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In this audiobook review, we will explore “Crossing Over,” a thought-provoking audiobook by John Edward. As a seasoned medium and acknowledged authority on afterlife connections, John Edward offers unique perspectives and insights into the workings of the spirit world. Through this review, discover our detailed analysis of the audiobook, including its strengths and weaknesses, synopsis, and impact on audiences. Let’s dive in!

About the Author: John Edward

John Edward, a renowned spiritual medium and author, was born on October 19, 1969, in Glen Cove, New York. He discovered his gift for connecting with the spirit world as a young child and has since dedicated his life to helping others communicate with their departed loved ones.

Edward has authored several best-selling books on mediumship and afterlife connections, including his most recent work, “Crossing Over,” released in 2020. He is also the creator and host of the hit TV show, “Crossing Over with John Edward,” which ran for four seasons on the Syfy Channel. Edward’s expertise and compassion have helped countless individuals find peace and understanding in their grief.

“My desire since I was a child was to bring through the message that life exists after death. They are still with us. They do hear us. They do see us. They are still a part of the family. They are still a part of our lives.” – John Edward

Accomplishments and Awards

Year Award
1998 Outstanding Achievement Award by the Long Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence
2000 Best Spiritual/Metaphysical Teaching Book for “One Last Time: A Psychic Medium Speaks to Those We Have Loved and Lost” from the Coalition of Visionary Resources
2001 New York Times bestselling author for “One Last Time”
2002 New York Times bestselling author for “What if God Were the Sun?”
2002 Nominated for Prime Time Emmy Award for Best Reality Program for “Crossing Over with John Edward”
2006 New York Times bestselling author for “After Life: Answers from the Other Side”

Audiobook Format and Production Quality

Listening to an audiobook can be an immersive and enjoyable experience. The format and production quality of “Crossing Over” contribute significantly to the listener’s overall impression of the book. The audiobook is available in both CD and digital download formats, making it accessible to a wide range of listeners. The audio clarity is exceptional, making it easy to hear and understand every word.

The narration style used in “Crossing Over” is engaging and easy to follow. John Edward’s voice is pleasant, soothing, and encouraging, making it enjoyable to listen to the audiobook for extended periods. The production quality of “Crossing Over” is top-notch, with excellent sound effects and background music that enhance the listening experience without overpowering the content.

The overall listening experience is nothing short of remarkable. Listeners can easily visualize the settings and characters in the book due to the audiobook’s high production quality. The delivery of the content is fluid and straightforward, contributing to a seamless listening experience.

Comparison of Audiobook Format and Production Quality

Aspect “Crossing Over” by John Edward Other Audiobooks in the Genre
Audio clarity Exceptional Varies
Narration style Engaging and easy to follow Varies
Production quality Top-notch Varies
Listening experience Remarkable and visually engaging Varies

The table above provides a comparison of the audiobook format and production quality of “Crossing Over” with other audiobooks in the genre. It highlights the exceptional audio clarity, engaging narration style, high production quality, and remarkable listening experience provided by John Edward’s audiobook.

Synopsis of “Crossing Over”

In “Crossing Over,” John Edward provides listeners with a compelling journey into the world of afterlife connections. Through personal anecdotes and professional experiences, Edward shares insights into his unique approach to mediumship and his understanding of the messages delivered from the spirit world.

The book is divided into three sections:

Part One: Connecting

In this section, Edward explores his methods for connecting with the other side. He describes how he tunes into the frequency of the spirit world, discusses how he receives messages, and shares his thoughts on interpreting the information he receives. Edward shares stories of some of his most memorable readings, highlighting how he connected with spirits and delivered healing messages to loved ones.

Part Two: Understanding

In Part Two, Edward focuses on helping listeners understand the messages they receive from their loved ones in the afterlife. He shares tips on how to recognize signs and symbols from the other side and discusses how to interpret and decode messages. Through personal anecdotes and readings, he demonstrates how the messages delivered from the spirit world can bring closure, healing, and peace to those left behind.

Part Three: Growing

In the final section of “Crossing Over,” Edward discusses the importance of spiritual growth and development. He shares his perspective on how we can continue to learn and evolve beyond our physical existence and explores the concept of the soul’s journey. Edward encourages listeners to embrace their spiritual path and to open themselves up to the possibilities of the afterlife connection.

“Crossing Over” is a thought-provoking audiobook that offers deep insights into the afterlife and its connections to our physical world. Through Edward’s compelling storytelling and expertise in mediumship, listeners can gain a deeper understanding of the messages from their loved ones on the other side.

Exploring Afterlife Connections

John Edward offers a unique perspective on afterlife connections in his audiobook “Crossing Over.” He emphasizes the importance of communicating with loved ones who have passed away, noting that “death is not an end, but rather a transformation.” Through personal anecdotes and experiences shared by others, he provides compelling evidence of the continued existence of souls beyond physical death.

