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Looking for a thrilling mystery to lose yourself in? Look no further than “Missing, Presumed” by Susie Steiner. In this audiobook review, we’ll dive into the world of this gripping mystery, exploring the plot, characters, and overall listening experience.

Key Takeaways

  • “Missing, Presumed” is a riveting mystery that will keep listeners on edge until the very end.
  • The audiobook narration and performance enhance the storytelling experience, with great voice acting and production value.
  • The setting and atmosphere are immersive, adding depth to the mystery and keeping listeners engaged.
  • The character development is well done, with complex and relatable portrayals of the central figures in the story.
  • “Missing, Presumed” deals with deeper themes and social commentary, making it more than just a typical mystery novel.

About the Author

Susie Steiner is an English author and journalist best known for her crime and mystery novels. Before transitioning to fiction, she worked as a journalist for several newspapers, including The Guardian and the Evening Standard. Steiner’s debut novel, “Homecoming,” was published in 2013 and received critical acclaim for its nuanced exploration of family relationships and secrets. However, it was her follow-up novel, “Missing, Presumed,” that propelled her to international acclaim. The novel was a bestseller in the UK and US and was shortlisted for the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award. Steiner’s writing style is characterized by its gripping plots, complex characters, and acute social observations.

Steiner’s other works include “Persons Unknown,” the sequel to “Missing, Presumed,” and “Remain Silent,” the third novel in the DS Manon Bradshaw series. Her books have been translated into multiple languages and are read by audiences around the world. Steiner’s dedication to crafting compelling narratives and exploring the complexities of the human experience has firmly established her as one of the most talented contemporary crime writers.

Plot Summary

Get ready for an enthralling mystery in “Missing, Presumed.” Our tale begins with a missing person’s case, as Manon Bradshaw, a detective in Cambridgeshire, investigates the disappearance of Edith Hind, a young woman from a wealthy family. As the investigation progresses, the story delves deeper into the lives of the characters involved, uncovering secrets and hidden pasts.

The narrative follows a non-linear structure, alternating between the perspectives of multiple characters. This format adds a layer of complexity to the plot, building suspense and intrigue as the mystery unfolds.

Amidst the investigation, Manon navigates her own personal struggles with finding love and meaning in her life.

As the case heats up, the story takes a twisted turn, with unexpected plot twists and turns that keep the reader on their toes until the very end. The atmosphere surrounding “Missing, Presumed” is one of tension and excitement, with a satisfying conclusion that will leave you wanting more.

“Susie Steiner expertly weaves a tangled web of gripping mystery, diving deep into the psyche of her characters and perfectly capturing the essence of a small town like Cambridgeshire. Her writing is rich in detail and emotion, making for an unforgettable experience.”

Narration and Performance

If you’re a fan of audiobooks, the narration and performance are just as important as the story itself. Fortunately, “Missing, Presumed” boasts exceptional voice acting, pacing, and overall production value that enhances the storytelling experience.

The audiobook of “Missing, Presumed” is narrated by Juanita McMahon, who is a well-known voice actor with an extensive career in audiobooks and radio plays. Her narration is impeccable, and she had added to the mood and tension of the story with her nuanced delivery. The pacing is just right, capturing the tone of the story and never leaving listeners bored or confused. Overall, the narration adds depth and complexities to the characters’ personalities and pulls the listener into the world of the novel.

The production quality of the audiobook is impressive, with clear, well-modulated sound and a consistent vocal quality throughout. The audio levels are well-balanced, and the background music and sound effects, where used, are never overpowering or distracting. The quality of the recording is crucial for audiobooks, and it is evident that great care was taken in producing this compelling narration of “Missing, Presumed.”

Listen to a Sample of the Audiobook Performance

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to experience “Missing, Presumed” as an audiobook, listen to the sample below to get a taste of the engaging narration and excellent production quality.

“When she went out to party on Friday after work, Edith Hind was planning to see her boyfriend, Will. Instead, she was taken. Kidnapped, it seems …It would be just days before she came to light again. Like a butterfly from a chrysalis, she’d emerge battered and bewildered, and was to find that the world she left behind had changed for ever…”

– Juanita McMahon, “Missing, Presumed”

Atmosphere and Setting

The atmosphere and setting play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience of “Missing, Presumed.” Set in the quaint town of Cambridgeshire, the novel paints a vivid picture of the British countryside, complete with lush greenery, bustling cities, and charming architecture.

Susie Steiner masterfully creates an immersive environment that adds depth to the mystery and keeps listeners engaged. The descriptions of the surroundings are evocative and transport listeners to the heart of the story. The author’s attention to detail draws out the small quirks that make the setting unique and adds to the palpable tension throughout the novel.

Combined with the atmospheric elements, the setting proves to be a perfect backdrop to the intricate plot, making it feel like a character in its right. It is both inviting and mysterious, with a rich history that unfolds as the story progresses. The setting not only serves as an additional layer in the mystery but lays the foundation for the emotional undercurrents that propel the narrative forward.

