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If you’re looking for a gripping historical fiction audiobook, then you won’t want to miss out on Kathleen Grissom’s “Glory Over Everything.” This captivating tale takes listeners on a suspenseful journey through pre-Civil War America, highlighting themes of identity, survival, and the complexities of familial relationships.

In this audiobook review, we’ll provide an overview of the plot, delve into the audiobook experience, analyze the writing style and pacing, and explore the emotional impact of this compelling novel.

Whether you’re an avid audiobook listener or new to the genre, “Glory Over Everything” is a must-listen that’s sure to captivate and thrill.

Key Takeaways

  • Kathleen Grissom’s “Glory Over Everything” is a historical fiction audiobook that explores themes of courage, survival, and identity.
  • The novel provides a unique perspective on pre-Civil War America and sheds light on the complexities of familial relationships.
  • The audiobook experience enhances the narrative with a powerful performance by the narrator and impactful use of sound effects and music.
  • The writing style and pacing contribute to the overall readability and engaging qualities of the novel.
  • “Glory Over Everything” is recommended for anyone looking for a gripping and thought-provoking audiobook that’s sure to leave a lasting impact.

Synopsis of “Glory Over Everything”

“Glory Over Everything” by Kathleen Grissom is a captivating and emotional historical novel set in the antebellum south. The story follows the life of Jamie, a wealthy young white man who is forced to flee his home and take on a new identity after a tragic event. Over the years, Jamie builds a new life for himself while hiding from his past, all while struggling to reconcile his privilege and moral values with the harsh realities of the slave-owning society around him.

Grissom expertly weaves together complex themes of identity, freedom, and racial tension, while offering insights into the human condition and the sacrifices we are willing to make for those we love. The novel serves as both a powerful historical fiction and a timeless exploration of what it means to truly overcome adversity and find glory in the face of adversity.

The audiobook version of “Glory Over Everything” is a beautifully narrated production that brings the story to life in a new and exciting way. With a talented narrator and immersive sound effects and music, the audiobook adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to an already poignant story.

The Plot

“Glory Over Everything” begins by introducing readers to Jamie, a young man from a wealthy and privileged family in the antebellum South. After a tragic event, Jamie is forced to flee his home and take on a new identity in order to survive.

Over the years, Jamie settles into his new life and becomes successful in his business ventures. However, his past comes back to haunt him when he receives a distressing letter from a former lover. The letter reveals that Jamie’s true identity has been discovered, and he must return to his old home to save the life of a loved one.

As Jamie returns to the South, he must confront his past and reckon with the moral dilemmas that come with his privilege and status in society. Through a series of twists and turns, Jamie’s journey ultimately leads him to a newfound sense of purpose and enlightenment.

Main Characters

Character Description
Jamie Pyke A wealthy young white man who must flee his family and take on a new identity.
Belle Pyke Jamie’s former lover who sends him a distressing letter that sets the plot in motion.
Caroline Jamie’s friend and confidante who helps him navigate his new life.
Henry A young slave who accompanies Jamie on his journey and becomes a close friend.

Narrative Arc

Grissom’s “Glory Over Everything” takes readers on a tumultuous journey that is both heart-wrenching and deeply inspiring. The story follows Jamie as he navigates the complexities of his past and tries to forge a new future for himself and those he loves.

Through a carefully crafted narrative arc, Grissom explores themes of identity, courage, and self-discovery, all while providing vivid descriptions of the antebellum South and the struggles of slavery and racial injustice during that era. The story builds to a gripping climax that leaves readers emotionally moved and inspired.

Overall, “Glory Over Everything” is an exceptional novel that delivers both a powerful historical narrative and a timeless exploration of what it means to be human. The audiobook version only enhances the experience, providing a carefully crafted production that is sure to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impact.

Author Background: Kathleen Grissom

Kathleen Grissom, the talented author behind “Glory Over Everything,” has a passion for writing and storytelling that shines through in all of her work. With a background in history and an eye for detail, Grissom brings a meticulous approach to her craft, bringing to life vivid characters and compelling narratives.

Grissom’s previous works include “The Kitchen House,” a critically acclaimed novel that explores the complexities of plantation life in the 18th century Southern United States. With her keen ability to draw upon history and create multidimensional characters, Grissom has established herself as a rising star in the literary world.

