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Are you ready for a magical romance that transcends time? Look no further than One Last Stop, the latest release from Casey McQuiston. In this audiobook review, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of One Last Stop, exploring the captivating storyline, memorable characters, and themes of love and identity that make it a must-listen. Get ready to be enchanted by McQuiston’s captivating writing style and the book’s time travel elements.

But first, let’s take a closer look at Casey McQuiston, the mastermind behind this whimsical journey through time and love. Known for their fresh and diverse storytelling, McQuiston has made a name for themselves in the romance genre with their debut novel, Red, White & Royal Blue. Now, with One Last Stop, McQuiston further cements their status as a rising star in contemporary literature.

Join us as we review One Last Stop and take a journey through its pages, unraveling its magic along the way.

The Storyline of One Last Stop

One Last Stop is a time travel romance that tells the story of August Landry, a young woman who moves to New York City to find her purpose in life. August is immediately drawn to the enigmatic Jane, a punk-rock girl who seems to be stuck in the 1970s. As they grow closer, August learns that Jane is a time traveler, and her existence is in danger of being erased forever. To save Jane, August must journey through time, facing obstacles and challenges that test their relationship.

The book’s plot is a whimsical and heartwarming exploration of love and fate, set against the backdrop of New York City. The central themes of time travel and romance are interwoven with a captivating mystery that keeps readers guessing until the very end.

As August navigates through different decades, from the 1970s to the 1990s, she encounters a diverse cast of characters, each with their distinct personality and backstory. From the charming owner of a diner to a mysterious subway rider, the supporting cast adds depth and richness to the story.

One Last Stop’s unique premise and engaging storyline make it a standout addition to the time travel romance genre. But what sets the book apart is Casey McQuiston’s signature writing style, which combines humor, heart, and a touch of magic in every page.

Casey McQuiston’s Captivating Writing Style

Casey McQuiston’s writing style in One Last Stop is a delightful blend of whimsy and poignancy, inviting readers to immerse themselves in a world where time travel and romance collide. Their narrative style is engaging and immersive, drawing readers in with its vivid descriptions and relatable characters.

McQuiston’s prose is both lyrical and accessible, crafting a story that is both satisfyingly complex and easy to follow. Their use of language and imagery brings the world of One Last Stop to life, adding depth and richness to every scene.

“It’s the kind of love story that restores your faith in humanity and reminds you that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.”

Through their writing, McQuiston explores important themes of identity, family, and self-discovery, weaving together a tale that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The result is a novel that is both captivating and heartwarming, earning McQuiston well-deserved praise among readers and literary critics alike.

Distinctive Elements of McQuiston’s Writing

Distinctive Elements Examples from One Last Stop
Humor infused with heart “This isn’t Hogwarts, okay. I don’t think the ceiling is going to start snowing just because you’re feeling dramatic.”
Sharp, witty dialogue “She wanted a book that would make her heart race and her cheeks flush, and what she got was 266 pages of girls asking each other what their favorite colors were.”
Pop culture references “The first rule of time travel: always watch your back. The second rule of time travel: don’t step on anything. Oops.”

McQuiston’s writing style is a major contributor to the charm and appeal of One Last Stop, making it a must-read for anyone looking for a memorable and heartfelt romance.

Unforgettable Characters in One Last Stop

One Last Stop features a cast of lovable and complex characters that make the story come alive.

The protagonist, August, is a charming and relatable twenty-three-year-old who moves to New York City to pursue her dreams. With her quick wit and endearing personality, August is easy to root for and empathize with throughout the book.

Meanwhile, the supporting cast is equally memorable, with each character bringing their own unique quirks and strengths to the story. From Niko, August’s witty and loyal roommate, to Pete, the jaded but ultimately kind train conductor, each character contributes to the rich tapestry of One Last Stop.

Notably, the book also includes a diverse range of characters, including LGBTQ+ representation and characters of different races and body types. Casey McQuiston’s commitment to inclusive storytelling adds another layer of depth to the characters and the narrative as a whole.

Overall, the characters in One Last Stop are one of the book’s greatest strengths, each leaving an impression on the reader and contributing to the book’s magical charm.

The Magic of Time Travel in One Last Stop

One Last Stop brings together the charm of romance with the thrill of time travel. The unique blend of temporal settings and time travel elements highlights the book’s captivating nature. Casey McQuiston’s skillful storytelling combined with the temporal displacement of their characters takes the reader on a journey of discovery through the ages.

One Last Stop’s time travel elements are notable for their originality and the book’s seamless transitions between eras. The author’s writing immerses the reader in the shifting temporal landscapes of different decades.

The book’s central temporal setting of the New York City subway system adds to the plot’s imaginative character. The subway serves as a backdrop for the time travel and enables the central plotline to unfold. Not since the cult classic Trainspotting has public transportation played such a dominant role in a book’s framework.

Through the book’s plot, McQuiston explores the different eras of New York’s rich history, taking the reader on a tour through time, complete with all its quirks.

The Different Temporal Settings in One Last Stop

Temporal Setting Unique Features
The 1970s The setting of the initial time jump; disco era supernatural beings.
The 1990s The era of the grunge scene; an essential point on the story’s timeline.
The 2020s The contemporary period that highlights the modern world; emphasizes the difference between the past and present.

The book’s unique concept, combined with its unforgettable characters and intriguing plot, make it a must-read for anyone who’s ever pondered the magic of love and time travel. In the next section, we’ll explore the profound themes of love and speculation on identity within the book.

Themes of Love and Identity in One Last Stop

One Last Stop is a book that explores the profound themes of love and identity with sensitivity and authenticity. Through the characters’ experiences, the readers get to witness how they navigate their sexual orientation, familial expectations, and personal aspirations.