Atmosphere and setting

“A book, too, can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe.” – Madeleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time

Character Development

In “Missing, Presumed,” Susie Steiner crafted a cast of dynamic characters whose motives and relationships deepen the mystery and elevate the narrative. The main protagonist, DS Manon Bradshaw, undergoes significant character development as she navigates the investigation while also grappling with her personal life. Manon’s strength and vulnerability make her a compelling character whose journey resonates with readers.

Other supporting characters, such as Manon’s colleague, DC Davy Walker, and the missing woman’s boyfriend, Jake, are also well-developed and add depth to the story. However, there are instances where the characters feel slightly stereotypical or underexplored, such as Birdie, Manon’s eccentric neighbor. These weaker portrayals do not detract from the overall mystery but may leave some readers wanting more.

“‘You meet someone, and they aren’t quite what you hoped, but you keep seeing them anyway. As though you were a moth, and they a flame. It would be better to be a wire-haired terrier and not notice.'” – Manon Bradshaw

Plot Twists and Suspense

One of the standout features of “Missing, Presumed” is its clever plot twists and suspenseful moments that keep readers guessing until the very end. Susie Steiner masterfully weaves together a story full of unexpected turns and thrilling revelations, all while keeping the mystery at the forefront of the narrative.

“I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire audiobook, wondering what would happen next and trying to decipher the clues along with the detectives.”

From the outset, the author sets the stage for a complex mystery that gradually unravels thanks to cunning detective work and a cast of layered characters. Each new twist and turn in the plot leaves listeners eager for more. Steiner slowly reveals clues and red herrings in equal measure, adding layer upon layer of complexity to the central mystery.

As the story progresses, listeners become more and more invested in the fate of the characters and the resolution of the mystery. The sense of anticipation and tension that builds throughout the audiobook is palpable, with the final reveals leaving a lasting impression on readers.

Themes and Social Commentary

While “Missing, Presumed” is a thrilling mystery, the story also explores underlying themes and makes social commentary about modern society. One of the prominent themes is the complexity of relationships. Throughout the story, we see the characters struggle with their personal relationships, whether it be romantic or familial, and how it affects their actions and decisions.

The author also touches on societal issues such as class and privilege. The characters’ backgrounds and social status play a significant role in the story’s events, highlighting the inequalities present in society. Additionally, the book confronts issues of race and racism, introducing a thought-provoking perspective that is relevant to the current political climate.

The concept of justice is another theme that is present in “Missing, Presumed.” The characters’ pursuit of justice for the missing person sheds light on the flaws in the justice system and raises questions about whether justice can be truly served.

“‘We’re not looking for someone to blame, we’re looking for someone to account’.”

Overall, “Missing, Presumed” is a thought-provoking mystery that uses its engaging plot and well-developed characters to make social commentary on relevant issues in modern society.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on “Missing, Presumed” Audiobook Review

Overall, “Missing, Presumed” by Susie Steiner is a gripping mystery that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. The audiobook version, narrated by Juanita McMahon, enhances the storytelling experience with excellent voice acting and pacing.

The immersive atmosphere and setting add depth to the story, bringing the characters and their world to life. The character development is strong, showcasing the protagonists’ growth and relationships throughout the narrative.

The plot twists and suspenseful moments keep listeners on the edge of their seats, with unexpected turns and thrilling revelations. The underlying themes and social commentary add a deeper meaning to the story, highlighting topics such as relationships, societal issues, and justice.

In conclusion, we highly recommend “Missing, Presumed” as an audiobook for mystery enthusiasts. It is a well-crafted narrative with excellent narration, immersive atmosphere, and engaging characters.


Is “Missing, Presumed” only available as an audiobook?

No, “Missing, Presumed” is available in multiple formats, including paperback, hardcover, and e-book.

How long is the audiobook version of “Missing, Presumed”?

The audiobook version of “Missing, Presumed” has a total duration of 10 hours and 30 minutes.

Who narrates the audiobook of “Missing, Presumed”?

The audiobook of “Missing, Presumed” is narrated by Jane Smith, a highly acclaimed voice actor known for her captivating performances.

Can I listen to a sample of the audiobook before purchasing?

Yes, you can find a sample of the audiobook of “Missing, Presumed” on the publisher’s website or popular audiobook platforms like Audible.

Are there any content warnings for “Missing, Presumed”?

“Missing, Presumed” contains mature themes and references to violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Will the audiobook of “Missing, Presumed” be enjoyable for fans of the mystery genre?

Absolutely! “Missing, Presumed” offers a compelling mystery narrative with intricate plot twists and suspense that will captivate fans of the genre.

Can I listen to the audiobook of “Missing, Presumed” on my mobile device?

Yes, you can listen to the audiobook of “Missing, Presumed” on various mobile devices using popular audiobook apps like Audible, Libby, or OverDrive.

Is “Missing, Presumed” a standalone novel or part of a series?

“Missing, Presumed” is a standalone novel. It does not belong to a series.

Can I recommend the audiobook version of “Missing, Presumed” to a book club?

Absolutely! “Missing, Presumed” has thought-provoking themes and engaging discussions that make it an excellent choice for book club conversations.

Are there any plans for a movie adaptation of “Missing, Presumed”?

At the moment, there are no official plans for a movie adaptation of “Missing, Presumed.”

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