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Welcome to our comprehensive review of the audiobook “Uganda Be Kidding Me” by the hilarious and irreverent Chelsea Handler. This memoir takes listeners on a wild journey through Handler’s African adventures, complete with humorous encounters and personal anecdotes.

Join us as we explore Handler’s comedic talents and unique brand of humor in this entertaining audiobook. Whether you’re a fan of Handler’s previous works or looking for a dose of unapologetic laughter, this audiobook will not disappoint.

Introduction to Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, gaining recognition for her raw and unfiltered humor. As an author and comedian, she has amassed a dedicated fan base drawn to her witty and irreverent style. Handler’s unique brand of comedy often combines personal anecdotes with sharp observations, making her a captivating storyteller.

Handler’s rise to fame began with her talk show, “Chelsea Lately,” which aired from 2007 to 2014. The show’s success cemented Handler’s position as a prominent figure in the comedy scene. In addition to her talk show, Handler has released several books, including “My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands” and “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea.”

Handler’s ability to combine humor with social commentary has earned her a distinct reputation within the industry. Her outspokenness on a variety of topics, including gender and politics, has made her a sought-after commentator on various news programs.

“My goal with comedy was to get people to pay attention and to make them laugh at the same time. I feel like I’ve succeeded at both those things – making people pay attention and making them laugh. That’s all I ever wanted to do.” – Chelsea Handler

Handler’s Comedy Career

Handler’s comedy career began in the early 2000s, performing stand-up at various clubs in Los Angeles. Her success in the stand-up scene paved the way for her later endeavors in television and literature.

Handler’s comedic style is characterized by her sharp wit and irreverent commentary. She delivers her humor in a straightforward and unapologetic manner, owning her jokes without hesitation.

Handler’s writing style is equally straightforward, weaving personal anecdotes with witty observations. Her memoirs and essay collections are often touted for their humor and frankness.

Handler’s Literary Works
Book Title Publication Year
My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands 2005
Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea 2008
Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang 2010
Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me 2010
Uganda Be Kidding Me 2014
Life Will Be the Death of Me 2019

Handler’s ability to draw humor from personal experiences has made her a favorite among fans of memoirs and personal essays. Her books have been included on bestseller lists, with “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” spending several weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List.

All in all, Chelsea Handler’s career as an author and comedian has been defined by her infectious humor and no-holds-barred approach to social commentary. Her reputation as a captivating storyteller has only grown over the years, making her a beloved figure within the entertainment industry.

Overview of “Uganda Be Kidding Me”

In “Uganda Be Kidding Me,” Handler takes listeners on a journey through her experiences in Africa. This hilarious memoir recounts Handler’s adventures and misadventures, offering insights into her no-nonsense perspective on life. Expect to be entertained by Handler’s witty observations and laugh-out-loud humor as she navigates outrageous situations during her trip to Uganda.

Key Information

Author Chelsea Handler
Genre Memoir, Humor
Publication Date 2014
Format Audiobook, Paperback, eBook
Length 6 hours and 31 minutes (audiobook)
Narrator Chelsea Handler

Handler’s amusing narration brings her story to life in the audiobook format, offering listeners an immersive and unforgettable experience. At just over six and a half hours, the audiobook is the perfect length for a weekend road trip or a long commute.

“Uganda Be Kidding Me” is a hilarious and entertaining memoir that seamlessly blends humor and adventure. Handler’s wit and storytelling skills shine through in this audiobook, making it a must-listen for fans of the comedian and anyone seeking a comedic escape.”

Stay tuned as we explore the various facets of “Uganda Be Kidding Me,” from Handler’s writing style and structure to the impact and influence of this hilarious audiobook.

Narration and Performance

One of the standout aspects of “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is Handler’s narration. As a seasoned comedian and performer, her voice artist skills are on full display, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the audiobook. Throughout the performance, Handler’s unique personality shines through, bringing her unfiltered humor to life.

Handler’s performance also adds an extra level of engagement to the listening experience. Listeners can hear the comedic timing and intonation that makes her storytelling so effective. From deadpan humor to exaggerated reactions, Handler’s performance draws listeners in and keeps them entertained.