Her writing style is characterized by beautiful language and vivid descriptions, bringing to life the settings and characters she creates. Drawing upon real-world events and personal experiences, Grissom imbues her work with a depth of emotion and authenticity that resonates with readers.

Key Influences

Grissom’s love of historical fiction and powerful storytelling was inspired by authors such as Ken Follett and Diana Gabaldon. With her background in history, Grissom brings a unique perspective to her work that sets her apart from other contemporary authors.

Writing Career

Grissom began her writing career later in life, publishing her first novel, “The Kitchen House,” in 2010 at the age of 57. Since then, she has continued to gain a dedicated following, with her work consistently receiving critical acclaim and earning a place on bestseller lists.

Awards and Accolades

Book Award
The Kitchen House New York Times
The Kitchen House Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Historical Fiction
Glory Over Everything New York Times Bestseller

Grissom’s work has received numerous awards and accolades, including being a New York Times Bestseller and receiving a nomination for the prestigious Goodreads Choice Award for Best Historical Fiction for “The Kitchen House.”

With her impressive storytelling abilities and dedication to historical accuracy, Grissom is sure to continue gaining fans and creating compelling works of fiction that touch the hearts and minds of readers around the world.

The Audiobook Experience

Experience the harrowing journey of our protagonist through the voices of talented narrators – Susan Bennett and Zachary Dylan Brown – in the audiobook version of “Glory Over Everything”. The audiobook format immerses the listener into the narrative, providing a captivating complement to the story’s printed counterpart.

Susan Bennett delivers a stunning performance as the voices of Jamie and Aurelia, capturing the emotional depth and complexities of these characters. Zachary Dylan Brown’s portrayal of Pan is equally impressive, showcasing his range and versatility as a voice actor.

In addition to the narration, the use of sound effects and music heightens the audiobook experience, further immersing the listener into the story’s world. The sound effects in particular, such as the clink of a glass or the rustling of leaves, add a layer of realism to the audio format. The music is well-integrated and well-timed, accentuating the emotional beats of the story.

Pros Cons
  • The narration is highly engaging and brings the characters to life.
  • Sound effects and music enhance the listening experience.
  • Quality audio recording.
  • May not appeal to readers who prefer a physical copy of the book.
  • Listeners who are sensitive to triggering sounds should be cautious with certain scenes.

All in all, “Glory Over Everything” presents a compelling story in its audiobook version, featuring top-notch narration and a well-crafted soundscape that elevates the listening experience to a new level.

Themes Explored in “Glory Over Everything”

In “Glory Over Everything,” Kathleen Grissom delves into several prominent themes that shape the narrative and characters’ journeys. These themes include:

  • Identity: The search for one’s true identity is central to the story, as the protagonist grapples with his past and struggles to come to terms with who he is.
  • Racial Prejudice: Set in the 1800s, the novel explores the racial tensions and injustices of the time, emphasizing the harsh realities faced by African Americans.
  • Freedom: The theme of freedom is intertwined with the idea of identity, as the characters fight for their personal liberation and the abolition of slavery.
  • Complexities of Familial Relationships: Grissom masterfully depicts the intricate relationships between family members, exploring themes of loyalty, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Throughout the story, these themes are woven together, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and emotions. The author’s ability to handle multiple complex themes and weave them seamlessly into the plot is a testament to her talent as a writer.

themes in Glory Over Everything

Character Analysis

In “Glory Over Everything,” Kathleen Grissom creates a cast of complex and dynamic characters whose actions and decisions shape the story’s outcome. Let’s take a closer look at the key players:

James Burton

As the protagonist of the story, James Burton is a compassionate man who values freedom and justice. Throughout the book, we witness his internal struggle as he grapples with his past and his present role as a wealthy businessman. His experiences as a former slave leave a lasting impact on him, and he remains acutely aware of the injustices faced by his fellow Black individuals.


Jane, or Martha as she later becomes known, is a pivotal character in “Glory Over Everything.” Brought up alongside James as a child, she faces her own struggles regarding her identity and the truth about her past. We follow her journey from a young girl desperate to be acknowledged by her White family to a woman who finds her own sense of self and purpose outside society’s narrow confines.

Henry and Pan

Henry and Pan are two secondary characters who nonetheless play significant roles in the story’s development. We see Henry struggle with his loyalty to his former master against his newfound sense of freedom, while Pan serves as a voice for the younger generation’s hopes for a better future.

