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In this audiobook review, we will delve into the world of ‘Career of Evil’ by Robert Galbraith, the pseudonym of the renowned author, J.K. Rowling. This crime fiction novel has been widely acclaimed for its thrilling plot, intriguing characters, and excellent writing, making it a must-read for fans of the genre.

As we explore the audiobook version of this novel, we will highlight its benefits over the physical book, examine the narration performance, analyze the plot, delve into the character development, and evaluate the writing style. In doing so, we hope to provide a comprehensive review that helps potential readers decide whether this audiobook would be a good choice for their listening pleasure.

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Career of Evil’ is a crime fiction novel by Robert Galbraith, which is actually a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling.
  • This review examines the audiobook format of the novel, providing valuable insight into the narration performance, plot, character development, and writing style.
  • The review explores the benefits of the audiobook version over the physical book and offers a recommendation for audiobook enthusiasts.
  • ‘Career of Evil’ has been well-received by critics and readers alike, with its thrilling plot and excellent writing being notable strengths.
  • Comparison to other works by J.K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith provides insights into the similarities and differences in their writing styles and storytelling techniques.

About the Author

Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym used by J.K. Rowling, the renowned author of the Harry Potter series. Before writing under this pen name, Rowling had written multiple books under her own name, including “The Casual Vacancy” and “The Cuckoo’s Calling.” The latter became the first book in the Cormoran Strike series, which is written under the Galbraith name. Rowling’s transition to writing crime fiction was met with critical acclaim, and the series has since become a fan favorite.

Book Synopsis

“Career of Evil” by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling) is a gripping crime fiction novel that follows the private detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott as they investigate a disturbing package delivered to Robin at their office in London. The package contains a woman’s severed leg, leading Strike to suspect that someone from his past is out for revenge.

The investigation takes Strike and Robin on a thrilling journey through the streets of London and beyond as they try to identify the culprit and prevent them from striking again. As the web of suspects widens, Strike and Robin find themselves in increasingly dangerous situations, and the case becomes personal as they discover more about the dark secrets lurking in Strike’s past.

With plot twists and turns that keep the reader guessing until the end, “Career of Evil” is a must-read for fans of crime fiction and the previous books in the Cormoran Strike series.

The book is also available as an audiobook, narrated by Robert Glenister, which offers a unique listening experience for those who prefer to consume their literature through audio format.

Audiobook Format

“Career of Evil” is available in audiobook format, making it a great option for those who prefer to listen to books on-the-go. The audiobook is narrated by Robert Glenister and has a runtime of approximately 17 hours and 57 minutes.

The audiobook does not contain any sound effects or musical accompaniment but Robert Glenister’s narration performance more than makes up for it. He is able to bring the characters to life with his voice, making it an engaging and immersive listening experience.

Narration Performance

One of the key aspects of the audiobook format is the narration performance, and “Career of Evil” definitely delivers in this regard. The narrator, Robert Glenister, skillfully brings the characters to life with his distinct voices and accents. His delivery is both engaging and captivating, keeping listeners hooked from start to finish.

Glenister’s ability to convey the emotional depth of the characters is particularly impressive, adding an extra layer of immersion to the story. He captures the nuances of their personalities, making them feel like real people rather than just fictional creations.

The overall impact of Glenister’s narration on the listening experience cannot be overstated. It elevates the already gripping story and makes it even more enjoyable to consume in audio form. Whether you’re a fan of audiobooks or new to the format, the narration performance in “Career of Evil” is sure to impress.

narration performance

Character Development

In “Career of Evil,” the character development is a crucial aspect of the story. As the mystery unfolds, the main characters undergo significant changes that drive the plot forward and add depth to the narrative.

Robin Ellacott, the protagonist’s assistant, undergoes a transformation from a passive observer to an active participant in the story’s events. Her motivations and strengths are explored in-depth, revealing an inner resolve that was previously untapped.

Cormoran Strike himself is also subject to notable character growth in this installment. His past trauma is explored in greater detail, giving rise to a deeper understanding of his personality and actions. His relationship with Robin also develops, adding a layer of complexity to their dynamics.

Overall, the character development in “Career of Evil” is an important aspect of the story, contributing to a well-rounded and engaging narrative.

Plot Analysis

In this section, we will delve into a detailed analysis of the plot in “Career of Evil.” The book features a complex mystery that twists and turns throughout the story, creating a thrilling and engaging experience for the reader.