“She was so engaging, and her storytelling was effortless. Listening to her felt like hanging out with a hilarious and witty friend.” – Listener review

Overall, Handler’s narration and performance serve as a perfect complement to the content of “Uganda Be Kidding Me.” Those looking for an audiobook that delivers both humor and compelling storytelling will find plenty to enjoy here.

Humor and Entertainment Value

If you’re looking for a good laugh, “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is the audiobook for you. Chelsea Handler’s trademark humor shines bright throughout the audiobook, delivering witty one-liners and hilarious anecdotes that will keep you entertained from start to finish. Her comedic timing is impeccable, creating a storytelling style that is both engaging and memorable.

“Handler’s storytelling is filled with razor-sharp wit and candid commentary.”

Handler’s approach to humor is unapologetic and irreverent, often poking fun at herself and those around her. Her unique perspective on life adds an extra layer of comedy to her storytelling, making for an enjoyable and entertaining listen. Whether you’re in need of a good laugh or simply seeking some light-hearted entertainment, “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is sure to deliver.

humor entertainment comedic timing

Cultural Insights and Observations

Handler’s journey through Uganda provides fascinating cultural insights and observations, shedding light on the local customs and traditions. Her attention to detail offers a refreshing perspective on a country that is often misrepresented in the media.

One aspect of Ugandan culture that Handler discusses is the importance of family and community. Through her encounters with locals, Handler realizes the significance of communal harmony in Ugandan society. She notes that people here “move at a different pace” and their attitude towards time is more relaxed than what she’s used to. This laid-back approach to life is a reflection of their values and deep appreciation for human connection.

Food and Cuisine

Another interesting aspect Handler explores is Ugandan cuisine. From local street food to lavish feasts, Handler shares her culinary adventures in great detail. She describes Ugandan cuisine as bold and flavorful, heavily influenced by Indian and African culinary traditions.

One of the most exciting food experiences Handler has in Uganda is trying the local delicacy of fried grasshoppers. She notes that although she found it unusual at first, the dish grew on her and became a favorite among her travel companions.

“I couldn’t believe how much I loved them. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything that tastes like it’s so bad for you and yet so right at the same time.”

Handler’s cultural observations and perspectives add depth and richness to her storytelling. Through “Uganda Be Kidding Me,” she invites listeners to explore different cultures and gain a new perspective on the world around us.

Themes Explored

While “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is undoubtedly hilarious, it also touches upon several themes that give depth to Chelsea Handler’s narrative. Handler’s unapologetic storytelling encourages exploration and adventure, leading to self-discovery and personal growth.

Through her journey to Uganda, Handler offers a humorous but insightful exploration of cultural differences. Her perspective and observations provide a unique look at the world, emphasizing the importance of embracing new experiences and viewpoints.

The theme of self-discovery is a recurring motif in Handler’s work. “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is no different, as Handler opens up about her personal struggles and revelations. Listeners are treated to an honest and relatable portrayal of one woman’s journey towards understanding herself and the world around her.

Finally, the pursuit of adventure is a prominent theme in Handler’s work. Her desire to experience new things and take risks is infectious, encouraging listeners to embrace spontaneity and seek out new opportunities.

“Life doesn’t have a punchline, so it’s important to laugh at the absurdity of it all.”

Handler’s exploration of themes in “Uganda Be Kidding Me” adds another layer of depth to her storytelling. It’s a testament to her skill as a writer and comedian that she can make us laugh while also providing insights into the human condition.

Writing Style and Structure

Handler’s writing style is a hallmark of her work, with its conversational and candid tone that easily translates into the audiobook format. Her storytelling techniques are a perfect match for the audiobook genre, engaging the listener through a series of humorous anecdotes and witty observations.

Handler approaches her writing with an unapologetic honesty that is refreshing and entertaining. She plays with language and structure, breaking conventions to deliver a narrative that is both informative and engaging. Her use of humor is strategic, timed impeccably to break the tension or elicit a laugh.

The structure of “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is notable for its coherence and flow, with each chapter building on the next, leading the listener on a continuous and captivating journey. Handler successfully balances her comedic tone with more serious themes, creating a work that is both entertaining and meaningful.

Handler’s Writing Style Highlights

Writing Style Highlights Details
A conversational and candid tone Creating a connection with the listener and delivering a relatable, authentic narrative.
Breaking conventions Playing with language and structure, keeping writing fresh and engaging.
The strategic use of humor Timed impeccably to break the tension or elicit a laugh, making the work entertaining and engaging.
Coherent and flowing structure Building on each chapter, leading the listener through a captivating journey.

