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If you’re looking for a thought-provoking and engaging audiobook, “The Immortalists” by Chloe Benjamin should be at the top of your list. In this audiobook review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes this novel so exceptional and why it’s a must-read for all book lovers. With the right combination of skilled writing and fantastic narration, “The Immortalists” is not a book you want to miss.

Chloe Benjamin’s writing has been praised for its vivid detail, dynamic characters, and exploration of complex themes. In this audiobook, her prose is brought to life by a talented narrator, making for an unforgettable listening experience. Throughout the audiobook, listeners will be transported to a world of magic, love, and loss.

If you’re a fan of audiobooks and literary fiction, keep reading to learn why “The Immortalists” and Chloe Benjamin’s writing are worth your time and attention.

About the Author

Chloe Benjamin is an American author best known for her novels, “The Immortalists” and “The Anatomy of Dreams.” She was born in San Francisco and later went on to study at Vassar College and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Benjamin’s writing has appeared in various publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Paris Review. Her debut novel, “The Anatomy of Dreams,” received critical acclaim and was selected for the exclusive Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers program.

Benjamin’s breakthrough hit, “The Immortalists,” has received widespread praise and has been translated into more than 30 languages. The novel tells the story of four siblings who, after visiting a fortune-teller, learn the dates of their individual deaths, causing them to grapple with their fates and the roles they play in each other’s lives.

Other Notable Works

Title Publication Year
The Anatomy of Dreams 2014
The Immortalists 2018

In addition to her novels, Benjamin has also written for television and film, adapting her work for the screen. She currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin, and continues to produce thought-provoking literature that challenges readers to question their beliefs and perceptions of the world.


Follow the lives of the Gold siblings in “The Immortalists” by Chloe Benjamin. After visiting a mystical fortune teller, who predicts the date of their death, the siblings are haunted by the knowledge for the rest of their lives. This captivating novel spans five decades, following each sibling’s journey as they grapple with their mortality and the weight of their prophecies. From San Francisco during the 80s AIDS crisis to the stages of Las Vegas, the Gold siblings must navigate love, loss, and the inevitability of death.

As each sibling’s story unfolds, the reader is drawn into the complex dynamics of the Gold family and the impact of the fortune teller’s predictions on their lives. With vivid descriptions and emotional depth, “The Immortalists” is a thought-provoking exploration into the human experience and how we face our own mortality.

Chloe Benjamin’s masterful storytelling and character development are on full display in this enthralling novel. The intricate plot and powerful themes make “The Immortalists” a must-read for fans of literary fiction.


Step into the vibrant world of “The Immortalists” and discover the stunning locations that serve as the backdrop for the story. The novel is set in two distinctive time periods: the late 1960s and early 1980s. The first half of the tale takes place in Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 1969, during the summer of the moon landing and the Stonewall riots. The second half of the story is set in San Francisco in 1985, as the AIDS epidemic grips the city. Chloe Benjamin provides vivid descriptions of both time periods and locations that transport the reader to the time and place.

The setting of “The Immortalists” is an essential aspect of the story, as it reflects the social, cultural, and political climate of the time. The novel explores the complex issues of death, family, and destiny, through the lens of these two historical periods and the unique settings that their environments offer. From the gritty streets of the Lower East Side to the colorful Castro district, the locations in the book help shape the narrative and provide valuable context for the story.

A Comparison of Settings

Location Time Period Description
Lower East Side, Manhattan 1969 Hot, humid summer, with riots and protests affecting the streets. A gritty and diverse environment, with many struggling to get by.
San Francisco, California 1985 A city in the grip of the AIDS epidemic, with tension and fear a constant presence. The Castro district offers a vibrant LGBTQ community, with signs of life amidst the tragedy.

As demonstrated above, the settings of “The Immortalists” are vastly different but both serve an essential purpose in exploring the themes and ideas of the novel. Through careful research and skilled writing, Chloe Benjamin brings these locations to life and immerses the reader in the world of the story.

Main Characters

“The Immortalists” introduces four siblings and their individual journeys to confront their mortality. Each character possesses unique traits and personalities that shape their experiences throughout the novel.

