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If you’re looking for a gripping audiobook that blends supernatural and espionage elements, “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley is a must-listen. This audiobook takes listeners on a wild ride through a world of spies, vampires, and supernatural beings.

In this audiobook review, we’ll dive deep into the story, characters, narration, and plot of “Stiletto.” We’ll discuss what sets this audiobook apart and why it’s a must-listen for fans of the supernatural spy thriller genre.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley is a captivating supernatural spy thriller that successfully blends elements of supernatural and espionage genres.
  • The book features engaging characters, an intriguing plot, and immersive worldbuilding.
  • The audiobook narration and audio performance enhance the overall listening experience.
  • “Stiletto” makes an impact on the supernatural spy thriller genre and is highly recommended for those who enjoy similar audiobooks.
  • Overall, “Stiletto” is a must-listen audiobook for anyone looking for a thrilling and unique listening experience.

A Captivating Blend of Supernatural and Espionage Elements

In “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley, a supernatural spy thriller, the author brilliantly blends supernatural and espionage elements to create a unique and captivating story. This book offers a fresh take on both genres, making it an enjoyable read for fans of either.

One of the most impressive elements of “Stiletto” is how seamlessly O’Malley weaves supernatural elements into the plot. The story revolves around two opposing organizations: one composed of humans with supernatural abilities, and another made up of those who fight against them. This creates an intriguing dynamic, as characters must navigate both the supernatural world and the world of espionage.

The espionage elements in “Stiletto” are equally well-done, with the story featuring a wide array of spy gadgets, covert operations, and tactical planning. This makes for a thrilling and suspenseful read that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

“Daniel O’Malley brilliantly blends supernatural and espionage elements to create a unique and captivating story.”

Overall, the blend of supernatural and espionage elements in “Stiletto” creates a dynamic and engaging story that is difficult to put down. It also offers a refreshing take on both genres that will appeal to fans of each.

Engaging Characters and Their Development

The characters in “Stiletto” are a vital component of the story’s development and are what make it so engaging. Daniel O’Malley expertly infuses each character with unique traits and motivations, resulting in a diverse and relatable cast.

The story is primarily told from the perspectives of Felicity and Odette, two strong and independent women who belong to rival supernatural factions. Their interactions with each other and the development of their relationship throughout the audiobook are major highlights of the story.

Another standout character is Pawn Thomas, a member of the Checquy whose initially unlikeable nature quickly evolves into a nuanced and three-dimensional character. The secondary characters, including Gestalt and Lady Farrier, also add depth and intrigue to the story.

The character development in “Stiletto” is a testament to O’Malley’s skill as a writer. As the story progresses, each character undergoes significant growth and transformation, making them even more captivating and relatable to the listener.

“’Stiletto’ boasts an impressive and diverse cast of characters who evolve and grow throughout the audiobook, making it a truly engaging story.”

Intriguing Plot Filled with Twists and Turns

The plot of “Stiletto” is a rollercoaster ride that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Daniel O’Malley’s ability to blend supernatural and espionage elements seamlessly ensures a unique and captivating plot that develops with a perfect pace. The story starts with a secret truce between the characters of the previous book, “The Rook,” the Checquy and the Grafters. However, as the plot unfolds, new challenges arise, and the peace between the supernatural factions is put into question.

The plot is full of unexpected twists and turns that showcase O’Malley’s storytelling genius. The surprises pop up at the perfect moment, keeping the listener engaged and invested in the story. The suspense is well-timed, and just when you think you know what’s going to happen, the plot takes an unexpected turn. With its intriguing storyline, “Stiletto” has earned its reputation as a gripping supernatural spy thriller.

The audiobook version of “Stiletto” is especially exciting, as the twists and turns keep the listener engaged throughout the story, making it hard to hit pause. The talented narrator brings the story to life, enhancing the listening experience and adding another layer of intrigue to the plot.

“Stiletto” is a masterful example of how to weave supernatural elements into an espionage thriller. The plot is filled with surprises and suspense that will keep you guessing until the end.

Immersive Worldbuilding and Setting

In “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley, the worldbuilding and setting create a supernatural world that immerses listeners into the story. The attention to detail adds depth and richness to the audiobook, making it an engaging and satisfying experience. The story predominantly takes place in London, and the author’s descriptions transport the listener to the city’s streets, neighborhoods, and landmarks.

The world within “Stiletto” is a supernatural one, and O’Malley’s attention to detail in creating this universe pays off. Each supernatural power comes with careful descriptions and limitations, adding depth to the characters and their abilities. Additionally, the author fleshes out each organization and their purpose, giving listeners an in-depth understanding of the supernatural world’s inner workings.

One of the standout elements of the worldbuilding is the integration of supernatural creatures and elements into a modern-day world. They exist alongside humans, causing problems and working closely with them. This interplay between the supernatural and human creates a unique setting that immerses listeners into the story completely.

“The supernatural elements of the story are so well integrated into the setting that it all feels believable and natural.”

