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If you’re a fan of legal thrillers, then you won’t want to miss out on “Dishonorable Intentions” by Stuart Woods. This audiobook combines all the elements of a great legal drama: suspense, mystery, and high-stakes courtroom battles. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the plot, characters, writing style, audiobook narration, and more to give you a sense of what to expect from this exciting listen.

Stuart Woods, the bestselling author of more than forty novels, is no stranger to legal thrillers. With “Dishonorable Intentions,” he proves once again that he knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Key Takeaways

  • “Dishonorable Intentions” by Stuart Woods is an exciting legal thriller that combines suspense, mystery, and high-stakes courtroom battles.
  • The audiobook offers dynamic characters and expert pacing that keep the story moving forward.
  • The writing style and narrative structure enhance the overall storytelling experience.
  • The legal accuracy is excellent, and the book’s portrayal of the legal system is compelling.
  • Overall, “Dishonorable Intentions” is a fantastic listen for fans of the legal thriller genre.

Overview of the Plot

Stuart Woods’ “Dishonorable Intentions” follows the captivating story of successful New York City attorney, Stone Barrington, as he navigates the treacherous waters of high-end real estate deals, all while trying to maintain his personal relationships and keep his head above water in a sea of deception and danger.

The plot centers around Stone’s involvement in the construction of a massive luxury skyscraper in Manhattan, which quickly becomes plagued by legal troubles, mysterious accidents, and even a murder, leading Stone on a thrilling journey to uncover the truth.

The novel’s central themes of power, greed, and corruption are woven into the intricate storyline, keeping readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. From the upper echelons of New York’s elite society to the seedy underbelly of the criminal world, “Dishonorable Intentions” takes readers on a wild ride through the city’s darkest corners.

The plot’s twists and turns are expertly crafted, leaving readers breathless and constantly guessing as to what will happen next. Will Stone be able to navigate the complex maze of Manhattan’s real estate industry and come out on top, or will his own personal demons and the legal maneuvers of his adversaries bring him down? Find out in “Dishonorable Intentions.”

Character Analysis

In “Dishonorable Intentions,” Stuart Woods creates a diverse cast of characters whose individual strengths and weaknesses drive the narrative forward.

The main character, Stone Barrington, is a dynamic figure whose development throughout the book is emblematic of Woods’ commitment to crafting multidimensional protagonists. Barrington is a brilliant lawyer, but his personal life is often tumultuous, and his relationships with family and friends are complex. Despite his flaws, or perhaps because of them, Barrington is a relatable and engaging character who commands the reader’s attention.

Other key players in the narrative include Holly Barker, a former police chief turned private investigator, and Lance Cabot, a wealthy and powerful businessman. Both Barker and Cabot possess their own unique strengths and weaknesses, which are relevant to the book’s various plotlines.

Throughout the novel, Woods showcases his attention to character development by skillfully interweaving each character’s story into the larger narrative structure. The result is a cast of fully-realized individuals whose actions drive the plot and keep readers invested.

Stone Barrington

Stone Barrington is the novel’s central character, a Manhattan attorney with a reputation for winning seemingly unwinnable cases. Over the course of “Dishonorable Intentions,” Barrington finds himself embroiled in a series of complex legal and personal entanglements.

Despite his legal prowess, Barrington’s personal life is often in disarray. He struggles with romantic relationships and his complicated family dynamics, emphasizing Woods’ commitment to crafting multidimensional protagonists.

Holly Barker

Holly Barker is a former police chief who appears throughout the “Stone Barrington” series. In “Dishonorable Intentions,” Barker becomes a pivotal player in the novel’s central plot.

Barker is a strong, independent character who is unafraid to take risks. She serves as a source of support for Barrington, demonstrating the importance of friendship and camaraderie in a novel filled with political intrigue and legal maneuvering.

Lance Cabot

Lance Cabot is a wealthy and successful businessman who is drawn into the novel’s central conflict. Cabot is a complex character whose motives and loyalties are constantly in question, adding an extra layer of tension to the already-suspenseful narrative.

