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Are you looking for a captivating and inspiring audiobook that can help you achieve your goals? Look no further than “Make Your Bed” by William H. McRaven. This immersive audiobook covers the principles and strategies that can help you improve your life, both personally and professionally.

In this review, we will delve into the details of this audiobook, evaluating its strengths and weaknesses, analyzing its key themes and messages, and exploring its real-life impact. Whether you are an avid audiobook listener or simply seeking new ways to improve your daily routine, “Make Your Bed” is sure to captivate and inspire you.

During this review, we will highlight the key features and insights of “Make Your Bed”, written by Admiral William H. McRaven, the retired United States Navy Admiral, and former commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command.

As you read on, you will discover why this audiobook is a must-listen for anyone seeking to improve their motivation, discipline, and resilience. Join us as we take a closer look at “Make Your Bed,” and explore what makes it one of the most compelling and empowering audiobooks available.

About the Author – Admiral William H. McRaven

Admiral William H. McRaven is a retired United States Navy admiral and a former Navy SEAL. He is best known for his role in leading the operation that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden, the founder of al-Qaeda.

During his 37-year military career, McRaven commanded at every level within the special operations community and served as the commander of the United States Special Operations Command from 2011 to 2014. He has been awarded numerous honors for his service, including the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star, and the Bronze Star.

McRaven is also a highly acclaimed author and speaker, with his 2014 commencement speech at the University of Texas at Austin, titled “Make Your Bed,” having garnered over 35 million views on YouTube. His book, “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe Even the World,” has become a bestseller and a staple in the self-help genre.

Through his extensive military and leadership experience, McRaven brings a unique perspective on overcoming challenges and achieving success, which is reflected in his work as an author and motivational speaker.

Summary of “Make Your Bed” Audiobook

The “Make Your Bed” audiobook by Admiral William H. McRaven is a powerful and inspiring work that draws on the author’s experience as a Navy SEAL to provide practical guidance on how to achieve success and overcome adversity in life. The book is structured around ten key lessons that McRaven learned during his military career, each of which is illustrated with real-life anecdotes and examples.

The first lesson is to start each day by making your bed, an act that symbolizes the importance of small tasks that can lead to larger accomplishments. Other lessons include taking on obstacles with disciplined creativity, working as a team, and never giving up.

Throughout the audiobook, McRaven emphasizes the importance of perseverance, discipline, and a positive attitude, offering advice on everything from setting goals to dealing with failure and disappointment. His powerful storytelling and motivational message make “Make Your Bed” a must-listen for anyone looking to achieve their full potential and lead a meaningful life.

Narration and Production Quality

The narration and production quality of an audiobook can significantly impact the overall listening experience. Fortunately, “Make Your Bed” by William H. McRaven is exemplary in those regards.

The audiobook is narrated by Admiral McRaven himself, which adds a personal touch to the already inspiring content. His voice is clear and engaging, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the material. Additionally, the audio quality is excellent, with no distracting background noise or distortions.

Moreover, the audiobook features relevant audio enhancements, such as sound effects and music, which add depth to the listening experience. These enhancements complement the material and help bring the lessons to life in a meaningful way.

Overall, the narration and production quality of “Make Your Bed” are top-notch, contributing to a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring listening experience.

Key Takeaways from “Make Your Bed”

After listening to “Make Your Bed” by William H. McRaven, it’s clear that this audiobook is full of practical insights and useful tips for personal growth and success. Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind:

  1. Start with the small things. Admiral McRaven emphasizes the importance of making your bed every morning as a simple yet powerful way to start your day with a sense of accomplishment and order.
  2. Take ownership of your mistakes. One of the key messages in the book is to take responsibility for your actions, including your failures and mistakes, and to learn from them in order to grow and improve.
  3. Work as a team The author emphasizes the importance of working together and supporting one another, particularly in times of difficulty or challenge.
  4. Find strength in adversity. McRaven shares inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome adversity to achieve great things, underscoring the importance of resilience and perseverance.
  5. Never give up. Finally, “Make Your Bed” encourages listeners to push through difficult times and challenges, remaining optimistic and committed to their goals.

Impact Analysis of “Make Your Bed”

Admiral William McRaven’s audiobook, “Make Your Bed,” has become widely popular due to its practical and insightful lessons on personal growth and success. The impact of this audiobook can be seen not only in individuals but also in society as a whole.

One of the main takeaways from “Make Your Bed” is the importance of discipline, perseverance, and determination in achieving one’s goals. By emphasizing the power of small habits and rituals, like making your bed every morning, the audiobook encourages listeners to adopt daily practices that can lead to significant changes in their lives.

