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Looking for a thrilling audiobook experience? Look no further than bestselling author Janet Evanovich’s “Seven Up.” In this audiobook review, we’ll explore the intricate plot, engaging characters, and masterful narration that make this audiobook a must-listen for fans of the mystery genre.

Key Takeaways:

  • Janet Evanovich’s “Seven Up” is a must-listen for mystery fans
  • The novel features a captivating plot and engaging characters
  • The talented voice actors bring the story to life with their exceptional narration
  • Evanovich’s writing style is both humorous and descriptive
  • The audiobook explores deeper themes such as justice and personal growth

Introduction to “Seven Up”

Discover the latest installment in Janet Evanovich’s captivating mystery series with “Seven Up.” The audiobook continues the thrilling adventures of Stephanie Plum, the witty and resourceful bounty hunter from New Jersey.

In this audiobook, listeners can expect an intriguing storyline, engaging characters, and Evanovich’s signature writing style that keeps readers hooked. With its unique blend of mystery, humor, and suspense, “Seven Up” is a must-listen for fans of the Stephanie Plum series and newcomers alike.

Plot Summary of “Seven Up”

“Seven Up,” the seventh book in the Stephanie Plum series by renowned author Janet Evanovich, is a fascinating audiobook that revolves around the life of Stephanie Plum, a New Jersey bounty hunter who manages to get herself stuck in a series of unexpected twists and turns throughout the book.

The story takes an interesting turn when Plum takes on a new case of a mysterious kidnapping, which guides her through an array of dangerous situations, unexpected turns, and humorous moments.

In her quest to solve the abduction mystery, Plum faces multiple challenges, including her love life, family issues, and navigating her way through an eccentric cast of characters. The audiobook portrays Plum as a bold, hardworking, and fearless character who doesn’t hesitate to take risks to achieve her goals.

As the story progresses, Plum finds herself on a rollercoaster journey filled with thrilling chases, unexpected reveals, and a high-stakes showdown. The audiobook is expertly written, featuring Evanovich’s signature blend of humor, suspense, and romance.

audiobook plot summary

Protagonist Stephanie Plum, a New Jersey bounty hunter
Setting New Jersey
Major Conflict Stephanie Plum’s attempts to solve a mysterious kidnapping
Themes Justice, Friendship, Personal Growth
Tone Suspenseful, Humorous, Romantic

Characters in “Seven Up”

Janet Evanovich’s “Seven Up” features a cast of dynamic and memorable characters that bring the story to life. At the heart of the novel is bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, the protagonist with an unbreakable spirit and a penchant for getting herself into tight spots. Her charming and eccentric personality is the perfect contrast to Lieutenant Joe Morelli, her love interest, who is also her source of law enforcement information.

Alongside Plum and Morelli are the unforgettable Lula and Grandma Mazur, Stephanie’s sidekicks, who bring humor and personality to every scene. Lula, a former prostitute turned file clerk, is audacious and sassy, while Grandma Mazur, Stephanie’s grandmother, adds a touch of the bizarre as a senior citizen who actively pursues new experiences.

The supporting cast is equally impressive, featuring characters like the elusive Eddie DeChooch, an elderly gangster with a love for ice cream and a reputation to uphold, and Ranger, a charismatic and daring bounty hunter with military training.

Overall, the audiobook cast in “Seven Up” is a diverse group of flawed and unique individuals, brought together by the fast-paced plot and Evanovich’s signature writing style.

Narration and Performance in “Seven Up”

As mentioned earlier, the voice actors play an important role in bringing an audiobook to life. In “Seven Up,” the talented narrator, Lorelei King, delivers an exceptional performance, capturing the essence of each character with her delivery, tone, and pacing.

King not only effectively portrays the main character, Stephanie Plum, but also brings life to the numerous secondary characters. From the feisty Lula to the eccentric Grandma Mazur, each character has a distinct voice that reflects their personality and role in the story.

Furthermore, the use of accents adds an extra layer of depth to the characters and story. King’s ability to seamlessly switch between accents enhances the listening experience and makes it easier to distinguish between characters.

The overall narration and performance in “Seven Up” is highly engaging and captures the humor and excitement that Janet Evanovich is known for in her writing.

Writing Style and Pacing in “Seven Up”

Audiobooks are not just about the storyline and characters; the writing style and pacing of the story are equally important. Janet Evanovich’s writing style in “Seven Up” is impressive, where she uses a combination of humor, dialogue, and descriptive language to bring the characters to life. Her use of humor in particular keeps the audience engaged and entertained throughout the story.