Character Strengths Weaknesses
Stone Barrington Brilliant legal mind, charismatic Complicated personal life, prone to risky decision-making
Holly Barker Strong, independent, unafraid to take risks Can be emotionally guarded and struggles with trust
Lance Cabot Wealthy, powerful, well-connected Loyalties are constantly in question, may prioritize own interests over others’

“Dishonorable Intentions” is a fascinating exploration of character motivation and development. Woods’ attention to detail and careful crafting of each character creates a novel that is both engaging and intellectually stimulating.

Writing Style and Narrative

Stuart Woods is known for his intricate and engaging writing style, and “Dishonorable Intentions” is no exception. The narrative structure of the book is organized and well-paced, with each chapter building on the previous one to form a cohesive storyline.

Woods’ writing style is concise and descriptive, allowing readers to vividly imagine each scene and setting. The author’s attention to detail creates a realistic atmosphere, immersing readers in the world of the book and the lives of the characters. This writing style is particularly effective in conveying the legal themes and intricacies of the story, providing a unique perspective on the legal profession.

The narrative structure is also worth noting, as Woods employs a nonlinear timeline that adds depth and complexity to the plot. This narrative structure allows for a heightened level of suspense and mystery, encouraging readers to stay engaged with the story and its characters. Overall, the combination of Woods’ writing style and narrative structure makes “Dishonorable Intentions” a captivating and thrilling read.

Legal Themes and Accuracy

In “Dishonorable Intentions,” legal accuracy plays a crucial role in depicting the realities of the legal system. Stuart Woods portrays legal themes such as corruption and manipulation, examining the lengths that people will go to achieve their goals. The book is filled with legal jargon and procedures that resonate with accuracy, immersing the reader in a believable world.

Throughout the story, the main legal conflicts are expertly crafted, showcasing the importance of thorough research. The author’s attention to detail and accuracy when it comes to the legal proceedings contributes to the authenticity of the novel. The legal themes in “Dishonorable Intentions” elevate the story, adding depth and complexity to the overall narrative.

Overall, “Dishonorable Intentions” proves to be an excellent example of legal fiction, portraying the legal system with accuracy and tact.

Legal Accuracy

Pacing and Suspense

Stuart Woods masterfully crafts the pacing of “Dishonorable Intentions” to keep readers on the edge of their seats throughout the audiobook. The story moves at a consistent and absorbing pace, with thoughtful development of each scene. The rising tension and expertly placed plot twists add to the overall suspense, making it difficult to put the audiobook down.

The level of suspense created by Woods is truly remarkable, keeping listeners engaged and eager to learn what happens next. Each chapter ends with a gripping cliffhanger, making it challenging to resist the urge to keep listening. The tension throughout the story builds to a satisfying conclusion, leaving readers satisfied with the overall experience.

Audiobook Narration

One of the most compelling elements of the audiobook version of “Dishonorable Intentions” is the exceptional narration quality. Voice actors add an extra layer of depth to the story, bringing the characters to life and immersing readers in the narrative.

The audiobook’s narrator, Tony Roberts, does an excellent job providing unique voices for each character, making it easy to differentiate between them. The pacing of his delivery is perfect, keeping the story moving at a lively pace while still allowing for moments of tension and suspense to be fully realized.

The audiobook is available in several formats, including CD and digital download, making it accessible to a wide range of readers. Regardless of the format chosen, the quality of the narration remains top-notch, making “Dishonorable Intentions” a must-listen for audiobook fans.

Reception and Impact

Since its release, “Dishonorable Intentions” by Stuart Woods has received mixed reviews, with some praising the book’s engaging plot and well-developed characters, while others criticizing the predictable storyline and lack of originality. Despite this, the book has made a significant impact within the genre, cementing Stuart Woods’ reputation as a talented writer of legal thrillers.

Critical Reviews

According to Publishers Weekly, “Dishonorable Intentions” is “crowded with genre clich├ęs” and suffers from a lack of creativity, ultimately failing to bring anything new to the table. In a similar vein, Kirkus Reviews notes that the book’s predictable storyline may leave some readers feeling disappointed, while others may appreciate the familiar narrative structure.