Narration and Audio Performance

Audiobooks provide a unique experience for readers and require skilled narrators to enhance that experience. In “Stiletto,” the audiobook narration and audio performance are expertly delivered, bringing the story to life for listeners.

The narrator for “Stiletto,” Susan Duerden, does a fantastic job of portraying each character’s distinct voice and personality, immersing listeners in the world of supernatural espionage. Her pacing and intonation are spot-on, providing a compelling and engaging listening experience.

Additionally, the audio production of “Stiletto” is top-notch, with clear sound quality and effective use of sound effects and music to add to the overall atmosphere of the story.

Comparison to “The Rook” Audiobook

Like its predecessor, “Stiletto” maintains the high standard of narration and audio performance set in “The Rook.” Susan Duerden’s narration effectively captures the unique tone and style of Daniel O’Malley’s writing, bringing the characters and story to life in an engaging way.

Stiletto audiobook narration and audio performance

“Duerden’s narration is the perfect complement to this supernatural spy thriller, and her talent shines throughout the audiobook.” – Publishers Weekly

The audiobook format adds an extra layer of immersion for listeners, allowing them to fully experience the world and characters in a way that’s not possible through reading alone. The narration and audio performance in “Stiletto” elevates the audiobook to a new level, enhancing the overall storytelling experience for fans of the genre.

Pros and Cons of the Audiobook Format

When it comes to experiencing a book, audiobooks offer an exciting and unique way to immerse oneself in a story. However, like any format, there are pros and cons to consider. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of the audiobook format for “Stiletto.”


  • Convenience: Audiobooks allow listeners to enjoy a book while on-the-go or completing other tasks.
  • Narration: A skilled narrator can bring a story to life, enhancing the listening experience.
  • Accessibility: Audiobooks are a great option for individuals with visual impairments or difficulty reading.
  • Emotional Impact: Hearing a story read aloud can provide a deeper emotional impact than reading it silently.


  • Pacing: The speed of narration may not match an individual’s reading pace, causing frustration or disengagement.
  • Interruptions: External factors such as background noise, interruptions by others, or technical difficulties can be a distraction.
  • The Price: Audiobooks can be more expensive than traditional books or e-books, and services like Audible may require a monthly subscription.
  • Missing visuals: Some details and visual elements of a story may be missed when consuming it through an audiobook, such as maps, illustrations, and formatting.

Considering the benefits and drawbacks of the audiobook format is important when deciding how to experience “Stiletto.” While the convenience and emotional impact of narration are significant benefits, interruptions and missing visuals may detract from the overall reading experience.

Comparison to the Predecessor (The Rook)

For fans of Daniel O’Malley’s first book in the series, “The Rook,” “Stiletto” had a lot to live up to. Overall, the second installment delivers on the same level of excitement and intrigue. The Rook follows the story of Myfanwy Thomas, who wakes up with no memory and finds herself in a supernatural organization within the British government, while Stiletto takes place a few years later and introduces new characters.

While the first book leans more heavily into the supernatural elements, Stiletto finds a balance between the supernatural and espionage genres. The main characters in both books are equally engaging, with unique personalities and well-developed backstories. However, what sets Stiletto apart is how it expands upon the worldbuilding and introduces new supernatural creatures and concepts.

One area where Stiletto slightly falls short is pacing; the plot takes a bit longer to kick into high gear compared to The Rook. However, once the story picks up, it becomes just as gripping and filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Comparison of “The Rook” and “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley

The Rook Stiletto
Genre Supernatural Espionage Thriller Supernatural Espionage Thriller
Main Character Myfanwy Thomas Felicity Clements, Odette Leliefeld
Focus Supernatural abilities and government conspiracies The creation of a joint supernatural and human organization in the UK
Worldbuilding Creative with a wide range of supernatural characters and abilities Expands upon the worldbuilding from the first book and introduces new elements
Pacing Fast-paced from the beginning Takes longer to build up, but becomes just as gripping in the latter half
Overall Impact Establishes a unique world and engaging protagonist Introduces new characters and concepts while expanding upon the existing worldbuilding

Overall, while Stiletto may not be as fast-paced as its predecessor, it expands upon the supernatural spy thriller genre in creative new ways and delivers an equally entertaining and imaginative story.

Reception and Reviews

Critical reception and reviews play a crucial role in evaluating the impact and quality of any book. “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley has garnered a positive response from both readers and critics, cementing its position as a gripping supernatural spy thriller.

Publication Review
Publishers Weekly “O’Malley does a masterful job portraying the dynamics of the Checquy and the Grafters, taking time to slowly build trust and understanding between enemies.”
Kirkus Reviews “An engaging, ecclesiastical sequel that improves on the first in almost every way.”
The Verge “This book is crammed with intrigue and espionage, with moments of levity and hope scattered throughout. It’s everything a supernatural spy thriller should be, and you should absolutely read it.”