The book centers on the main character, August, as she discovers her sexuality and falls in love with a girl named Jane. Throughout the novel, Casey McQuiston tackles the emotional complexities surrounding identity exploration and the societal pressures that come with it. The readers witness August’s journey as she grapples with her identity and strives to find acceptance and love amidst the chaos.

The novel is also celebrated for its LGBTQ+ representation. The LGBTQ+ identities of the characters are not treated as plot devices but instead are woven into the story with care and respect. McQuiston’s writing sheds light on the lived experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, making it a powerful representation of queer love and identity.

“Finding someone who gets you? That’s the stuff, August. It’s not about being perfect, it’s knowing that when things get hard, there’s someone whose support is constant and unyielding. It’s about softness, and warmth, and kindness, and having someone in your corner before you even know you need them.”

The above quote from One Last Stop emphasizes the importance of love and connection, portraying it as a fundamental human need. The book provides a heartwarming depiction of what it means to love and be loved, highlighting its transformative power and its ability to shape one’s identity.

The Audiobook Experience of One Last Stop

Immerse yourself in the world of One Last Stop through its audiobook format. The audiobook narration, voice actors, and audio production enhance the storytelling experience, making it just as enjoyable as reading the physical book. The use of different voices for each character adds depth and personality to the story, bringing the characters to life. Additionally, the sound effects and music incorporated in the audiobook create an immersive atmosphere that transports listeners to the different temporal settings in the story.

“Listening to the audiobook of One Last Stop was an amazing experience. The voice actors were incredible and brought so much emotion to the story. It felt like I was part of the journey, right alongside the characters.” – Sarah Johnson, avid audiobook listener

The audio production of One Last Stop is top-notch, ensuring a seamless and engaging listening experience. Whether you’re a fan of audiobooks or new to the format, One Last Stop’s audiobook version is an excellent way to enjoy this magical romance.

Critical Reception and Popularity of One Last Stop

Since its release, One Last Stop has garnered widespread praise and critical acclaim within the literary community. Through its magical romance, Casey McQuiston has crafted a story that has resonated with readers across the globe.

One Last Stop Reviews

The book has received numerous positive reviews, highlighting its unique storyline, well-developed characters, and poignant themes. One reviewer noted that “One Last Stop is a true page-turner, with its perfect blend of romance, humor, and time-traveling suspense.”

Critical Acclaim

The novel has also been recognized for its literary merit, winning the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance in 2021. Its inclusion on the New York Times Bestseller List further cements its standing as a standout work within the contemporary romance genre.

Readers’ Reception

Readers have also been effusive in their praise of One Last Stop, taking to social media to express their love for the book and the impact it has had on them. It has become a beloved favorite among fans of the romance genre and continues to gain popularity.

“One Last Stop is a beautifully written novel that explores the complexities of love and identity through the lens of a magical and timeless romance.”

Overall, One Last Stop has garnered both critical acclaim and readers’ love, proving itself to be a standout work in the contemporary romance genre.

Casey McQuiston’s Impact in Contemporary Romance

Casey McQuiston has quickly become a household name in the contemporary romance genre, thanks to their innovative and diverse storytelling. McQuiston’s debut novel, Red, White & Royal Blue, captured the hearts of readers worldwide and established them as a rising star in the literary community.

With One Last Stop, McQuiston proves that they are a force to be reckoned with in the romance genre. The book’s unapologetic approach to LGBTQ+ representation and exploration of identity has won the hearts of readers and critics alike.

McQuiston’s impact on contemporary romance is undeniable, inspiring a new generation of writers to push boundaries and explore diverse themes. Their storytelling continues to resonate with readers, leaving a lasting impression that will undoubtedly shape the future of the genre.

Casey McQuiston's Impact in Contemporary Romance

The Rise of Diverse Storytelling

McQuiston’s influence in the contemporary romance genre goes beyond their captivating prose and memorable characters. They have played a significant role in advancing diverse storytelling, promoting inclusive themes and representation that reflects the world we live in today.

Through their writing, McQuiston has challenged stereotypes and normalized LGBTQ+ relationships, paving the way for increased representation and acceptance in the genre. Their impact has sparked important conversations about representation and diversity, prompting writers and readers alike to demand more from the books they read and write.

The Significance of One Last Stop

One Last Stop is a standout example of McQuiston’s contribution to contemporary romance. The book not only explores the complexities of love and identity but also serves as a powerful reminder of the power of storytelling to connect people.

The book’s time travel element adds an added layer of depth and intrigue, making it a unique addition to the romance genre. McQuiston’s skillful handling of the temporal settings and their significance to the plot elevates the book to a whole new level.

“McQuiston weaves a captivating narrative that engages the reader from start to finish, demonstrating their skill as a storyteller and their commitment to inclusive representation.”

The Enduring Legacy of Casey McQuiston

Casey McQuiston has left an indelible mark on the contemporary romance genre, pushing boundaries and opening doors for new voices to be heard. Their impact will undoubtedly resonate for years to come, inspiring readers and writers alike to embrace diverse perspectives and tell stories that matter.


As we come to the end of our journey through One Last Stop, we can’t help but feel enamored by Casey McQuiston’s magical romance. The book’s central themes of love and identity are explored with sensitivity and authenticity, and its diverse representation is a welcome addition to the contemporary romance genre.

The audiobook format of One Last Stop adds another layer of enchantment to the story, with skilled narration and voice actors elevating the experience. It’s no wonder the book has garnered critical acclaim and amassed a growing fan base.

Casey McQuiston’s impact on the literary landscape is undeniable, and One Last Stop is a testament to their contributions to diverse storytelling. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

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