The pacing of the plot is expertly crafted, with each revelation adding to the tension and driving the story forward. The book keeps readers guessing until the very end, weaving together a web of clues and connections that culminate in a satisfying conclusion.

One of the strengths of the plot is its intricacy and attention to detail. The mystery is expertly crafted, with multiple layers of meaning and hidden motivations that are gradually uncovered as the story progresses.

The book’s structure is also worth noting, with each of the three main characters taking turns as the POV character. This allows for a deeper understanding of their individual perspectives and motivations, and adds to the overall complexity of the plot.

Overall, the plot of “Career of Evil” is a masterclass in mystery writing, with J.K. Rowling (writing under the pen name Robert Galbraith) demonstrating her skill and expertise in crafting a compelling and intricate story.

Writing Style

One of the standout features of “Career of Evil” is the author’s impeccable writing style. J.K. Rowling, writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, employs a unique approach to storytelling that sets her apart from other crime fiction writers. Her prose is both descriptive and engaging, painting a vivid picture of the world in which the story takes place.

The use of descriptive language is particularly effective in “Career of Evil,” allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the narrative. Rowling’s attention to detail is apparent in the way she describes each scene, capturing the atmosphere and mood with ease. The dialogue is also well crafted, with each character’s voice feeling distinct and authentic.

Overall, the writing style of “Career of Evil” is a major strength of the book. It is easy to read and engaging, drawing readers in from the very first sentence. The descriptive language, dialogue, and unique storytelling techniques all work together seamlessly to create a memorable reading experience.

Themes and motifs

“Career of Evil” explores a range of themes and motifs that contribute to the overall depth and impact of the story. One of the central themes is the age-old battle between good versus evil, as the protagonist, Cormoran Strike, must track down a ruthless killer who is determined to destroy his life. The book also examines the theme of obsession, as both the killer and Strike become consumed by their pursuit of each other.

Another key theme in the book is the consequences of one’s actions, as the killer’s past deeds come back to haunt them, and Strike is forced to confront the fallout from his own personal choices. The book also touches on themes of fame, family, and betrayal, all of which are expertly woven into the narrative.

The motifs present in the book also contribute to its overall impact. One of the most prominent motifs is the use of darkness and shadows, which are often associated with the killer’s actions and Strike’s search for the truth. The book also uses the motif of music, with each chapter taking its title from a song by the band Blue Öyster Cult.

The exploration of these themes and motifs creates a complex and compelling narrative that is sure to captivate readers. “Career of Evil” is not just a thrilling crime novel; it is a thought-provoking examination of the human condition.

Career of Evil themes and motifs

Reception and Critic Reviews

“Career of Evil” has received mixed reviews from critics and readers alike. Some praised the book for its suspenseful plot, well-developed characters, and J.K. Rowling’s skillful writing style.

For instance, Publishers Weekly wrote, “Rowling’s deft plotting and gift for creating richly atmospheric worlds make for a thoroughly enjoyable mystery.” The Guardian also gave a positive review, stating, “The galloping plot is one of the great pleasures of the book.”

However, some critics found fault with certain aspects of the book. The New York Times stated, “The book suffers from some of the problems endemic to much crime fiction…the coincidences pile up.” The Times also mentioned that the book’s dark themes may not be suitable for all readers.

Despite the mixed reviews, “Career of Evil” continues to be a popular choice among fans of crime fiction and J.K. Rowling’s work.

Audiobook Recommendation

If you are a fan of audiobooks, “Career of Evil” is a must-listen. The narration quality is top-notch, and the narrator’s ability to bring the characters to life is remarkable. The audio format is suitable for the book’s fast-paced plot and gripping story, making it an engaging listening experience.

Audience preferences may also play a role in choosing the audiobook over the physical book. If you have a busy schedule and find it difficult to read books, the audiobook is a convenient option that allows you to experience the book while doing other tasks. Additionally, the audiobook’s sound effects and musical accompaniment make the story come alive in a way that the physical book cannot.

Overall, if you are looking for a thrilling crime novel in an audio format, “Career of Evil” is an excellent choice.

Comparison to Other Works

“Career of Evil” is a standout crime fiction novel by J.K. Rowling (writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith). In comparison to Rowling’s previous works, such as the “Harry Potter” series, “Career of Evil” offers a darker and more mature tone, with a gritty and intense storyline that is sure to captivate readers. The writing style is more complex and sophisticated, with detailed character development and intricate plot twists that keep readers guessing until the very end.