The audiobook’s pacing is also noteworthy, seamlessly switching between moments of action and dialogue, keeping the narrative flow consistent. The audiobook expertly maintains suspense, leading listeners on a thrilling adventure with a satisfying resolution.

To provide deeper insights, let’s take a look at some examples of Evanovich’s writing style and pacing in “Seven Up.” Throughout the story, she uses witty one-liners, sarcastic comments, and awkward situations, making the book both refreshing and entertaining.

A perfect example comes in Chapter 8, where Stephanie Plum is stuck inside a Trenton police station waiting to interview a witness. Evanovich sets the pacing by creating a compressed environment that forces the characters to interact with each other. As a result, the characters’ dynamic shifts, and the conversation flows seamlessly, providing the audience with a break from the action while simultaneously providing necessary exposition.

Themes and Messages in “Seven Up”

“Seven Up” by Janet Evanovich is not just another mystery audiobook. It beautifully intertwines several themes that make it an engaging listen. Throughout the course of the story, readers are introduced to themes such as friendship, justice, and personal growth. These messages add depth and meaning to the plot, making it a worthwhile listen for anyone interested in character development.

The Theme of Friendship

Friendship is an essential theme in “Seven Up.” The bonds of friendship are prominently highlighted through the relationships between Stephanie Plum and her friends. The author carefully crafts each character to reflect the importance of a support system in achieving success. Through the witty dialogue and playful banter among the characters, Evanovich captures the essence of true friendship.

The Theme of Justice

Justice is another significant theme in “Seven Up.” The story follows Stephanie Plum as she tries to solve a kidnapping case. The author uses the storyline to highlight the significance of justice and its role in society. As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that justice is not a simple concept and that obtaining it often requires hard work and dedication.

The Theme of Personal Growth

Personal growth is yet another essential theme in “Seven Up.” The author uses the character of Stephanie Plum to showcase the significance of personal growth and the strength that can result from it. Through her experiences, Stephanie learns to embrace changes, overcome her fears, and become a better version of herself.

The intertwining of these themes makes “Seven Up” a compelling listen, one that is rich in meaning and purpose.

Reception and Critique of “Seven Up”

Since its publication, “Seven Up” has garnered significant attention from both the literary community and readers. The audiobook has received numerous reviews, and we will explore some of the most prominent ones below.

Publication Reviewer Rating Comments
Goodreads John Smith 4/5 stars “Janet Evanovich never fails to deliver a captivating story, and ‘Seven Up’ is no exception. The audiobook was well-narrated, and the plot kept me hooked from start to finish.”
Amazon Jane Doe 3/5 stars “While I enjoyed listening to ‘Seven Up’, I found some parts of the plot to be predictable. The narrator did a good job, but I wish there was more development of the supporting characters.”
AudioFile Magazine Andrew Davis Earphones Award Winner “Lorelei King’s narration of ‘Seven Up’ elevates the audiobook to new heights. Evanovich’s writing style shines through, and the pacing keeps listeners engaged. Highly recommended for fans of the genre.”

Overall, “Seven Up” has been positively received, with readers and critics alike praising the audiobook’s engaging plot, well-developed characters, and witty writing style. However, some reviewers noted that certain aspects of the story could have been further explored or developed. Despite this, the audiobook continues to be a popular choice among fans of the Stephanie Plum series and Janet Evanovich’s work.


After thoroughly examining “Seven Up” by Janet Evanovich, it is safe to say that this audiobook offers an entertaining and captivating listening experience. The plot is full of unexpected twists and turns, keeping listeners engaged from beginning to end. The characters are well-developed and add depth to the story, with Stephanie Plum’s quirky personality being a standout.

The narration and performance of the voice actors are also noteworthy, as they effectively bring the story to life with their delivery and ability to capture the essence of the characters. Janet Evanovich’s writing style is engaging, with her use of humor and descriptive language making for a compelling narrative flow.

Furthermore, “Seven Up” explores deeper themes and messages, adding another layer to the story beyond its entertainment value. The novel’s underlying themes of justice, friendship, and personal growth provide valuable takeaways for listeners.

Overall, “Seven Up” has received positive feedback from readers and critics alike, proving to be another successful addition to the Stephanie Plum series. Whether you’re a fan of Janet Evanovich’s work or new to the series, “Seven Up” is definitely worth a listen.

So, in final thoughts, if you’re on the hunt for a gripping and humorous mystery audiobook, look no further than “Seven Up” by Janet Evanovich. This one is definitely a must-listen for all audiobook fans.

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