Overall, “Stiletto” has received commendable reviews for its engaging characters, intriguing plot, immersive worldbuilding, and successful fusion of supernatural and espionage elements. Its critical reception cements “Stiletto’ as a must-read for fans of the genre.

Impact on the Genre and Recommendations

“Stiletto” has left its mark on the supernatural spy thriller genre. Its unique blend of supernatural and espionage elements has opened the door for more creative and daring narratives within this genre. In particular, O’Malley’s use of supernatural powers to explore and expose the workings of spy organizations has garnered much attention and accolades.

If you enjoyed “Stiletto”, here are some audiobook recommendations in the supernatural spy thriller genre:

Audiobook Title Author Summary
The Rook Daniel O’Malley Follows Myfanwy Thomas, a woman with no memory of her past, as she navigates through the supernatural bureaucracy of the Checquy, a secret organization that protects the UK from supernatural threats.
The Invisible Library Genevieve Cogman Irene works for the Library, an organization that exists outside of time and space, collecting rare books from different alternate realities. She is sent on a mission to retrieve a dangerous book from an alternate London.
The Night Watch Sergei Lukyanenko Set in Moscow, supernatural beings, known as “Others,” police themselves through the Night Watch and Day Watch to ensure a fragile peace between light and dark.
The Dresden Files Jim Butcher Follows Harry Dresden, a wizard and private investigator, as he solves supernatural crimes in modern-day Chicago.

Each of these audiobooks has its unique blend of supernatural and spy elements, ensuring the audience is getting a thrilling listening experience.

Why “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley is Worth Listening to

Looking for a thrilling audiobook with a perfect balance of supernatural and espionage elements? Look no further than “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley. Here are just a few reasons why this audiobook is worth your time:

  • Unique blend of genres: “Stiletto” masterfully blends supernatural and espionage genres, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for listeners.
  • Engaging characters: The characters in “Stiletto” are well-developed and play an essential role in the story’s development, keeping the listener invested throughout the audiobook.
  • Gripping plot: The audiobook’s plot is full of unexpected twists and turns that leave the listener on the edge of their seat, making it impossible to turn off.
  • Immersive worldbuilding: O’Malley’s worldbuilding creates a rich and detailed setting for the story to unfold, featuring a fascinating supernatural world.
  • Narration and audio performance: The skilled narration and impactful audio performance of “Stiletto” make the listener feel like they are in the middle of the action.

Overall, “Stiletto” is a thrilling audiobook that offers a unique listening experience for fans of the supernatural spy thriller genre. Don’t miss out on this captivating story that is sure to keep you hooked from start to finish.


“Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley is a must-listen for fans of the supernatural spy thriller genre. The audiobook’s unique blend of supernatural and espionage elements, engaging characters, and gripping plot make for an unforgettable listening experience.

O’Malley’s immersive worldbuilding adds an extra layer of excitement to the story, immersing listeners in a unique and fascinating supernatural world. The audio performance and narration only enhance the experience, bringing each character and scene to life.

While the audiobook format may not be for everyone, “Stiletto” showcases the strengths of the medium, offering a fresh way to experience the story. The critical reception and impact on the genre only further solidify the audiobook’s status as a highly recommended listen.

Overall, “Stiletto” is a thrilling and entertaining audiobook that should not be missed. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or simply looking for a captivating story, this audiobook is sure to deliver.


Is “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley an audiobook?

Yes, “Stiletto” is available as an audiobook.

What genre does “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley belong to?

“Stiletto” is a supernatural spy thriller that combines elements of the supernatural and espionage genres.

Are the characters in “Stiletto” engaging?

Yes, the characters in “Stiletto” are well-developed and engaging, adding depth to the story.

Does “Stiletto” have a plot filled with twists and turns?

Yes, “Stiletto” has an intriguing plot that is filled with unexpected twists and turns, keeping listeners hooked.

Does “Stiletto” have immersive worldbuilding?

Yes, Daniel O’Malley’s worldbuilding in “Stiletto” creates an immersive setting for the story to unfold.

How is the narration and audio performance of “Stiletto”?

The narration and audio performance of “Stiletto” are skillfully done, elevating the listening experience.

What are the pros and cons of the audiobook format for “Stiletto”?

While audiobooks offer a unique way to experience stories, some pros include convenience and the ability to multitask, while cons may include reliance on the narrator’s interpretation and potential distractions.

How does “Stiletto” compare to its predecessor, “The Rook”?

We evaluate how “Stiletto” measures up to “The Rook,” discussing similarities, improvements, and any noteworthy differences.

What has been the reception of “Stiletto”?

“Stiletto” has received positive reviews, with readers and critics praising its quality and impact.

How has “Stiletto” impacted the genre and are there any similar audiobook recommendations?

“Stiletto” has made an impact on the supernatural spy thriller genre, and we provide recommendations for listeners who enjoy similar audiobooks.

Why should I listen to “Stiletto” by Daniel O’Malley?

“Stiletto” is worth listening to for its unique blend of genres, engaging characters, gripping plot, and overall entertainment value.

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