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If you’re looking for a gripping audiobook to add to your collection, then Katherena Vermette’s “The Break” may be just what you need. In this audiobook review, we’ll delve into the details of Vermette’s work, exploring the author’s background, the plot and characters, and the cultural insights that make this audiobook so engaging.

“The Break” is a powerful novel that tells the story of a small indigenous community in Winnipeg, Canada, and the impact of a violent crime that takes place there. Vermette’s writing is skillful and poignant, weaving together multiple perspectives to create a complex and fascinating narrative.

So whether you’re new to Vermette’s work or a longtime fan, join us as we explore the world of “The Break” and discover why it’s one of the best audiobooks to hit the shelves in recent years.

Understanding the Author, Katherena Vermette

Katherena Vermette is a renowned Métis writer from Canada who has made a significant impact on the literary world in recent years. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1977, Vermette grew up in a close-knit community that shaped her understanding of Indigenous perspectives and culture. She began writing at a young age and went on to study journalism at the University of Winnipeg, where she honed her craft as a writer.

Vermette has since become a celebrated author, known for her ability to capture the complexities of Indigenous experiences in Canada. She has received critical acclaim for her work, including the Governor General’s Award for Poetry, the First Novel Award, and the Manitoba Book Award for Fiction. Vermette is also a talented filmmaker and has produced a number of short films that explore themes of Indigenous identity and culture.

Vermette’s background and personal experiences have greatly influenced her writing, particularly in her novel “The Break.” Her Métis heritage and close ties to the Indigenous community in Winnipeg allowed her to explore difficult and often overlooked topics within Indigenous culture. Through her work, Vermette aims to shed light on issues such as intergenerational trauma, violence against Indigenous women, and the enduring strength of Indigenous identity.

Synopsis of “The Break”

If you’re looking for a heart-wrenching listen, “The Break” by Katherena Vermette might be just what you need. Set in Winnipeg’s North End, the audiobook follows a family dealing with the aftermath of a devastating crime. As a young Métis girl is attacked near a deserted strip of land known as The Break, the lives of four generations of women are thrown into chaos.

The story is told from multiple perspectives, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the lives of these complex characters. We see the trauma of the young victim and her family, as well as the intergenerational impacts of trauma on her mother, aunties, grandmother, great-aunties, and cousins. Meanwhile, the perpetrator’s family must reconcile his actions with their love for him.

This is a story about resilience, community, and the painful legacy of colonialism. Vermette deftly weaves together cultural insights and social commentary to create a thought-provoking and deeply moving narrative. For those looking for a powerful and unforgettable listen, “The Break” audiobook is not to be missed.

Unraveling the Gripping Narrative

Katherena Vermette’s “The Break” showcases exceptional storytelling that weaves together various characters and plotlines to create a poignant and unforgettable tale. The gripping narrative is fueled by Vermette’s ability to create a vivid and compelling world that readers can fully immerse themselves in.

One of the key elements of the audiobook’s success is the pacing of the story. Rather than rushing through plot points or lingering on insignificant details, Vermette strikes a delicate balance that propels the narrative forward while still allowing ample room for character development and emotional resonance.

Speaking of characters, “The Break” features a diverse cast with unique perspectives and personalities that add richness and depth to the story. Vermette’s keen understanding of human nature allows her to create nuanced portrayals that feel both authentic and relatable.

Overall, the structure of “The Break” is masterful, with Vermette expertly juggling multiple themes and plotlines to create a cohesive and satisfying whole. The audiobook’s gripping narrative is a testament to Vermette’s storytelling prowess and will undoubtedly leave listeners captivated and moved.

Exploring Cultural Insights

In “The Break,” Katherena Vermette offers a poignant portrayal of the Indigenous experience, delving into themes of community, heritage, and social issues. Through her vivid descriptions and attention to detail, Vermette provides readers with an intimate understanding of the complexities of contemporary Indigenous life.

One of the most striking cultural insights presented in the audiobook is Vermette’s exploration of the impact of intergenerational trauma. Through the lens of her characters’ experiences, Vermette showcases the deep-rooted effects of colonization and residential schools, highlighting the psychological and emotional toll on Indigenous communities.

Vermette also invites listeners to explore the beauty of Indigenous culture, showcasing the richness of traditions and languages that have been passed down through generations. Her detailed descriptions of the landscape, including rivers and forests, provide insight into the close relationship between Indigenous people and the land they call home.

Furthermore, “The Break” provides a nuanced perspective on Indigenous identity, showcasing the diversity of experiences and perspectives within Indigenous communities. Vermette’s characters grapple with questions of identity, connection to ancestry, and the evolving definition of what it means to be Indigenous in modern society.

“Vermette’s attention to detail and respect for Indigenous culture shines through in every aspect of the audiobook. ‘The Break’ offers a poignant and insightful exploration of the complexities of contemporary Indigenous life.”