On the other hand, some critics have praised the book for its entertaining plot and engaging characters. In Library Journal, reviewer Jeff Ayers notes that “Dishonorable Intentions” “hit all the right notes for a legal thriller,” while Booklist calls the book a “solid entry in the series.”

Impact and Significance

Despite the mixed reviews, “Dishonorable Intentions” remains an important addition to the Stuart Woods canon and continues to captivate audiences with its fast-paced plot and compelling characters. The book’s impact is further reflected in its success on various bestseller lists, including the New York Times bestseller list.

Overall, “Dishonorable Intentions” may not be a groundbreaking addition to the legal thriller genre, but it remains a solid entry in the Stuart Woods catalogue and is sure to satisfy fans of the series and newcomers alike.

Comparisons to Other Works by Stuart Woods

Throughout his career, Stuart Woods has established himself as a prominent writer in the crime and mystery genres. In many ways, “Dishonorable Intentions” follows in the footsteps of Woods’ other works, maintaining his signature brand of intrigue and suspense.


Like many of Woods’ other works, “Dishonorable Intentions” is centered around the world of high stakes crime, with a particular focus on the legal system and the corrupt and powerful individuals who seek to manipulate it. Fans of Woods’ previous novels will find many similarities here, as the author continues to explore these themes in new and exciting ways.

Writing Style:

One area where “Dishonorable Intentions” differs somewhat from Woods’ other works is in its writing style. While the novel still retains Woods’ trademark readability and propulsive pacing, there is a greater focus on character development and internal conflict, as opposed to pure action and spectacle.

Comparing “Dishonorable Intentions” to other Stuart Woods Novels

Dishonorable Intentions Chiefs Orchid Beach
Publication Year 2016 1981 1998
Central Character Stone Barrington Will Lee Holly Barker
Setting New York City Delano, Georgia Orchid Beach, Florida
Themes High stakes crime, legal system corruption, personal relationships Small town politics, racial tensions, family history Police corruption, gender politics, personal vendettas
Writing Style Greater emphasis on character development and internal conflict Plot-driven, with a focus on action and political intrigue Fast-paced, with a focus on physical action and espionage

As the table above demonstrates, while “Dishonorable Intentions” shares many similarities with Stuart Woods’ other works, it also contains unique distinctions that set it apart from the rest of his oeuvre. Whether you’re a die-hard Woods fan or a newcomer to his work, “Dishonorable Intentions” is a novel that is sure to entertain and engage.

Stuart Woods books

Final Verdict

After a thorough evaluation of “Dishonorable Intentions” by Stuart Woods, it is clear that this audiobook is an engaging and well-crafted legal thriller. The plot is well-developed and keeps the listener hooked until the very end, and the characters are fully realized and relatable.

Stuart Woods’ writing style is smooth and compelling, with an expertly crafted narrative structure that allows for ample suspense and tension. The legal themes presented in the book are accurate and thought-provoking, lending an air of realism to the story.

Overall, “Dishonorable Intentions” is a highly recommended audiobook for fans of the legal thriller genre. With its captivating storyline, well-drawn characters, and expert narration, it is a standout work in Stuart Woods’ impressive oeuvre.


If you enjoyed “Dishonorable Intentions,” then you might also like:

  • The Witness by Nora Roberts
  • The Pelican Brief by John Grisham
  • The Reversal by Michael Connelly

These audiobooks share similar themes of legal drama, suspense, and complex characters, making them a great choice for fans of “Dishonorable Intentions.”

Comparative table of recommended audiobooks:

Title Author Genre Length
The Witness Nora Roberts Romantic Suspense 17 hours 37 minutes
The Pelican Brief John Grisham Legal Thriller 10 hours 38 minutes
The Reversal Michael Connelly Legal Thriller 15 hours 16 minutes

Each of these recommended audiobooks offers its own unique take on the legal drama genre, providing readers with plenty of options to explore.

Buying Options and Accessibility

If you’re interested in experiencing “Dishonorable Intentions” as an audiobook, there are several different buying options available to you.

