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Looking for a captivating exploration of female desire and experience? Look no further than “Three Women” by Lisa Taddeo. In this audiobook review, we will delve into the fascinating narratives of three real women as they navigate complex relationships, societal expectations, and their own innermost desires.

Author Lisa Taddeo expertly weaves these stories together in a way that is both raw and nuanced, leaving listeners with a deep understanding of the complexities of female desire. In this review, we will examine Taddeo’s writing style, explore the various themes present in “Three Women,” and evaluate the emotional impact of the audiobook. Join us as we unpack the significance of this powerful piece of literature.

About the Author

Lisa Taddeo is an American author and journalist, born and raised in New Jersey. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and has an MFA in fiction from Boston University. Before writing her best-selling book “Three Women,” Taddeo worked as a columnist and feature writer for “Esquire,” “Elle,” and other publications.

Taddeo’s writing focuses on women’s issues, including complex relationships, a woman’s place in society, and female sexuality. In 2010, she was awarded the Pushcart Prize for her short story “42 Things.”

Her newest release, “Animal”, explores themes of grief, trauma, and resilience. Taddeo currently resides in Connecticut with her husband and daughter.

Synopsis of “Three Women”

In “Three Women,” author Lisa Taddeo delves into the complexities of female desire and experience through the perspectives of three distinct protagonists – Maggie, Lina, and Sloane. The audiobook explores their intertwining journeys, highlighting the societal pressures faced by women and the impact they have on their relationships, sense of self, and fulfillment.

Maggie, a 17-year-old high school student, experiences a sexual relationship with her English teacher that shapes her understanding of intimacy and love. Lina, a housewife in her thirties, embarks on an affair with her high school sweetheart, exposing the challenges of marriage and motherhood. Finally, Sloane, a successful restaurateur, faces the scrutiny of her husband’s desire for threesomes and the ways in which it threatens her identity and sense of agency.

The audiobook invites listeners into the private thoughts, emotions, and experiences of each character, presenting a raw and honest portrayal of female sexuality and the obstacles that women face in expressing and fulfilling their desires. Through Taddeo’s poignant prose and vivid characterizations, “Three Women” explores themes of love, betrayal, power dynamics, and self-discovery, offering a unique perspective on the female experience.

Narration and Performance

Lisa Taddeo’s narration and performance of “Three Women” add depth and emotion to an already powerful story. Her intimate understanding of the text and characters allow for a captivating audio experience that immerses listeners in the world of the three women.

As the author and narrator, Taddeo, brings her own work to life, giving listeners a unique perspective into her artistic vision. Her fluid and natural performance seamlessly entwines with her honest storytelling, creating a beautifully crafted audiobook.

The carefully crafted tone of voice and skillful delivery of each line result in an exceptional listening experience. Taddeo’s range of emotions, from raw vulnerability to fierce determination, shines through in each chapter, bringing to life the complex and nuanced characters she has created.

Bringing the Characters to Life

Taddeo’s narration, coupled with her uncanny ability to get into the minds of her characters, makes the audiobook a personal and intimate experience. She embodies each character and captures their essence, making it easy for listeners to connect with them on a deeper level.

Creating a Memorable Experience

Lisa Taddeo’s performance and narration in “Three Women” turn an already powerful story into a compelling and unforgettable listening experience. Her skillful delivery and attention to detail immerses listeners into the world of the characters, making it a must-listen for those interested in exploring female desire and experience.

Themes Explored

“Three Women” by Lisa Taddeo tackles a range of complex and nuanced themes related to female desire and experience. One of the standout themes is the raw exploration of female desire and the societal norms and expectations that often suppress it. Through the experiences of the three main protagonists, Lina, Maggie, and Sloane, Taddeo delves into the intricacies of relationships, love, and sex, and how they intersect with power dynamics and societal influence.

Another significant theme in “Three Women” is the impact of female experiences and voices being dismissed or silenced. Taddeo explores how women are often forced to navigate a world that places little value on their desires, feelings, and experiences.

The audiobook also delves into the role of societal expectations and gender roles in shaping women’s experiences of desire and sexuality, and the impact of this on their self-esteem and confidence.