Character Description
Simon Simon is the youngest sibling and the first to visit the psychic. He is a free-spirited dancer who eventually moves to San Francisco to live his best life in the face of his predicted death.
Klara Klara is the second youngest sibling and a magician enamored with escapism. She moves to San Francisco with Simon and continues to pursue her passion for magic.
Daniel Daniel is the oldest sibling and a doctor, focused on a career and family. He struggles to come to terms with his fate and grapples with how it impacts his relationship with his wife and son.
Varya Varya is the eldest sibling and a researcher studying longevity. The idea of death and the psychic’s predictions take her on a path of extreme caution and detachment, causing conflicts in her professional and personal life.

Through their unique perspectives and experiences, these characters dive deep into what it means to truly live, die, and confront one’s fate in life.

Narrative Style

“The Immortalists” by Chloe Benjamin showcases a distinctive narrative style that captivates the reader. The book is split into four parts, each detailing the story of one of the Gold siblings. Benjamin’s style is introspective and character-driven. The author strives to evoke an emotional response from readers and endeavors to adopt an empathetic tone.

One notable aspect of the narrative is the use of flash-forwards, which keep the reader on edge and invested in what’s to come. The plot is further complemented by Benjamin’s use of vivid descriptions, which help the reader to better visualize the scenes and landscapes described. Through her aptitude for storytelling, Benjamin manages to create fully fleshed out characters, complete with flaws, hopes, and dreams.

The narrative style also incorporates elements of magical realism, which lend a sense of wonder to the story. Benjamin employs a unique blend of captivating prose, dynamic characters, and imaginative storytelling to create a book that resonates with readers. The fluidity of the prose and the poignant, nostalgic tone make “The Immortalists” an excellent choice for a listener looking for a moving, emotive story.


Chloe Benjamin’s “The Immortalists” is a thought-provoking tale that explores various themes. One of the central themes of the book is the idea of fate and destiny. The four Gold siblings in the story are all given different predictions about their lifespan by a fortune teller, and their reactions to this information shapes their lives and ultimately impacts their fate. The novel subtly highlights the question of whether we can change our destiny or if everything is predetermined.

Another key theme is the cost of secrecy. Throughout the book, the Gold family holds several dark and heartbreaking secrets, leading to a lot of emotional turmoil for the characters. The novel emphasizes the idea that holding onto secrets can have a profound and lasting impact on a person’s life and those around them.

“The Immortalists” also explores the complexities of family dynamics. The Gold siblings have a unique relationship with one another, and their relationships evolve and change throughout the story. The book delves into the idea that even in our closest relationships, we may not truly understand or know the people we love.

The Immortalists themes

The themes explored in “The Immortalists” are poignant and powerful, making the novel a compelling read for those interested in exploring the complexities of human behavior and relationships.

Pacing and Plot Development

An essential aspect of any novel is its pacing and plot development, which play a critical role in keeping readers engaged until the very end. Chloe Benjamin’s “The Immortalists” is no exception, as it is a well-crafted novel that delivers on both fronts.

The plot development in “The Immortalists” is masterful, as Benjamin carefully constructs the story to maintain tension and keep readers engaged. From the initial decision of the Gold children to consult a psychic to the fateful conclusion of the book, Benjamin keeps readers hooked with her intricate web of storytelling. Her ability to interweave different timelines and perspectives without losing the plot is impressive, showcasing her storytelling capabilities.

Furthermore, the pacing of “The Immortalists” is spot on, at times fast-paced and other times more reflective and introspective. The gradual development of the characters throughout the book is both realistic and satisfying, contributing much to the richness of the plot. Benjamin also succeeds in delivering enough surprises and twists in the story to keep readers guessing and engaged.

Overall, “The Immortalists” is a masterful novel that boasts excellent pacing and an intricately crafted plot. With skillful storytelling and well-developed characters, Chloe Benjamin has created a book that is a joy to read from beginning to end.

Audiobook Production

If you’re an audiobook fan, you’ll be pleased to know that “The Immortalists” is available in this format. The audiobook version is narrated by Cassandra Campbell, and it runs for a total of 11 hours and 29 minutes.