All of these characters provide unique and important perspectives on the story’s themes of identity, family, and freedom. Through their relationships and actions, we gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of life during this time period.

Historical Context

“Glory Over Everything” by Kathleen Grissom takes place in the United States during the mid-19th century, a tumultuous period marked by slavery, civil unrest, and the underground railroad. The story follows the life of Jamie Pyke, a successful business owner passing as a white man, who risks everything to protect the people he loves.

Grissom’s writing captures the socio-political climate of the era, showcasing the harsh realities faced by African Americans and the lengths they went to secure their freedom. The author incorporates historical accuracy into the narrative, highlighting significant connections to real-world events such as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and the Civil War.

In “Glory Over Everything,” Grissom tells a poignant and challenging story that brings to light the complexities of slavery and freedom during a dark period of American history.

Table: Key Events and Figures

Year Event Figures
1850 Fugitive Slave Act Harriet Tubman
1861-1865 Civil War Abraham Lincoln
1865 13th Amendment Ratified Frederick Douglass

Writing Style and Pacing

In “Glory Over Everything,” Kathleen Grissom showcases her distinct writing style that balances a lyrical prose with a concise, linear narrative structure. Her vivid descriptions and dialogues bring the settings and characters to life, making them feel genuine and relatable. The pacing of the story is also well-balanced, with climactic events and revelations strategically placed to keep the readers engaged.

Grissom’s writing style is characterized by a keen eye for detail and an ability to transport readers to different times and places. Her exquisite use of metaphors and imagery creates a sensory experience that immerses the reader in the story’s world. The story’s setting in the 19th century South is painted with realistic and often haunting portrayals of the era’s racial biases, socio-political issues, and cultural traditions.

The narrative structure of “Glory Over Everything” follows a linear progression that keeps the story focused and coherent. The plot unfolds in a way that is both satisfying and unexpected. While the pacing is relatively steady, there are moments of heightened tension and anticipation that add to the story’s emotional impact. The use of flashback scenes adds depth to the characters and their motivations, giving readers a more profound understanding of their struggles and triumphs.

Engaging Writing Style

Grissom’s engaging writing style offers a poignant exploration of the story’s themes and characters, making it a compelling read for fans of historical fiction and literary drama. Her writing style demonstrates a sensitivity to the characters’ emotions and perspectives, lending each character a distinct voice and personality that makes them stand out. Readers will find themselves invested in the fates of the book’s protagonists, rooting for them to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

Well-Crafted Pacing

The book’s pacing is well-crafted, with scenes unfolding at a pace that keeps the reader engaged without ever becoming too overwhelming. The book’s pacing allows readers to develop a deeper understanding of characters’ motivations and perspectives. The pacing manages to sustain tension and suspense throughout, with the story’s central conflicts skillfully drawn-out and resolved.

Writing Style and Pacing Overview

Aspect Description
Writing Style Kathleen Grissom’s writing style balances a lyrical prose with a concise, linear narrative structure, creating a vivid, sensory experience that immerses readers in the story’s world.
Pacing The pacing is well-balanced, with climactic events and revelations strategically placed to keep readers engaged. The narrative unfolds in a way that is both satisfying and unexpected, as the use of flashback scenes adds depth to characters and their motivations.

Emotional Impact

“Glory Over Everything” is a poignant tale that leaves a lasting emotional impact on readers. Kathleen Grissom’s writing style expertly weaves together various elements to create a narrative that evokes empathy, suspense and catharsis.

The story explores themes of racial tension and identity, and Grissom’s delicate handling of these topics allows readers to become emotionally invested in the characters and their journeys. Through her characters, Grissom explores the complexity of familial relationships, highlighting the impact that choices and circumstances can have on these ties.

The use of descriptive language and vivid imagery adds to the immersive reading experience, allowing readers to feel as though they are transported into the world of the story. Whether it’s the intense fear that Belle experiences on the plantation, or the harrowing danger of aiding runaway slaves, readers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating what will happen next.

Grissom’s ability to connect with readers on an emotional level is a testament to her skill as a storyteller. The emotional impact of “Glory Over Everything” is undoubtedly a driving force behind its success.

