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“Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” is a thrilling mystery audiobook written by the renowned author Meg Cabot. With a witty and empowering storyline, this audiobook has been praised for its captivating characters and engaging mystery elements. In this audiobook review, we will delve into the plot, characters, writing style, and narration, providing an overall evaluation of the audiobook and its impact on readers.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” is a witty and empowering mystery audiobook by Meg Cabot
  • The audiobook has captivating characters and engaging mystery elements
  • We will provide an in-depth evaluation of the plot, characters, writing style, and narration
  • The audiobook has received critical acclaim from readers and literary critics
  • Overall, “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” is recommended for readers who enjoy mysteries with a touch of wit

Introduction to “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either”

Join us as we explore the witty mystery “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” by Meg Cabot. In this audiobook, we follow the story of Heather Wells, a former pop star turned college dorm assistant, who finds herself embroiled in the mystery surrounding a series of murders in her residence hall.

Cabot’s “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” is an empowering tale that focuses on the challenges and triumphs of the struggles with body acceptance, self-esteem, and identity. The story expertly balances humor, mystery, and drama, captivates listeners with its intriguing plot twists and turns.

Whether you’re a fan of mysteries, witty storytelling, or empowering characters, “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” has something for everyone. Read on as we take a closer look at this audiobook and its many engaging elements.

The Storyline of “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either”

Size 14 Is Not Fat Either Storyline

“Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” boasts a thrilling and witty storyline that captivates readers. Heather Wells, a former teen pop star turned college dorm assistant, kicks off her sleuthing journey in the second installment of Meg Cabot’s series.

The story begins with the discovery of a dead body in the dorm. Heather not only finds herself in the midst of a murder investigation but also in the crosshairs of the campus police. Determined to solve the case and clear her name, Heather embarks on a perilous journey.

As the plot thickens, readers are taken on an enthralling journey of uncovering clues and deciphering complex motives. The twists and turns in the storyline leave readers on the edge of their seats, eager to discover what happens next. Meg Cabot’s brilliant writing style makes for an unforgettable reading experience.

With an abundance of mystery and intrigue, “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” keeps readers hooked until the very end. It is a must-read for fans of thrilling mysteries with a touch of humor and wit.

Characters in “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either”

Meg Cabot’s “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” is supplemented by a cast of engaging and memorable characters. Heather Wells, the protagonist, is a former teen pop sensation turned amateur sleuth, who is relatable due to her flaws and challenges. Her character development throughout the story is noteworthy, and her humor and intellect provide a refreshing take on the mystery genre.

Cooper Cartwright, Heather’s charming love interest, is a multilayered character who is well-developed and complements Heather’s character arc brilliantly. His role in uncovering the mystery and his interactions with other characters make him one of the most likable characters in the story.

Finnegan, Heather’s loyal friend and roommate, adds to the humor and wit of “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either.” His quirkiness and unique personality enhance the overall reading experience, making him a fan-favorite character.

The supporting cast, including the members of Heather’s residence hall staff, adds depth to the story and contributes to the mystery’s development. They play their respective roles well and enhance the story’s overall impact, demonstrating Cabot’s attention to detail in character development.

Together, these characters create a vibrant world that makes “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” a captivating read for those who enjoy witty mysteries with engaging character arcs.

Writing Style and Narrative

writing style and narrative

The writing style and narrative structure are essential elements of any story, and “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” is no exception. Meg Cabot employs a clever and witty style throughout the book, capturing the reader’s attention from the very first page. Her writing is engaging and immersive, transporting us to the world of Heather Wells, a former popstar turned college dorm assistant who finds herself investigating a series of mysterious deaths.

Cabot’s narrative is compelling and well-crafted, with a well-defined plot that keeps the reader guessing until the very end. She uses a first-person perspective, allowing us to experience the story through Heather’s eyes and providing insight into her thoughts and emotions. The pacing is excellent, with the right balance of action, suspense, and humor, making it a fun and exciting read.

The use of dialogue is another noteworthy aspect of Cabot’s writing style. The conversations between the characters are natural and witty, revealing their personalities and motives. The character development is top-notch, with each person having a unique voice and backstory that adds depth to the story.

Impact on Reading Experience

Cabot’s writing style and narrative structure enhance the overall reading experience, making “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” an enjoyable and captivating book. The witty and engaging style keeps the reader hooked, while the well-defined plot and compelling characters provide depth and meaning to the story. The book is a must-read for fans of witty mysteries and clever writing.

Themes Explored in “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either”

Meg Cabot’s “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” delves into various themes that contribute to the depth and meaning of the story. One of the most prominent themes is body image, with the main character struggling to find acceptance and confidence in her own skin. Another significant theme is the impact of the past on the present, as the story explores how events from the past can shape and influence the present.

Identity and self-discovery are also themes present in the novel, highlighting the importance of knowing oneself and the journey of self-discovery. Romance is also a notable theme, as the protagonist navigates her love life amidst the mystery unfolding around her.

