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If you’re looking for a heartwarming story with an unexpected twist, “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” audiobook by Amy Shearn might be just what you need. In this audiobook review, we’ll explore the key aspects of this charming tale and assess its overall quality.

Key Takeaways:

  • “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” is a heartwarming story with an unexpected twist.
  • Amy Shearn’s writing style and metaphors are clever and engaging.
  • The audiobook’s narrator does an excellent job of bringing the characters to life.
  • The book’s underlying themes of family and community are poignant and relatable.
  • This audiobook is recommended for fans of contemporary fiction and anyone in need of a feel-good story.

Overview of “The Mermaid of Brooklyn”

In “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” audiobook, author Amy Shearn delivers a heartwarming story of a mother’s journey towards self-discovery and love. The book’s narrative is set in the suburban neighborhood of Park Slope in Brooklyn and follows the life of the main character, Jenny Lipkin, as she navigates the complexities of motherhood, marriage, and identity.

The story’s setting provides a vivid backdrop for the narration, adding to the book’s charm and emotional resonance. As Jenny struggles to balance her personal desires with the duties of parenthood, she finds solace in unexpected places, including a group of mermaid enthusiasts who help her rediscover her creativity and self-worth.

“The Mermaid of Brooklyn” explores themes of motherhood, feminism, and the value of artistic expression. Amy Shearn’s poignant writing style creates a compelling atmosphere that captures the readers’ attention and maintains it throughout the book. With relatable characters, a well-constructed plot, and beautiful prose, “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” audiobook is a delightful read that delivers on every level.

Narration and Performance

The narration and performance of an audiobook can make or break the listening experience. In the case of “The Mermaid of Brooklyn,” the audiobook narration by Jorjeana Marie is a standout feature. Marie’s voice is expressive and engaging, and she does a superb job of bringing the characters to life.

The audiobook performance captures the tone and mood of the story, keeping listeners engaged with each passing chapter. Marie’s portrayal of the protagonist, Jenny, is particularly noteworthy. She brings depth and nuance to the character, making her relatable and easy to root for throughout the story.

Overall, the narration and performance of “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” is top-notch and greatly enhances the listening experience. Whether you’re a fan of audiobooks or new to the medium, this performance is well worth checking out.

Character Development

“The Mermaid of Brooklyn” features a rich cast of characters whose development adds depth and nuance to the story. The protagonist, Jenny Lipkin, undergoes a profound transformation as she grapples with the challenges of motherhood, marriage, and career. Her journey is relatable and emotionally resonant, drawing the reader in from the start.

Other characters in the book also undergo significant growth and change. For example, Jenny’s husband, Harry, begins the story as a cipher, but as the book progresses, he becomes more fully formed, revealing layers of vulnerability and complexity.

The author, Amy Shearn, has a talent for creating characters that feel like real people. Each character has their own unique personality, flaws, and motivations. Through their interactions with one another, the reader gains insight into their different perspectives and worldviews.

The Mermaid of Brooklyn characters are not static; they are dynamic, evolving, and growing throughout the course of the book. This makes for a rich and satisfying reading experience that will leave the reader feeling invested and emotionally connected to the story.

Pacing and Plot

In “The Mermaid of Brooklyn,” author Amy Shearn creates a masterful balance of pacing and plot, ensuring that readers stay engaged from beginning to end. The story unfolds gradually, allowing for deep character development and a thorough exploration of the themes and messages presented in the narrative. At the same time, the plot moves forward at a steady pace, with just the right amount of action and tension to keep readers hooked.

One notable aspect of the pacing is the use of flashbacks. Shearn uses these to great effect, giving readers glimpses into the past and adding depth to the story without sacrificing momentum. Additionally, the overall structure of the plot is carefully crafted, with each event feeling purposeful and leading naturally into the next.