Edward suggests that our departed loved ones are still with us and can offer guidance and support from the other side. By learning to recognize the signs and messages they are sending, we can find comfort and healing in their continued presence.

Many of the experiences shared in “Crossing Over” highlight the power of love and connection in overcoming the grief of losing a loved one. Edward believes that by embracing our spiritual nature and opening ourselves to the possibility of afterlife connections, we can find comfort and peace in the face of loss.

As Edward says, “the connections we have in life don’t end with physical death.” Through his audiobook, he encourages listeners to explore the profound connections that exist beyond the physical realm, offering insights and guidance to those seeking a deeper understanding of the afterlife.

Techniques and Approaches Used by John Edward

In “Crossing Over,” John Edward presents a unique perspective on afterlife connections, drawing on a range of techniques and approaches to facilitate communication with the spirit world. Some of the specific methods employed by Edward include:

  • Cold reading: This technique involves using a series of statements and questions to elicit information from the person being read, in order to provide further insights and messages from the spirit world.
  • Intuitive perceptions: Through heightened intuition and sensitivity, Edward is able to pick up on subtle cues and messages from the spirit world, offering guidance and comfort to those seeking to connect with loved ones who have passed away.
  • Meditation and visualization: By tapping into a meditative state, Edward is able to quiet his mind and open himself up to communication from the spirit world. Visualization techniques are used to create a safe and receptive space for this communication to take place.

Through these and other techniques, John Edward offers a compelling approach to afterlife connections that has resonated with audiences around the world.

Critique of “Crossing Over”

While “Crossing Over” provides an interesting perspective on the afterlife connections, there are certain aspects of the audiobook that could have been improved upon.


The audiobook excels in providing a unique and insightful perspective on afterlife connections. Listeners gain a deep understanding of John Edward’s experiences and techniques that he uses to connect with the spirit world. The audiobook is well produced, with clear audio and narration style that immerses the listener. The stories and examples provide a thought-provoking insight and are memorable.


One critical weakness of “Crossing Over” is that the audiobook lacks a structured narrative, making it challenging to follow at times. Additionally, some sections of the audiobook may seem repetitive, and the focus on John Edward’s personal experiences may make it harder for listeners to relate. Also, some listeners might find the content repetitive and not as in-depth as expected.

Overall Impact

The audiobook provides a compelling and perspective on afterlife connections and the techniques used by John Edward. While it falls short at times, it nevertheless provides valuable insights and leaves a lasting impression on the listener. However, the book does not appeal to everyone.

Critique of Crossing Over


Overall, “Crossing Over” features a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the afterlife connections. The audiobook has its strengths and weaknesses but provides a memorable and intriguing audiobook experience. However, if you prefer a structured narrative or a deeper dive into a subject, this audiobook may not be for you.

Audience Relevance and Impact

John Edward’s audiobook, “Crossing Over,” has a significant impact on individuals seeking a deeper understanding of afterlife connections. The audiobook offers poignant insights into the experiences of those who have passed away, providing solace and guidance for those wishing to connect with loved ones.

This audiobook is particularly relevant for individuals who are interested in mediumship and spiritual connections. It offers a unique perspective on the afterlife, one that is both thought-provoking and inspiring.

“Crossing Over” has the potential to evoke powerful emotions in its audience, and the impact of its message cannot be denied. Listeners have reported feeling comforted and reassured after listening to this audiobook.

Impact on Skeptics

Even skeptics of the afterlife may find themselves fascinated by the approach and techniques employed by John Edward in his audiobook. “Crossing Over” offers a fresh perspective on the topics of life after death and communicating with the spirit world.

Diversity of Audience

“Crossing Over” appeals to a diverse audience, including those who have experienced the loss of a loved one and those who are seeking a deeper connection with the spiritual world. It is also relevant to individuals who are fascinated by stories of the afterlife and crave a different perspective on the mysteries of death.

Target Audience

Audience Relevance
Those grieving the loss of a loved one High
Individuals seeking a deeper understanding of the afterlife High
Skeptics of the afterlife Moderate
Individuals fascinated by stories of the afterlife High

Overall, “Crossing Over” is a powerful work that offers a unique perspective on human mortality and the afterlife. Its impact on audiences is undeniably strong, and it has the potential to offer comfort, inspiration, and a sense of connection to those who listen.

Comparison with Other Works on Afterlife Connections

John Edward’s “Crossing Over” is just one of many works exploring afterlife connections through mediums, spiritualists, and other means. Comparing it to other notable works in the genre can provide valuable insights into the unique perspective and contributions of Edward’s audiobook.

One possible comparison is “The Other Side and Back” by Sylvia Browne, a book with a similar focus on the afterlife and communicating with spirits. While both works aim to explore the meaning and significance of connecting with those who have passed away, they differ in their approach and format.