This audiobook can have a profound impact on individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem. The messages in the book emphasize the importance of taking control of one’s life and the power of making small changes that can result in significant improvements in one’s mental health and well-being.

Moreover, “Make Your Bed” can inspire listeners to overcome challenges and persevere in the face of adversity. By showcasing real-life examples of individuals who achieved remarkable success despite facing incredible odds, the audiobook motivates listeners to pursue their dreams and not give up on their goals.

The impact of “Make Your Bed” on society can also be seen in its relevance to various fields of life, including education, business, and leadership. The practical teachings in the book can help individuals become better students, employees, and leaders by cultivating habits that promote success and achievement.

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another.” – Admiral William McRaven

Overall, “Make Your Bed” offers valuable insights and practical advice on personal growth and success that can have a significant impact on individuals and society as a whole. By promoting the principles of discipline, determination, and perseverance, this audiobook can help listeners achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Writing Style and Structure

Admiral William H. McRaven uses a straightforward and concise writing style in “Make Your Bed” audiobook. His clear and authoritative tone carries the message effectively and makes it easy for listeners to follow his advice. McRaven structures the audiobook around ten key lessons, each illustrated with anecdotes from his military career. The structure of the audiobook is well organized and allows readers to easily navigate and revisit the key points.

The use of anecdotes provides an engaging narrative structure that complements the overall message of the audiobook. McRaven’s personal experiences help the listener identify with the key themes and make the lessons more relatable. However, some listeners may find the constant mention of McRaven’s military career repetitive and unnecessary.

Overall, the simplicity of McRaven’s writing style and the well-organized structure make “Make Your Bed” a highly accessible and compelling audiobook. The effectiveness of his writing style and structure is evident in the audiobook’s popularity and positive reception.

Target Audience

The “Make Your Bed” audiobook by Admiral William H. McRaven is intended for individuals seeking personal growth, self-improvement, and practical advice on achieving success and overcoming obstacles. The target audience includes young adults, professionals, and anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

Admiral McRaven’s message is especially resonant with those pursuing careers in the military or other high-stakes fields, as well as individuals seeking inspiration and motivation to pursue their goals. The audiobook’s focus on discipline, perseverance, and resilience makes it particularly relevant for those facing challenges in areas such as education, career advancement, and personal relationships.

Overall, “Make Your Bed” offers valuable insights and practical guidance for anyone looking to improve their personal and professional life, regardless of their current circumstances. The audiobook’s universal appeal and accessibility make it a compelling choice for a wide range of listeners.

target audience make your bed

Comparison with Other Self-Help Audiobooks

While there are many self-help audiobooks available, “Make Your Bed” stands out for its unique approach to personal growth and development. Unlike other self-help books that focus on one specific area, such as relationships or finances, “Make Your Bed” provides a comprehensive guide to achieving success in all aspects of life.

One popular self-help audiobook that is often compared to “Make Your Bed” is “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. While both books share a similar focus on personal growth and improvement, “Make Your Bed” takes a more practical and action-oriented approach, providing specific steps that listeners can take to achieve their goals.

Another self-help audiobook that is often compared to “Make Your Bed” is “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. While both books emphasize the importance of good habits for achieving success, “Make Your Bed” goes beyond habits to explore a wide range of principles and strategies for personal growth and development.

Real-Life Examples and Anecdotes

One of the standout qualities of “Make Your Bed” is the use of real-life examples and anecdotes to drive home important messages and principles. Admiral McRaven draws from his extensive experience as a Navy SEAL and commander to illustrate his points, and the stories he shares are both riveting and instructive.

For instance, he tells the story of a grueling SEAL training exercise where his squad was tasked with carrying a heavy boat over their heads while wading through neck-deep water. When one team member faltered, McRaven jumped in to take his place, demonstrating the importance of leadership and teamwork even under extreme circumstances.

“In life, you will face many trials. But if you persevere through the tough times, you will be rewarded.”

Such anecdotes add a personal touch to the audiobook, helping listeners to connect with the material on a deeper level and encouraging them to apply its lessons in their own lives. Whether it’s learning to value hard work and discipline, or developing resilience in the face of adversity, the stories told in “Make Your Bed” offer valuable insights and practical advice.

Reception and Reviews

The audiobook “Make Your Bed” by Admiral William H. McRaven has garnered a largely positive reception since its release. According to The New York Times Book Review, McRaven’s advice is “simple yet inspiring,” and Publishers Weekly notes that “his insights are applicable to everyday life, particularly to those seeking to make a significant change or overcome challenges.”