The Mermaid of Brooklyn Pacing and Plot

The pacing and plot of “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” work together seamlessly to create a gripping and satisfying story. Whether you’re a fan of character-driven narratives or fast-paced thrillers, this audiobook is sure to keep you engaged from start to finish.

Themes and Messages

In “The Mermaid of Brooklyn,” Amy Shearn skillfully weaves together a poignant story of motherhood, friendship, and self-discovery. Alongside the engaging plot, there are several underlying themes that give readers a glimpse into the complexities of life and relationships.

Exploration of Postpartum Depression

Shearn confronts postpartum depression head-on, providing a glimpse into the mind of protagonist Jenny Lipkin, who is struggling with the condition. The author’s sensitive portrayal of the issue sheds light on a subject that is often shrouded in silence and stigma.

The Importance of Friendship and Community

Throughout the story, Jenny forms close bonds with several women in her Brooklyn neighborhood. These friendships provide a lifeline for Jenny as she navigates through the challenges of motherhood and depression. Shearn’s portrayal of an intimate community highlights how human connection can provide much-needed support and comfort during difficult times.

Motherhood and Identity

At its core, “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” is a story about the journey of self-discovery. As Jenny finds her footing as a mother and develops meaningful relationships with other women, she begins to question her priorities and desires. Shearn’s exploration of motherhood as a catalyst for self-discovery is thought-provoking and relatable.

The underlying messages in “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” are multifaceted and impactful, reminding readers of the power of community, human connection, and self-discovery.

Writing Style and Language

Amy Shearn’s writing style is a standout feature of “The Mermaid of Brooklyn.” Her prose is both vivid and poetic, often imbued with metaphorical language that paints a rich and immersive picture of the story’s setting and characters. Shearn’s use of figurative language is particularly effective in conveying the emotional and psychological states of her characters, while also contributing to a broader commentary on the human condition.

The author’s writing style is also marked by a strong sense of storytelling, with a clear narrative voice that guides the reader through the story with ease. Shearn’s ability to balance exposition and action, as well as her skill in crafting compelling dialogue, makes for a highly engaging and entertaining read.

Furthermore, Shearn’s language is accessible and easy to digest, while still offering depth and complexity to the story. Her use of humor and wit adds a lightness to the novel that makes it a joy to read. Overall, Shearn’s writing style and language in “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” is a testament to her literary talent and makes for a captivating listener experience.

Audience and Recommendation

After considering the various aspects of “The Mermaid of Brooklyn,” it is clear that the audiobook is best suited for fans of heartwarming and relatable stories. The target audience for this audiobook consists of readers who enjoy stories that focus on family relationships, personal growth, and self-discovery.

If you appreciate a well-narrated story with beautiful language that captures everyday life in a charming way, then this audiobook is perfect for you. The author, Amy Shearn, and the narrator have combined their talents to provide an enjoyable and engaging audiobook experience that is sure to delight listeners.

Overall, we highly recommend “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” audiobook for anyone interested in a heartwarming tale that delves into the complexities of family, love, and life.


Overall, “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” audiobook by Amy Shearn offers a charming and relatable story with well-developed characters that will captivate listeners. The narrator’s performance is commendable, bringing the story to life and engaging the audience throughout. While some may find the pacing slow at times, the plot remains engaging with unexpected twists and turns.

Amy Shearn’s writing style is poetic and emotive, with well-crafted metaphors and descriptions that paint vivid images in the mind of the listener. The audiobook’s underlying themes of motherhood, identity, and community offer insightful commentary on modern society’s challenges.

The audiobook is recommended for those who enjoy heart-warming stories about life’s complexities, with emphasis on the beauty of character growth and discovery. Fans of contemporary fiction, particularly those interested in themes of family, relationships, and self-discovery, will appreciate “The Mermaid of Brooklyn.”

Overall, “The Mermaid of Brooklyn” is a well-rounded and entertaining audiobook that is worth listening to. It is a commendable debut by Amy Shearn, and listeners will be left feeling uplifted and inspired after experiencing the story.

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