The production quality of the audiobook is top-notch, with clear and crisp audio. Campbell’s narration is impressive, and she captures the essence and atmosphere of each character perfectly. Her voice modulation adds an extra layer of dimension to the storytelling, keeping listeners engaged throughout the audiobook.

Audiobook Details

Format Audiobook
Author Chloe Benjamin
Narrator Cassandra Campbell
Length 11 hours and 29 minutes
Publisher Penguin Audio

The audiobook format of “The Immortalists” elevates the reading experience, and it’s the perfect choice for those who prefer to listen to books on-the-go. Overall, the production quality and narration of the audiobook version of “The Immortalists” are top-notch, making it a highly recommended listening experience for fans of the book.

Reception and Critical Acclaim

Since its publication in 2018, The Immortalists has been receiving widespread critical acclaim and has been well-received by readers. The book has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including the Goodreads Choice Awards and the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction. It has also been a New York Times Bestseller for several weeks.

Publication Review
The New York Times “Benjamin has written a wise and touching novel that explores the bonds and limitations of family, and of our ability to transcend them.”
NPR “A beautifully written and unforgettable novel. Chloe Benjamin expertly weaves together philosophical questions and family dynamics in this extraordinary novel about life, death, and the choices we make.”
Washington Post “Benjamin is a gifted writer, and The Immortalists ends up on the right side of a number of the line Muriel Spark famously drew between a good book and a less-good book.”

The Immortalists critical acclaim

As evident from the reviews, readers have been equally enthralled by the book. The thought-provoking themes, engaging storyline, and unique narrative style employed by Chloe Benjamin have resonated with readers from different walks of life.

The critical acclaim and positive reception have both solidified The Immortalists as a modern literary masterpiece and an excellent audiobook that deserves a place on every book lover’s shelves.

Comparison to Other Works by the Author

Chloe Benjamin has written several books, and “The Immortalists” is considered her breakout novel. Her other works include “The Anatomy of Dreams” and “The Revolution of Every Day.”

The Anatomy of Dreams

“The Anatomy of Dreams” tells the story of Sylvie Patterson, a student at a competitive sleep research institute. In this book, Benjamin explores dreams and the subconscious mind, weaving in elements of mystery and romance. While “The Immortalists” focuses on family and destiny, “The Anatomy of Dreams” examines the inner workings of the mind.

The Revolution of Every Day

“The Revolution of Every Day” is set in New York City and follows the lives of three young adults living in an anarchist community. This book explores themes of politics, love, and self-discovery. While “The Immortalists” is more focused on individual destiny, “The Revolution of Every Day” takes a wider perspective, delving into issues of community and collective action.

The Immortalists The Anatomy of Dreams The Revolution of Every Day
Themes Destiny, family, mortality Dreams, relationships, mystery Anarchism, politics, love
Style Realistic, character-driven Dreamlike, mysterious Experimental, political
Storytelling Techniques Linear narrative, multiple perspectives Flashbacks, dream sequences Alternating narrators, nonlinear storyline

While each of Benjamin’s books is unique, they all contain her signature style of combining literary fiction with elements of other genres. Whether exploring the subconscious mind, anarchist communities, or family destinies, Benjamin’s writing is thought-provoking and engaging.

Listener Reviews and Feedback

Listening to “The Immortalists” in audiobook format has garnered a lot of attention and feedback from avid audiobook enthusiasts. Below are selected reviews from listeners:

Review Rating (out of 5)
“The narrator did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life. The story kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t stop listening.” 4.5
“The audiobook version of ‘The Immortalists’ was a fantastic way to experience the story. The production quality was top-notch and the narration was captivating from start to finish.” 5
“I was hesitant to try the audiobook version, but I’m so glad I did. The story was engrossing and the narrator did a great job with the different character voices.” 4

Feedback from listeners suggests that the audiobook version of “The Immortalists” was a great way to experience the story. The production quality and narration were consistently praised, and many found the audiobook to be an engaging and immersive way to consume the story.

Impact and Cultural Significance

The Immortalists has made a significant impact on the literary world since its publication in 2018. The book has been praised for its depth of emotion and exploration of timeless themes such as fate, family, and mortality.

The novel’s cultural significance lies in its ability to provoke conversations and reflection on what it means to live a meaningful life.