These are the main themes explored in “Three Women”

  • Female desire
  • Relationships
  • Societal expectations
  • Empowerment

Character Development

In “Three Women,” Lisa Taddeo gives readers a deep dive into the complex lives of three women. The author develops each protagonist in a unique and compelling way, exploring their innermost thoughts, desires, and vulnerabilities. Through character development, Taddeo provides a nuanced look into the lived experiences of women, delving into the challenges and joys that come with navigating societal expectations, relationships, and personal growth.

The first protagonist, Lina, is a homemaker who struggles with a lack of intimacy in her marriage. Taddeo expertly portrays Lina’s internal turmoil as she grapples with feelings of loneliness and betrayal.

The second protagonist, Maggie, is a high school student who becomes involved in a controversial relationship with her teacher. Taddeo portrays Maggie’s journey with sensitivity and insight, highlighting the complexities of consent, power dynamics, and emotional manipulation.

The third protagonist, Sloane, is a successful restaurateur who enjoys a seemingly perfect married life. However, as Taddeo delves deeper into Sloane’s story, readers see the challenges and secrets lurking beneath the surface of her seemingly idyllic life.

Protagonist Comparison

Lina Maggie Sloane
Age 30s High School Student Mid-30s
Occupation Homemaker Student Restaurateur
Marital Status Married with Children Single Married
Relationship Struggle Lack of Intimacy Controversial Relationship with Teacher Arranging Threesome, Husband’s Sexual Preference
Personal Challenge Navigating societal expectations of a homemaker Dealing with emotional manipulation and control Balancing her personal desire and societal expectations

Through exhaustive character development, Taddeo creates a vivid and emotional story that resonates with readers across ages and genders. Her ability to humanize the innermost thoughts of the protagonists creates a compelling narrative that brings the audience along in their journeys towards self-discovery, growth, and healing.

Writing Style and Language

Lisa Taddeo’s writing style in “Three Women” is a unique blend of journalistic and literary prose. The author’s extensive research and interviews, combined with her vivid language choices, create a compelling narrative that captures the raw emotions of the three protagonists.

Throughout the audiobook, Taddeo’s language captures the specific experiences and viewpoints of each character, diving deep into their innermost thoughts and desires. Additionally, the author’s use of metaphor and imagery adds further depth and complexity to the storytelling, creating a rich and multi-dimensional world.

One example of Taddeo’s unique writing style is evident in her descriptions of relationships and intimate moments. The author does not shy away from using explicit language to convey the physical and emotional experiences of the characters, resulting in a raw and honest portrayal of female desire and sexuality.

Overall, the writing style and language of “Three Women” contribute significantly to the audiobook’s overall narrative and atmosphere, creating a rich and immersive experience for listeners.

Lisa Taddeo's Writing Style

Overall, the writing style and language of “Three Women” contribute significantly to the audiobook’s overall narrative and atmosphere, creating a rich and immersive experience for listeners.

Pacing and Plot Structure

The pacing and plot structure of “Three Women” keep listeners engaged throughout the audiobook. From the opening scene to the final moments, the narrative flow draws listeners deep into the lives of the three protagonists, each with their unique stories and experiences. Lisa Taddeo artfully balances the perspectives of these women, leading to a captivating exploration of female desire and experience that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.

The plot structure of “Three Women” is excellently constructed, with each chapter building upon the last to create a fully realized story that leaves a lasting impact. Taddeo’s storytelling style weaves in and out of the perspectives of the three characters, creating a rich tapestry of emotion, desire, and experience that forms the backbone of the audiobook.

The pacing of the audiobook is another standout feature, buoyed by Lisa Taddeo’s skillful narration. As the story progresses, listeners are drawn deeper into the lives of the three women, experiencing their struggles, triumphs, and vulnerabilities with every passing moment. Taddeo’s audiobook flow is masterful, making “Three Women” a must-listen for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of female desire and experience.

Emotional Impact

Listening to “Three Women” is a powerful and emotional experience that delves deep into the raw truths of female desire and experience. Lisa Taddeo’s poignant narration brings the three protagonists to life, allowing listeners to connect with their stories on a personal and emotional level.

Throughout the audiobook, Taddeo explores the complexities of relationships, societal expectations, and the pressures faced by women in their pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. The intimate and vulnerable moments shared by the characters create a lasting impact and provoke reflection on the shared experiences of women everywhere.