Format Platform Availability
MP3 CD Amazon Available
Audible Audiobook Audible Available
Audio CD Barnes & Noble Available
Library Edition Recorded Books Available

No matter what your preferred format or platform may be, there are plenty of options for accessing “Dishonorable Intentions” as an audiobook. Additionally, many of these formats come with accessibility features such as adjustable playback speed and compatibility with screen readers, making it easier for listeners with disabilities to enjoy this thrilling story.

Overall, “Dishonorable Intentions” is an audiobook that is widely available and easily accessible, ensuring that anyone can experience Stuart Woods’ captivating storytelling.


Overall, “Dishonorable Intentions” by Stuart Woods is a gripping audiobook that delivers on multiple fronts. From its intricate plot to well-crafted characters and suspenseful pacing, this audiobook keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

Stuart Woods’ writing style is polished and immersive, elevating the entire narration experience. The legal themes presented in the book are accurate and add an extra layer of depth to the narrative, while the audiobook’s narration is top-notch, with the voice actors bringing the story to life in a memorable way.

If you’re a fan of legal thrillers, crime fiction, or simply enjoy a well-crafted audiobook, “Dishonorable Intentions” is a must-read. It offers a well-written story that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout, while also offering insights into the legal system and the complex characters that inhabit the world of criminal law. Highly recommended!


What is “Dishonorable Intentions” about?

“Dishonorable Intentions” is an audiobook by Stuart Woods that follows the story of Stone Barrington, a successful attorney, as he navigates a complex web of mystery, intrigue, and danger.

Who are the main characters in “Dishonorable Intentions”?

The main characters in “Dishonorable Intentions” include Stone Barrington, the protagonist and skilled attorney, and various supporting characters such as Dino Bacchetti, his loyal friend and NYPD detective, and Holly Barker, a former CIA officer turned private investigator.

What is the writing style of Stuart Woods in “Dishonorable Intentions”?

Stuart Woods employs a fast-paced and engaging writing style in “Dishonorable Intentions,” using concise and descriptive prose to create a thrilling narrative that keeps readers hooked until the very end.

Does “Dishonorable Intentions” accurately portray the legal system?

While “Dishonorable Intentions” incorporates legal themes into its storyline, it is important to note that it is a work of fiction. While it may provide insights into the legal process, readers should not rely on it for accurate legal information.

Is “Dishonorable Intentions” a suspenseful audiobook?

Yes, “Dishonorable Intentions” is known for its masterful pacing and suspenseful plot twists, making it a captivating audiobook that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Who narrates the audiobook version of “Dishonorable Intentions”?

The audiobook version of “Dishonorable Intentions” is narrated by Tony Roberts, a seasoned voice actor who brings the characters and story to life with his dynamic and engaging performance.

How has “Dishonorable Intentions” been received by audiences and critics?

“Dishonorable Intentions” has garnered positive reviews from both audiences and critics, who praise the book for its suspenseful storyline, well-developed characters, and gripping narrative.

Are there any other books by Stuart Woods that are similar to “Dishonorable Intentions”?

Fans of “Dishonorable Intentions” may also enjoy other books by Stuart Woods, such as the Stone Barrington series or other suspenseful thrillers featuring intricate plots and compelling characters.

What is the final verdict on “Dishonorable Intentions”?

“Dishonorable Intentions” is highly recommended for fans of gripping legal thrillers and fast-paced suspense novels. With its engaging storyline, well-written characters, and expert narration, it is a must-read for those seeking an exciting audiobook experience.

Can you recommend similar audiobooks or authors like “Dishonorable Intentions”?

If you enjoyed “Dishonorable Intentions,” you might also want to explore audiobooks by authors such as John Grisham, Michael Connelly, or Lee Child, who specialize in crafting compelling legal thrillers and suspenseful novels.

Where can I purchase or access the audiobook version of “Dishonorable Intentions”?

“Dishonorable Intentions” is available for purchase as an audiobook through various platforms such as Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Additionally, libraries or audiobook subscription services may offer access to this title.

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