However, some critics have criticized the audiobook for being too simplistic, with Kirkus Reviews saying that it “offers little in the way of new ideas or deep insight.” Additionally, a few listeners found the narration monotonous and lacking in emotion, which detracted from the impact of the message.

Source Review
The New York Times Book Review “Simple yet inspiring.”
Publishers Weekly “Insights are applicable to everyday life.”
Kirkus Reviews “Offers little in the way of new ideas or deep insight.”

Despite these criticisms, the overwhelming consensus is that “Make Your Bed” provides valuable insights and encourages personal growth. Its straightforward approach and practical guidance make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to improve their mindset and habits.

Impactful Quotes from “Make Your Bed”

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

“Life is a struggle, but if you refuse to give up, that struggle can become your greatest gift.”

“The ability to listen is a quality that makes all relationships more successful.”

“No matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise again.”

These memorable quotes from Admiral William H. McRaven’s “Make Your Bed” perfectly encapsulate the core themes and messages of the audiobook. McRaven’s insights remind listeners that small actions can have a profound impact on their lives, that perseverance is key to success, and that resilience is a quality to be celebrated. By providing actionable advice and inspiring stories, “Make Your Bed” challenges audiences to take control of their lives and pursue their dreams with determination and grit.

Practical Application of “Make Your Bed” Principles

As Admiral William H. McRaven points out in his inspiring audiobook, “Make Your Bed,” small actions can have a big impact on our lives. Here are some practical tips for applying the principles and lessons from the audiobook:

  • Start the day right: Making your bed every morning can set the tone for the rest of the day and create a sense of accomplishment from the outset. As McRaven notes, “If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.”
  • Focus on teamwork: “Make Your Bed” emphasizes the importance of working together, whether in the military or in civilian life. Look for opportunities to collaborate with others and build strong relationships based on mutual respect and support.
  • Take responsibility: In challenging situations, it can be easy to blame others or make excuses. But “Make Your Bed” reminds us to take ownership of our mistakes and learn from them, rather than shirking responsibility. As McRaven notes, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”
  • Stay disciplined: Whether facing adversity or pursuing personal goals, discipline is key to success. Develop habits and routines that reinforce your commitment to your objectives, and learn to push through challenges and setbacks without losing sight of your purpose.

By applying these principles and others from “Make Your Bed,” you can cultivate greater resilience, focus, and purpose in your life. Taking small steps towards positive change can lead to significant personal growth and lasting fulfillment.

Further Resources and Recommendations

If you enjoyed “Make Your Bed” and would like to explore similar self-help audiobooks, we recommend “Atomic Habits” by James Clear and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. Both books offer practical advice on personal growth and success, utilizing real-world examples and relatable stories to convey their messages.

For additional inspiration and guidance, we suggest checking out Admiral William H. McRaven’s TED Talk, “Change the World by Making Your Bed,” which delves deeper into the concepts discussed in the audiobook and provides valuable insights on leadership and perseverance.

For those seeking further resources on self-improvement and goal-setting, we also recommend the following websites:

  • Brian Tracy International – A hub for personal and professional development, offering a range of articles, podcasts, and courses on topics such as time management, success habits, and communication skills.
  • Self-Improvement Online – A comprehensive directory of self-help resources, including books, articles, and videos on subjects like motivation, relationships, and spirituality.
  • Lifehacker – A popular lifestyle website that provides tips and tricks for improving productivity, managing finances, and leading a fulfilling life.

“Make Your Bed” is a powerful audiobook that challenges listeners to take action and embrace the habits of successful individuals. With its practical advice and inspiring anecdotes, it offers a roadmap for personal growth and empowers individuals to achieve their goals.


In conclusion, the “Make Your Bed” audiobook by Admiral William H. McRaven offers valuable insights and lessons on personal growth and success. Throughout the audiobook, McRaven shares powerful anecdotes and practical advice that can inspire listeners to take action and make positive changes in their lives.

By summarizing the key themes and main points, evaluating the narration and production quality, and analyzing the impact and effectiveness of the audiobook, this review has provided a comprehensive overview of “Make Your Bed.”

Overall, we highly recommend the “Make Your Bed” audiobook to anyone seeking guidance on achieving their goals and overcoming adversity. McRaven’s wisdom and experience are not only insightful but also inspiring, making this audiobook a must-listen for all.

If you’re interested in exploring more resources on personal growth and success, we recommend checking out our list of further resources and recommendations that can complement the teachings of “Make Your Bed” and further support your personal growth journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read this audiobook review, and we hope it has been helpful in your decision to listen to “Make Your Bed.”

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