The emotional impact of “Three Women” has resonated with readers and listeners alike, sparking conversations about female empowerment, identity, and the struggle to be seen and understood. Whether it’s relating to the characters’ experiences or reflecting on one’s own passions and desires, “Three Women” leaves a lasting impression that is hard to shake.

The Power of Vulnerability

One of the key factors behind the emotional impact of “Three Women” is the power of vulnerability. Through intimate and honest portrayals of the three main protagonists, listeners are given a glimpse into the complexities and nuances of female desire and experience that are often left unexplored.

By sharing their most personal and private thoughts and struggles, the characters become relatable and their experiences become universal. Taddeo’s nuanced and empathetic approach underscores the power of vulnerability in creating meaningful connections and fostering a sense of community and shared experience among women.

The Unforgettable Moments

From the heartbreaking struggles of Maggie to the empowering journey of Lina, “Three Women” is filled with unforgettable moments that leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s the raw intensity of the characters’ desires or the painful realizations that come with their pursuit of happiness, listeners cannot help but be moved by the experiences of the three women.

Some of the most memorable moments include Maggie’s revelation of her rape, Sloane’s struggle to reconcile her desires with societal expectations, and Lina’s unabashed embrace of her sexuality and empowerment. Through these moments, “Three Women” speaks to the shared experiences of women everywhere and highlights the resilience and strength that comes from embracing one’s desires and passions.

Critical Reception

The audiobook “Three Women” by Lisa Taddeo has garnered critical acclaim for its honest and raw portrayal of female desire and experience. Many reviewers have praised Taddeo’s writing and narration style, which brings the story to life in a captivating way.

The book has received positive reviews from prestigious publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Washington Post. It has also been recognized as a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist and a Goodreads Choice Awards winner in the Nonfiction category.

Despite the overwhelming positive reception, “Three Women” has also faced some controversies regarding its representation of certain individuals and communities. However, overall, the audiobook has left a lasting impact on readers and listeners, sparking important conversations about female desire, relationships, and societal expectations.

critical reception of Three Women

Comparison to the Print Version

Both the audiobook and print versions of “Three Women” offer unique experiences and advantages, catering to different preferences and situations.

One advantage of the audiobook is the immersive and engaging narrative experience that is enhanced by the performance of Lisa Taddeo as the narrator. Taddeo’s voice adds nuance and emotion to the characters’ stories, offering a more personal and intimate understanding of their experiences.

On the other hand, print versions allow for readers to go at their own pace and reread sections, immersing themselves fully in the immersive prose of Taddeo without any distractions. Additionally, print books give readers the ability to highlight, make notes, and revisit specific passages, lending itself for easy reference and reflection.

A table is presented below for a quick comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each:


  • Immersion and engagement through Taddeo’s narrative performance
  • No need for physical storage space
  • Enables multitasking while listening

Print Version

  • Greater control over pace and re-reading sections
  • Ability to highlight, make notes and reflections
  • No need for power or internet connection

Ultimately, the choice of format depends on personal preferences and circumstances. Both formats are equally powerful in taking readers or listeners deep into the world of “Three Women” and its themes of love, desire, and the complexities of the female experience.

Impact and Cultural Significance

The audiobook “Three Women” has had a significant impact on contemporary culture, sparking important conversations about female desire and experience. Through its unapologetic exploration of the complexities of female desire, the audiobook has challenged societal norms and encouraged listeners to rethink their perspectives on sexuality and relationships.

The intimate and honest portrayal of the three main protagonists has resonated with listeners around the world, as they connect with the characters’ lived experiences and find validation in their own desires and struggles. The audiobook’s cultural significance lies in its ability to give voice to female desire and empower women to embrace their sexuality on their own terms.

Three Women

also challenges entrenched patriarchal attitudes and highlights the need for more inclusive and diverse representations of women in literature and media. By bringing issues of female desire and sexuality to the forefront, the audiobook seeks to promote more open and honest conversations about these topics, breaking down the barriers that restrict women’s agency and autonomy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Three Women has had a significant cultural impact since its release, sparking important conversations about female desire and experience.
  • The audiobook challenges patriarchal attitudes and promotes more inclusive and diverse representations of women in literature and media.
  • Three Women encourages more open and honest discussions about female desire and sexuality, empowering women to embrace their sexuality on their own terms.