The Immortalists has garnered numerous awards and nominations, including being a finalist for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fiction in 2018. It has also been a New York Times Bestseller.

Impact on Readers

The book has resonated with readers worldwide, inspiring discussions and debates on topics such as life, death, and the human experience. Many readers have shared how the book has impacted their own perspectives on the meaning of life and the importance of living in the present moment.

The Immortalists in Popular Culture

The Immortalists has also made its mark on popular culture. It has been featured in several notable publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Washington Post. The novel has been praised for its compelling narrative and thought-provoking themes.


In summary, Chloe Benjamin’s “The Immortalists” is an enthralling audiobook that captivates listeners from beginning to end. The book features a unique narrative style that engages readers and explores thought-provoking themes such as mortality, fate, and family. The audiobook production quality and narration are exceptional, enhancing the reading experience for listeners.

The book has received critical acclaim and has been praised for its character development, pacing, and plot development. It has also contributed significantly to literary discussions and influenced readers worldwide. Fans of Chloe Benjamin’s other works will appreciate the similarities and differences between “The Immortalists” and her other books.

Overall, “The Immortalists” is a notable addition to Chloe Benjamin’s literary catalog and a must-read audiobook for anyone looking for a thought-provoking, engaging, and emotionally charged tale.


What is “The Immortalists” by Chloe Benjamin?

“The Immortalists” is a novel written by Chloe Benjamin. It is a captivating and thought-provoking book that explores themes of destiny, family, and mortality.

Who is Chloe Benjamin?

Chloe Benjamin is the author of “The Immortalists.” She is a talented writer known for her engaging storytelling and unique perspectives on life and death.

What is the synopsis of “The Immortalists”?

“The Immortalists” follows the lives of four siblings who visit a fortune teller as children and learn the dates of their respective deaths. The book explores how this knowledge shapes their choices and relationships throughout their lives.

Where does “The Immortalists” take place?

The story is set in various locations, including New York City and San Francisco. It spans several decades, starting in the 1960s and continuing into the present day.

Who are the main characters in “The Immortalists”?

The book revolves around the lives of the four Gold siblings: Varya, Daniel, Klara, and Simon. Each sibling has their own unique personality and story arc within the novel.

What is the narrative style of “The Immortalists”?

Chloe Benjamin uses a captivating and immersive narrative style in “The Immortalists.” The story is told from multiple perspectives, allowing readers to gain insights into the thoughts and experiences of each character.

What are the themes explored in “The Immortalists”?

“The Immortalists” delves into various themes, including fate, family bonds, the pursuit of happiness, and the nature of mortality. It prompts readers to question their own beliefs and reflect on the choices they make in life.

How is the pacing and plot development in “The Immortalists”?

Chloe Benjamin skillfully crafts the pacing and plot development in “The Immortalists.” The story unfolds gradually, allowing readers to become fully immersed in the lives of the characters while maintaining a sense of intrigue and anticipation.

Is there an audiobook version of “The Immortalists”?

Yes, “The Immortalists” is available in audiobook format. The audiobook production enhances the reading experience, bringing the story and characters to life through expert narration and production quality.

How has “The Immortalists” been received by critics and readers?

“The Immortalists” has received widespread acclaim from both critics and readers. It has garnered positive reviews for its compelling storytelling, well-developed characters, and thought-provoking themes. The book has also been recognized with several awards and nominations.

How does “The Immortalists” compare to other works by Chloe Benjamin?

“The Immortalists” showcases Chloe Benjamin’s remarkable storytelling abilities and thought-provoking themes that are present in her other works. However, each of Benjamin’s books offers a unique and distinct narrative that explores different aspects of the human experience.

What do listeners say about the audiobook version of “The Immortalists”?

Listeners have praised the audiobook version of “The Immortalists” for its engaging narration and excellent production quality. Many have found that the audio format adds an extra layer of immersion to the story, making it a captivating listening experience.

What impact has “The Immortalists” had on readers and the literary world?

“The Immortalists” has made a significant impact, resonating with readers around the globe. The book has sparked discussions about mortality, destiny, and the choices we make in life. It has also positioned Chloe Benjamin as a prominent voice in contemporary literature.

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