Handler’s writing style and structure in “Uganda Be Kidding Me” create a vivid and unforgettable auditory experience for the listener.

Pacing and Engagement

Pacing can make or break an audiobook experience, and “Uganda Be Kidding Me” excels in maintaining a captivating rhythm throughout its entirety. Handler’s expert storytelling techniques ensure that the audience remains engrossed from start to finish, with each chapter seamlessly transitioning to the next, maintaining listener interest and engagement.

The audiobook’s pacing is particularly impressive during the more exciting moments, such as Handler’s encounter with wildlife or her escape from an unfortunate situation, where the pace picks up, mirroring the adrenaline rush experienced during these moments.

“Uganda Be Kidding Me”‘s balance of humor, wit, and adventure also contributes to the overall engagement of the audiobook, ensuring that listeners are drawn into the narrative and compelled to stay until the very end.

The result is an audiobook that provides a memorable listening experience, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next installment in Handler’s storytelling repertoire.

pacing and engagement

Memorable Moments and Quotes

Chelsea Handler’s “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is an audiobook filled with hilarious moments and unforgettable quotes. Handler’s signature humor shines through, making it a highly entertaining listen. Here are some of the standout moments and quotes that will leave you chuckling:

  1. “The Bush never sleeps”: Handler’s humorous observation about the African wilderness.
  2. “I’m sorry, but I don’t drink dairy. It’s a personal preference.”: Handler’s quirky request that results in a hilarious exchange with her guide.
  3. “Airplanes in Africa don’t have seat belts”: Handler’s humorous take on air travel in Uganda.

“If it’s rigged, go home.”

– Chelsea Handler

Handler’s witty one-liners and sharp observations will have you laughing out loud. “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is a must-listen for fans of Handler’s humor and those seeking an amusing audiobook that delivers on entertainment value.

Audience Reception and Reviews

Chelsea Handler has built a loyal following over the years, with many eagerly anticipating each of her releases. Uganda Be Kidding Me was no exception, receiving generally positive reviews from both readers and listeners. One reviewer on Audible praised the audiobook as “laugh-out-loud hilarious” and noted Handler’s “comedy gold.” Another reviewer on Goodreads hailed the book as “riotously funny” and “equal parts poignant and absurd.”

Overall, Handler’s unique style and witty humor have resonated with many and contributed to the popularity of Uganda Be Kidding Me. As of August 2021, the audiobook has a rating of 4.1 on Audible and 3.61 on Goodreads, out of a possible five stars.

Comparison with Other Handler Works

Chelsea Handler has produced several works in various formats, ranging from books to stand-up performances. To gain a broader perspective on Handler’s comedic prowess and evolution as an artist, let’s compare “Uganda Be Kidding Me” with some of her other works.

Title Publication Year Format Genre Comparison with “Uganda Be Kidding Me”
My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands 2005 Book Humor, Memoir Written in a similar witty tone, “My Horizontal Life” is a collection of Handler’s personal anecdotes about sex and relationships. While “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is a memoir about travel and adventure, both works share Handler’s signature sense of humor and wry observations on life.
Chelsea Lately 2007-2014 TV Show Talk Show, Comedy Handler’s TV show “Chelsea Lately” showcased her talents as a host and comedian. The show featured celebrity interviews, roundtable discussions, and skits, with Handler’s quick-witted commentary driving the program’s humor. Although different in format, “Uganda Be Kidding Me” and “Chelsea Lately” share Handler’s irreverent style and comedic timing, presenting her unique perspective in different settings.
Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea 2008 Book, Audiobook Humor, Memoir Similar to “My Horizontal Life,” “Are You There, Vodka?” is a collection of personal stories and anecdotes. However, this book delves deeper into Handler’s personal life, covering topics such as family, sex, and addiction. Compared to “Uganda Be Kidding Me,” this work has a more reflective tone but still features Handler’s trademark humor and honesty.
Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me Live 2014 Stand-Up Special Comedy Handler’s stand-up special “Uganda Be Kidding Me Live” is a performance adaptation of the audiobook. It showcases Handler’s ability to connect with audiences through her humor and relatable stories. Unlike the book and audiobook, the stand-up special also features visual gags and physical comedy, allowing Handler to showcase her versatility as a performer.