“Crossing Over” by John Edward “The Other Side and Back” by Sylvia Browne
Audience General audience interested in afterlife connections and mediumship Readers seeking spiritual guidance and insights into the afterlife
Approach Focuses on Edward’s personal experiences and techniques for communicating with spirits Combines spiritual teachings and personal stories to offer insights on the afterlife
Format Audiobook with Edward as the narrator and storyteller Traditional book format with Browne’s narrative voice and storytelling
Main Themes Importance of afterlife connections, methods for communicating with spirits, personal reflections on spirituality Spiritual guidance, insights on the afterlife, personal experiences with spirits and ghosts

Overall, “Crossing Over” stands out for its focus on Edward’s personal experiences and techniques, as well as its audiobook format that allows listeners to hear Edward’s narration directly. While “The Other Side and Back” presents a more holistic approach to spirituality and offers broader insights on the afterlife, it may appeal more to readers seeking guidance and clarity on their spiritual journey.

Notable Quotes from “Crossing Over”

John Edward’s “Crossing Over” is replete with meaningful quotes that offer a unique perspective on the afterlife connections. Here are some of the most notable and profound statements from the audiobook:

Quote Meaning
“Death does not end our relationships with the people we love.” Edward emphasizes the importance of afterlife connections and how loved ones who have passed away still play a significant role in our lives.
“The other side is not a distant place, but a state of being.” Edward challenges the traditional notion of the afterlife as a far-off location and instead suggests that it is a different state of being that exists alongside our physical world.
“The energy that created life does not stop.” Edward posits that life energy does not cease to exist after physical death but instead transforms into a different form.
“We are all mediums.” Edward suggests that everyone has the ability to connect with the spirit realm with practice and an open mind.
“The power to heal comes from love.” Edward emphasizes the importance of love in both the physical and spiritual realms, as it holds immense power to heal and connect us to others.

These quotes demonstrate the thought-provoking and insightful nature of “Crossing Over” and its potential to offer comfort, solace, and a deeper understanding of the afterlife.

Crossing Over notable quotes

Reception and Public Opinion

Since its initial release, Crossing Over by John Edward has gained a wide range of responses from audiences and critics alike regarding its content and production quality. While some have praised the audiobook for its unique insight and sincere approach towards afterlife connections, others have criticized it for lacking an evidential basis and relying on generalizations.

Positive Feedback Negative Feedback
Listeners have found the genuine and empathetic nature of John Edward’s narration to be comforting and relatable, providing a new perspective on afterlife communication. Critics argue that the audiobook lacks a scientific or evidential foundation and instead relies on vague personal experiences to support its claims.
Some audiences have reported feeling a sense of peace and comfort after listening to Crossing Over. Other reviewers have expressed frustration with the repetitive nature of John Edward’s storytelling and the lack of concrete evidence presented.
The audiobook has garnered a following among individuals seeking solace or guidance regarding their own personal experiences with loss and death. Critics have also criticized John Edward’s approach to afterlife connections as being disingenuous and, in some cases, exploitative of vulnerable individuals.

Overall, the public opinion surrounding Crossing Over remains divided, with both positive and negative feedback contributing to the conversation surrounding this audiobook.

Personal Reflections on “Crossing Over”

As I listened to “Crossing Over” by John Edward, I was struck by the profound insights into afterlife connections. Hearing the firsthand accounts of individuals who had lost loved ones and were able to connect with them through Edward’s techniques was both moving and enlightening.

Through my own personal reflections, I realized how much I had been grappling with the concept of death and what comes after. The audiobook brought me a sense of comfort and peace, knowing that there may be a way to communicate with those who have passed on.

The stories shared in the audiobook were truly inspiring and left me feeling a greater sense of awe and wonder about the mysteries of the universe. John Edward’s approach to mediumship and afterlife connections are truly unique, and I appreciate the perspective he brings to this topic.

Overall, “Crossing Over” was a thought-provoking and impactful audiobook that left me with a newfound appreciation for the power of connection beyond death.


In conclusion, “Crossing Over” by John Edward is a captivating audiobook that offers a unique perspective on afterlife connections. Through his insightful storytelling, John Edward provides a thought-provoking exploration of the spirit world and the significance of communicating with our loved ones who have passed away.

The format and production quality of the audiobook are exceptional, with clear audio and engaging narration. The book’s message is impactful, and John Edward’s techniques for connecting with the spirit world are informative and fascinating.

While some may critique the book’s content and storytelling, it undoubtedly leaves a lasting impact on the listener. “Crossing Over” is relevant and impactful for individuals seeking solace, guidance, or a deeper understanding of the afterlife.

Overall, we recommend “Crossing Over” to anyone interested in exploring afterlife connections and John Edward’s unique perspective on this topic. It is an audiobook that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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