and acting received particular praise, with many noting how it enhanced the overall listening experience.

On Goodreads, the book has an average rating of 4.51 stars out of 5, based on over 240,000 ratings. Many readers praised the book’s complex characters, intricate world-building, and epic storyline. Publishers Weekly also gave the book a positive review, stating that “Maas’ third installment in the Throne of Glass series is a superb blend of epic storytelling, vivid characters, and beautiful writing.”

“Heir of Fire is the book where everything changes. There is non-stop action, more secrets unveiled, and important characters who make a reappearance.”

One criticism that some readers had was that the book’s pacing was slow at times, although the majority agreed that it was worth the wait.

Overall, the critical reception of “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” has been overwhelmingly positive, cementing Sarah J. Maas’ place as one of the top authors in the fantasy genre.

Comparisons to Previous Books in the Series

In “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire,” Sarah J. Maas expands the story beyond the conflicts of the first two installments. The intricate plot now showcases new characters, species, and settings that enrich the story’s world-building.

Compared to the first two books in the series, “Throne of Glass” and “Crown of Midnight,” “Heir of Fire” takes a richer, more character-centric approach to storytelling. The events of the book are more nuanced and intricate, building upon the character development and themes explored in the previous books.

While “Heir of Fire” maintains the action-packed pace of the series, the romantic aspects of the story take a backseat to the high-stakes political intrigue and world-building. Readers who enjoyed the romantic tension of the first two books may find this shift less enticing.

Overall, “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” continues to expand the story and world of the series, offering an intriguing progression from the previous books. Fans of the series will appreciate the nuanced character development and detailed world-building, while those new to the series may find it helpful to start from the beginning to fully appreciate the intricate storyline.

Impact on the Fantasy Genre

Since its release, “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” has made a significant impact on the fantasy genre. Sarah J. Maas’s masterful storytelling has captivated readers and listeners alike, delivering a rich and complex world filled with unforgettable characters.

The novel’s success has led to increased interest in the fantasy genre, and many consider it a benchmark for modern fantasy literature. Its influence can be seen in the emergence of new, imaginative worlds and characters, with authors seeking to emulate the innovative blend of action, romance, and fantasy that “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” epitomizes.

Moreover, the audiobook version has contributed to the growth of the audiobook market, with more and more listeners discovering the joys of immersive storytelling. Overall, “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” has left an indelible impact on the fantasy genre, and its legacy is sure to endure for years to come.


Overall, “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” by Sarah J. Maas is a captivating and well-crafted audiobook that is sure to satisfy fantasy fans. The plot is engaging and full of twists and turns, while the world-building and character development are top-notch. The narration and voice acting are also commendable, drawing the listener further into the story.

The pacing and structure of the book are well-balanced, keeping the listener engaged without feeling rushed or dragged out. The themes and symbolism present in the story add depth and complexity, making it a thought-provoking and emotionally impactful read.

Overall, “Throne of Glass: Heir of Fire” has received positive critical reception and has made a significant impact on the fantasy genre. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or a newcomer to the world of “Throne of Glass,” this audiobook is highly recommended.

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