As shown in the table, while each of Handler’s works has its unique themes and format, her distinct voice and humor shine through in each. “Uganda Be Kidding Me” continues to reinforce Handler’s reputation as an engaging storyteller, highlighting her knack for drawing humor from everyday experiences.

Impact and Influence

Chelsea Handler’s unique brand of humor has made her a force to be reckoned with in the literary and comedy spheres. Handler’s works have often been recognized for their impact on popular culture and their influence on fellow comedians.

“Uganda Be Kidding Me” is no exception. The audiobook’s hilarious anecdotes and witty observations have firmly cemented Handler’s status as a comedic powerhouse, with fans and critics alike praising her unapologetic humor and authentic storytelling.

Moreover, “Uganda Be Kidding Me”‘s enduring legacy can be seen in how it has spurred a trend of travel memoirs infused with comedic elements. Handler’s unique approach has inspired others to explore the world while adding a humorous twist to their stories.

Overall, Handler’s impact and influence continue to shape the humor and storytelling landscape, making “Uganda Be Kidding Me” a crucial part of her comedic legacy.

Recommended Audience

If you’re a fan of authentic storytelling layered with humor and adventure, then “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is the perfect audiobook for you. Recommended for comedy lovers and memoir enthusiasts, Handler’s unapologetic wit and candid storytelling style delivers an immersive and entertaining listening experience.

“Handler’s audiobook is a refreshing take on memoirs, blending humor and insightful cultural observations seamlessly. A must-listen for anyone seeking a dose of laughter and adventure.” – Publishers Weekly

Crafted with a specific audience in mind, “Uganda Be Kidding Me” caters to those who enjoy tales of personal growth and self-discovery intertwined with comedic moments.

Comedy Lovers

If you’re a fan of stand-up comedy and comedic writing, then “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is an audiobook that you cannot miss. Handler’s unique storytelling style, infused with her trademark humor, makes the audiobook a laugh-out-loud experience.

“Handler’s humor is the perfect blend of wit and irreverence, keeping you hooked from start to finish.” – AudioFile

If you enjoy media that makes you laugh and brightens your day, “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is an excellent choice for your listening pleasure.

Memoir Enthusiasts

“Uganda Be Kidding Me” is an excellent choice for those who enjoy memoirs. Handler’s unflinching honesty and raw storytelling style reveal a lot about both herself and the world around her.

The audiobook is a fascinating glimpse into Handler’s travel experiences in Uganda, highlighting the adventure, cultural exploration, and personal growth that come with embracing new experiences.

Overall Verdict

After extensively reviewing “Uganda Be Kidding Me” by Chelsea Handler, we can confidently conclude that this audiobook is a must-listen for comedy lovers and memoir enthusiasts alike. Handler’s unapologetic humor and candid storytelling style are a winning combination that keeps the listener engaged from beginning to end.

We were impressed with Handler’s narration and performance, which brought her unique voice and personality to life. The audiobook’s pacing was also on point, ensuring that the listener remained engrossed throughout. Furthermore, Handler’s witty observations and cultural insights added depth to the hilarious escapades presented in the memoir.

Our favorite aspect of “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is Handler’s ability to create relatable and memorable moments and quotes. From her misadventures on safari to her thoughts on love and relationships, Handler has a knack for delivering poignant yet humorous observations.

Ultimately, we highly recommend “Uganda Be Kidding Me” for anyone looking for an entertaining and engaging audiobook experience. Handler’s expert storytelling and comedic timing make this a standout piece of work that is worth your time and attention.


In conclusion, Chelsea Handler’s “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is a must-listen for both comedy lovers and memoir enthusiasts. Handler’s unapologetic humor and candid storytelling make for an entertaining and engaging audiobook that is sure to leave you laughing out loud. From cultural insights and personal growth to unforgettable moments and hilarious quotes, “Uganda Be Kidding Me” offers a unique blend of entertainment and adventure.

If you’re a fan of Handler’s previous works or simply looking for a lighthearted and amusing audiobook, we highly recommend “Uganda Be Kidding Me.” It’s an unforgettable journey that will leave you thoroughly entertained and eager for more.

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