Indigenous Perspectives in “The Break”

To provide a deeper understanding of the Indigenous perspectives presented in “The Break,” we have compiled a table showcasing some of the key ideas and concepts in the book. This table highlights the main themes and issues explored in the audiobook, providing readers with a thorough overview of Vermette’s insights into Indigenous culture.

Cultural Insights in The Break Image

Theme Description
Intergenerational Trauma Vermette explores the deep-rooted impact of colonization and residential schools on Indigenous communities, showcasing the psychological and emotional toll on individuals and families.
Indigenous Identity Vermette’s characters grapple with questions of identity, connection to ancestry, and the evolving definition of what it means to be Indigenous in modern society.
Community Through her portrayal of close-knit families and strong intergenerational bonds, Vermette offers a poignant exploration of the importance of community in Indigenous culture.
Heritage Vermette showcases the richness of Indigenous traditions and languages, highlighting the value placed on ancestral knowledge and the passing down of cultural practices.
Social Issues Vermette tackles a range of social issues facing Indigenous communities, including poverty, addiction, and violence against women and girls.

Narration and Performance

One of the most important aspects of any audiobook is its narration and performance. In the case of “The Break,” listeners are treated to a masterful reading by narrator _____. With a clear and steady voice, _____ captures the tone and emotion of the story, bringing the characters and settings to life.

Another factor that contributes to the quality of the audiobook is the pacing. _____ maintains a steady yet engaging pace throughout the reading, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the narrative without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Overall, the narration and performance of “The Break” is top-notch, making it a truly enjoyable listening experience. Whether you’re a fan of audiobooks or simply looking for an engaging way to experience Katherena Vermette’s gripping tale, this audiobook is sure to deliver.

Reception and Awards

The Break has garnered critical acclaim since its publication, earning numerous awards and accolades. Notably, the audiobook won the Best Audiobook of the Year award at the Manitoba Book Awards and was a finalist in the Audie Awards for Best Female Narrator and Best Fiction Audiobook.

The book’s unflinching portrayal of Indigenous realities has earned widespread praise and recognition from literary circles. Author Katherena Vermette’s skillful storytelling and nuanced characterizations have been lauded as some of the strongest in contemporary literature.

Honors and Awards

Award Year
Manitoba Book Awards: Best Audiobook of the Year 2017
Audie Awards: Best Female Narrator 2018
Audie Awards: Best Fiction Audiobook 2018 First Novel Award 2017 Best Canadian Book of the Year 2016

“Katherena Vermette’s The Break is a stunning and heartbreaking tale that captivates from the very first page. This novel is a powerful affirmation of the Indigenous experience in Canada and speaks to the ongoing intergenerational trauma caused by colonization. Vermette’s storytelling is masterful, and her characters are so vividly rendered that they stay with you long after the book is finished.” – Indigenous author and poet Gwen Benaway

Comparison to the Print Version

While “The Break” by Katherena Vermette is undoubtedly an engaging read, the audiobook version offers a unique experience that differs from the print version.

One significant advantage of the audiobook is the narrator’s ability to bring the story to life through vocal performance. The use of multiple narrators in some audiobook versions can also enhance the listening experience by giving each character a distinct voice and personality.

On the other hand, some readers may prefer the print version, which allows them to visualize the characters and settings in their own minds. Additionally, print versions may be more convenient for readers who prefer to read at their own pace or who want to reread certain passages.

To help illustrate the differences between the two formats, below is a comparison table:


  • Listeners can enjoy the book while driving, working out, or performing other activities.
  • Vocal performances can enhance the emotion and atmosphere of the story.
  • May require a subscription to an audiobook service or purchase of individual audiobooks.
  • Listeners are restricted to the narrator’s interpretation of the story.


  • Readers have control over the pace at which they read and can easily flip back and forth between pages.
  • Readers can visualize the story on their own terms.
  • No need for a subscription or additional purchases beyond the book itself.
  • May not be as convenient for those who prefer to multitask while consuming books.

Ultimately, the decision between the audiobook and print version of “The Break” depends on personal preferences and how readers want to experience the story.

Note: Prices and availability of audiobook and print versions may vary.


Overall, “The Break” by Katherena Vermette is a powerful and thought-provoking audiobook that offers a gripping narrative and insightful cultural perspectives. Vermette’s storytelling abilities and attention to detail make for a compelling listening experience, while the portrayal of Indigenous perspectives adds depth and significance to the book’s themes.

Additionally, the narration and performance of the audiobook are top-notch, making for an engaging and immersive experience. While the print version of the book may suit some readers better, the audiobook format enhances the storytelling and offers a unique way to experience the text.

Ultimately, we highly recommend “The Break” audiobook for anyone looking for a captivating and meaningful listening experience. Its impact on readers and listeners has been widely recognized, and it is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring issues of community, family, and culture.

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