Furthermore, Meg Cabot addresses the theme of ambition, with the protagonist’s drive for success and her determination in solving the mystery. The novel also touches on themes of friendship and loyalty, with the main character relying on the support of her friends throughout the story.

Incorporating these multiple themes adds to the novel’s complexity, making it an engaging and enjoyable read for those fascinated with stories about self-discovery.

Audiobook Narration and Performance

One of the key elements that contribute to the overall listening experience of an audiobook is the narration and performance. In the case of “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either,” the audiobook version is excellently narrated by actress Kristen Kairos, who seamlessly brings the characters and their personalities to life. Her voice is engaging and captures the tone and humor of the story, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for listeners.

The performance of the audiobook is equally impressive, with Kairos expertly conveying the emotions and building tension during pivotal moments in the story. Her pacing and timing are impeccable, keeping the listener engaged and invested in the storyline. Additionally, the use of sound effects and music add another layer of depth to the overall experience, immersing the listener in the world of the story.

In conclusion, the audiobook narration and performance of “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” enhances the story and its characters, providing an engaging and immersive listening experience for fans of Meg Cabot’s witty mystery series.

Engaging Mystery Elements in the Audiobook

One of the most compelling aspects of “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” is the presence of mystery elements that keep the reader on their toes. From the suspicious behavior of the suspects to the unexpected twists in the plot, this audiobook is a real page-turner that keeps listeners captivated. Meg Cabot skillfully weaves together clues and suspense, leaving the reader guessing until the very end.

The audiobook format only enhances the mystery elements of the story. The narrators’ ability to convey the tone and mood of the scenes through their voice brings the story to life in a way that a printed book cannot. The tension and unease created by the atmospheric sound effects add to the overall feeling of suspense.

Furthermore, the vivid descriptions and attention to detail in the writing provide a richly immersive experience for the listener. From the creepy setting of the dormitory to the secretive behavior of the characters, every element adds to the mystery and intrigue of the story.

This audiobook is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good mystery with a touch of wit. Whether listening during a commute or relaxing at home, the engaging mystery elements in “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” will keep you hooked until the very end.

Empowering Messages in “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either”

“Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” by Meg Cabot presents several empowering messages that resonate with readers. One of the most significant messages conveyed in the audiobook is the importance of self-acceptance and learning to love oneself.

Throughout the story, the main character Heather Wells struggles with body image issues and societal pressure to conform to idealized beauty standards. However, as she navigates through mysterious occurrences and a murder investigation, she learns to embrace her body and gains confidence in herself.

Another empowering message conveyed in the audiobook is the importance of standing up for oneself and taking charge of one’s destiny. Heather Wells faces several challenges throughout the story, but she never gives up and takes a proactive approach to solving problems.

The audiobook “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” teaches readers to celebrate their unique qualities and not let societal standards define them. It empowers them to take control of their lives and encourages them to pursue their dreams, regardless of any obstacles in their way.

Reception and Critical Acclaim

“Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” by Meg Cabot has received an overwhelmingly positive response from both readers and literary critics. The audiobook has been praised for its witty storyline, captivating characters, and empowering messages.

According to Goodreads, the book has an average rating of 3.77 out of 5, with over 25,000 ratings and 1,700 reviews. Many readers have praised the audiobook for its relatable characters and humorous writing style.

Literary critics have also praised “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” for its witty language and engaging mystery. Publishers Weekly stated, “Cabot excels at quirky humor and characters readers want to spend time with.” Booklist commended the book’s “snappy dialogue” and “humorous tone.”

Awards and Nominations for “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either”

Award Category Outcome
Edgar Allan Poe Award Best Paperback Original Nominated
Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Novel Winner
Florida Book Award Popular Fiction Winner
Audie Award Mystery Audiobook Nominated

The book was nominated for several prestigious awards, including the Edgar Allan Poe Award and the Audie Award. It won the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award and the Florida Book Award in the Popular Fiction category.

Overall, “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” has received critical acclaim and has been embraced by readers who enjoy smart, humorous, and empowering mysteries.

Impact and Recommendation

Overall, “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” has a significant impact on readers by delivering an entertaining and uplifting experience. The witty mystery elements, combined with the empowering messages, make it a must-read for fans of the genre.

While the story may not be groundbreaking, its well-crafted characters and engaging writing style keep readers hooked from beginning to end. Meg Cabot’s audiobook narration further enhances the experience, bringing the characters to life with vivid and personable performances.

We highly recommend “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” to anyone seeking an exciting and empowering read. It’s perfect for those who enjoy mysteries with a touch of humor and relatable characters.


In conclusion, “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either” by Meg Cabot is a must-read for fans of clever mysteries. The engaging storyline and witty humor keep the readers on the edge of their seats, while the empowering messages woven throughout the book leave a lasting impact. The characters are well-developed and relatable, and the audiobook narration enhances the overall experience. We highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a delightful and charming mystery that will leave them feeling empowered and entertained.

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