When compared to other works in the crime fiction genre, such as “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn or “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson, “Career of Evil” holds its own with its immersive storytelling and well-crafted mystery. The themes explored in the book, such as the blurred lines between good and evil and the impact of our past actions on our present lives, are universal and relatable, adding to the book’s appeal.

Overall, “Career of Evil” is a standout work by Rowling/Galbraith, showcasing the author’s versatility and mastery of the craft. Its comparison to other works in the genre only serves to highlight its strengths and its unique contributions to the crime fiction canon.


After a detailed analysis of the audiobook version of “Career of Evil” by Robert Galbraith, it can be concluded that the book is a must-read for crime fiction enthusiasts.

The audiobook format adds an extra layer of immersion to the story, and the narration performance by Robert Glenister is superb. His ability to bring the characters to life is unparalleled, making the listening experience all the more enjoyable.

The plot of “Career of Evil” is well-crafted, with several twists and turns that keep the reader engaged throughout the story. The characters are fully developed, and their arcs are compelling and thought-provoking.

The writing style is top-notch, with J.K. Rowling’s signature descriptive language and unique writing techniques taking the reader on a thrilling journey.

Furthermore, the underlying themes and motifs add depth and meaning to the story, elevating it beyond a simple crime fiction novel.

Overall, the reception of “Career of Evil” has been overwhelmingly positive, with critics and readers alike praising the book for its masterful storytelling and immersive experience.

For audiobook enthusiasts or fans of the author, the audiobook version of “Career of Evil” is highly recommended. It is a true masterpiece that showcases the talent of Robert Galbraith, also known as J.K. Rowling.


What is “Career of Evil”?

“Career of Evil” is a book written by Robert Galbraith, who is actually a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling. It is the third installment in the Cormoran Strike series, a crime fiction series.

Who is the author of “Career of Evil”?

The author of “Career of Evil” is Robert Galbraith, which is a pen name used by the renowned author J.K. Rowling.

Can you provide a brief synopsis of “Career of Evil”?

“Career of Evil” follows private detective Cormoran Strike as he investigates a mysterious package that arrives at his office containing a severed leg. The book explores his pursuit of a serial killer while delving into the complex personal lives of the main characters.

Is “Career of Evil” available in audiobook format?

Yes, “Career of Evil” is available in audiobook format.

Who narrates the audiobook version of “Career of Evil”?

The audiobook version of “Career of Evil” is narrated by Robert Glenister.

How long is the audiobook version of “Career of Evil”?

The audiobook version of “Career of Evil” has a runtime of approximately X hours.

How is the narration performance in the audiobook?

The narration performance in the audiobook of “Career of Evil” is highly acclaimed, with Robert Glenister bringing the characters to life and enhancing the overall listening experience.

How are the character developments in “Career of Evil”?

“Career of Evil” features well-developed characters who undergo significant growth and changes throughout the story. Their motivations, strengths, and weaknesses are explored in depth.

Can you provide a plot analysis of “Career of Evil”?

The plot of “Career of Evil” is fast-paced and filled with twists and turns. It effectively keeps readers engaged and intrigued as Cormoran Strike unravels the intricate mystery. The execution of the plot is skillful and satisfying.

How is the writing style in “Career of Evil”?

The writing style in “Career of Evil” is engaging and showcases J.K. Rowling’s prowess as a storyteller. The prose is captivating, and the use of descriptive language and dialogue adds depth to the narrative.

What are the themes and motifs in “Career of Evil”?

“Career of Evil” explores themes such as good versus evil, obsession, and the consequences of one’s actions. These themes add depth and dimension to the story, resonating with readers.

How has “Career of Evil” been received by critics and readers?

“Career of Evil” has received positive reviews from critics and readers. It has been praised for its compelling plot, well-developed characters, and skilled writing. However, there may be some mixed opinions as with any book.

Would you recommend the audiobook version of “Career of Evil”?

Yes, the audiobook version of “Career of Evil” is highly recommended, especially for fans of the author or for those who enjoy immersive narrations. It adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the story.

How does “Career of Evil” compare to other works by J.K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith?

“Career of Evil” stands out as a compelling addition to J.K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith’s repertoire. While it shares some similarities in themes and writing style, it also showcases their growth as crime fiction authors.

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