Recommendations and Final Thoughts

After diving into the captivating world of “Three Women” by Lisa Taddeo through its audiobook format, we highly recommend this introspective tale of female desire, relationships, and empowerment. The author’s unique writing style and language choices create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere that draws listeners in and keeps them engaged throughout.

The portrayal of the three main protagonists and their individual journeys is masterfully done, showcasing their growth and complexity with nuance and sensitivity. The pacing and plot structure of the audiobook keep the narrative flowing smoothly, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the story.

As we conclude our review, we must emphasize the emotional impact of “Three Women.” It delves deep into the raw, often unspoken truths of female desire and experience, sparking important conversations about the lived experiences of women. Overall, we believe that “Three Women” is an audiobook that listeners won’t soon forget.


In conclusion, “Three Women” by Lisa Taddeo is a powerful and thought-provoking audiobook that explores the complexities of female desire and experience through the intimate stories of three diverse women. Taddeo’s skillful narration and emotive performance bring the characters and their struggles to life, making it a captivating listening experience for all. The audiobook’s themes of relationships, societal expectations, and empowerment resonate deeply with listeners, sparking important conversations about the lived experiences of women.

Overall, we highly recommend “Three Women” for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of female sexual desire and the impact of societal norms and expectations on women’s lives. Taddeo’s writing style, character development, and plot structure all contribute to the audiobook’s emotional impact and cultural significance.

Our final remarks on “Three Women” are that it is an essential listen for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of female desire and experience. It’s a poignant and honest look at the lives of women and the struggles they face, and it’s a must-listen for all audiences.


What is “Three Women” by Lisa Taddeo?

“Three Women” is an audiobook written by Lisa Taddeo that delves into the honest exploration of female desire and experience through the captivating narratives of three women.

Who is Lisa Taddeo?

Lisa Taddeo is the talented author behind “Three Women.” She is known for her thought-provoking works and has a background in writing about relationships and human experiences.

What is the synopsis of “Three Women”?

“Three Women” follows the lives of three women as they navigate the complexities of desire, relationships, and societal expectations. Through their distinct journeys, the audiobook offers a compelling exploration of female experiences.

How is the narration and performance of “Three Women”?

The audiobook of “Three Women” features the narration and performance by Lisa Taddeo herself. Her skills as an author bring the characters and their stories to life, immersing listeners in a powerful and engaging experience.

What are the themes explored in “Three Women”?

“Three Women” addresses various themes, including female desire, relationships, societal expectations, and empowerment. It offers a deep exploration of these subjects, shedding light on the complexities of women’s experiences.

How is the character development in “Three Women”?

“Three Women” focuses on the character development of the three main protagonists. Through their stories, listeners witness their growth, challenges, and vulnerabilities, creating a deeper understanding of their individual journeys.

What is Lisa Taddeo’s writing style and language in “Three Women”?

Lisa Taddeo’s writing style in “Three Women” is unique and captivating. Her language choices beautifully capture the emotions and nuances of the characters’ experiences, immersing listeners in the narrative.

How is the pacing and plot structure of “Three Women”?

The pacing of “Three Women” keeps listeners engaged throughout the audiobook. The plot structure is carefully crafted, ensuring a smooth flow of the story and maintaining a sense of intrigue and emotional resonance.

What is the emotional impact of “Three Women”?

“Three Women” is known for its profound emotional impact. The raw and honest exploration of desire and experiences resonates with listeners, evoking a range of emotions and sparking reflections on their own lives.

How has “Three Women” been received by critics?

“Three Women” has received critical acclaim, with many praising its powerful storytelling and the depth of its exploration of female desire. It has garnered positive reviews and accolades, contributing to conversations around the audiobook’s themes.

How does the audiobook version of “Three Women” compare to the print version?

Comparing the audiobook and print versions of “Three Women” allows audiences to experience the narrative in different ways. While the audiobook offers the added dimension of Lisa Taddeo’s narration, the print version allows for a more personal interpretation.

What is the impact and cultural significance of “Three Women”?

“Three Women” has made a significant impact, sparking conversations about female desire, empowerment, and the lived experiences of women. It has become culturally significant in fueling discussions and expanding understanding on these important topics.

What are the recommendations and final thoughts on “Three Women”?

Our overall recommendation for “Three Women” is highly positive. The audiobook offers a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of female desire and experience, making it a valuable listen for those interested in understanding the complexities of women’s lives.

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