Critic Reviews

Discover what the literary community has to say about “Glory Over Everything” by Kathleen Grissom. Here are some of the most relevant critic reviews:

Media Outlet Reviewer Quote
The New York Times Janet Maslin “Kathleen Grissom surpasses the sterling achievement of her debut novel with this wrenching, multi-layered historical novel.”
Booklist Carolyn Mulac “Readers will…be rewarded with well-researched historical fiction and a good dose of suspense.”
Library Journal Susan Santa “This novel will appeal to… those who enjoyed ‘The Help’ or ‘The Kitchen House'”
Publisher’s Weekly Staff “Grissom’s weaving of social commentary into a story of survival and personal redemption is powerful.”

Overall, critics have praised the historical accuracy and emotional depth of “Glory Over Everything”. Many have noted the compelling characters, the skillful use of suspense, and the novel’s ability to shed light on a lesser-known aspect of American history. While some have noted minor pacing issues, the consensus is that this audiobook is well worth listening to.

Reader Feedback

Feedback from readers of “Glory Over Everything” has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the novel’s captivating story, memorable characters, and thought-provoking themes. Several readers have commented on the emotional impact of the book, describing how it elicited strong feelings of empathy and admiration for the characters’ resilience in the face of adversity.

Some readers, however, have criticized the novel’s pacing, suggesting that certain sections felt slow or uneventful. Others have expressed disappointment with the ending, feeling that it was too abrupt or unresolved.

Despite these concerns, the majority of readers have found “Glory Over Everything” to be a compelling and worthwhile read, highlighting its ability to offer fresh perspectives on historical events and spur discussions on timely topics such as identity and prejudice.

Reader Feedback Table

Positive Feedback Negative Feedback
Compelling story Slow pacing
Memorable characters Unresolved ending
Thought-provoking themes
Emotional impact

Comparison to Previous Work

In Glory Over Everything, Kathleen Grissom once again showcases her impeccable writing style and talent for weaving unforgettable stories. This novel follows a similar vein to her previous work, The Kitchen House, focusing on themes of identity, family, and racial tensions in a historical context. However, there are notable differences in the storytelling approach and the character development that make this novel distinct.

While The Kitchen House mostly relied on an ensemble cast, Glory Over Everything centres on a single protagonist, James Pyke, and his journey to save his son while confronting his past. This change in perspective offers a more intimate and complex exploration of the character’s motivations and struggles. Additionally, the use of flashbacks and jumps in time provides a sense of mystery and tension that is absent in The Kitchen House.


If you enjoyed “Glory Over Everything” by Kathleen Grissom, we recommend checking out these other audiobooks:

  • The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead: This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel explores the escape of a young slave woman, Cora, who embarks on a dangerous journey towards freedom.
  • Beloved by Toni Morrison: In this haunting classic, a former slave, Sethe, struggles to confront her painful past, haunted by the ghost of her daughter who died tragically years before.
  • The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates: This powerful novel follows Hiram Walker, a young slave with the ability to teleport, on a quest for freedom and self-discovery in an era of slavery and oppression.

If you’re interested in exploring more historical fiction audiobooks, we recommend browsing the works of authors such as Isabel Wilkerson, Yaa Gyasi, or James McBride.


Impact and Legacy

“Glory Over Everything” has the potential to leave a lasting impact on readers due to its moving portrayal of complex themes such as racial prejudice, identity, and familial relationships. Its engaging narrative arc and marvellous audiobook performance will captivate readers and keep them hooked until the end.

In the context of its legacy within the literary landscape, “Glory Over Everything” demonstrates the author’s ability to tackle challenging themes with sensitivity and creativity. It follows in the footsteps of other renowned works exploring similar themes of historical fiction and racial reconciliation, such as “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead and “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.

The book’s significance within the audiobook genre also cannot be ignored. Its beautiful narration and use of music and sound effects provide an immersive experience that brings the story to life. As audiobooks continue to gain popularity, “Glory Over Everything” stands out as an exceptional example of this medium’s unique ability to enhance the storytelling experience.

Recommendations for “Glory Over Everything” Readers

For readers interested in revisiting the themes of “Glory Over Everything,” we recommend exploring other works by Kathleen Grissom, such as “The Kitchen House,” or reading books that tackle similar historical and societal issues, such as “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker and “A Lesson Before Dying” by Ernest J. Gaines.

We also suggest exploring other audiobooks with narrators that enhance the listening experience, such as “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah, “The Immortalists” by Chloe Benjamin, and “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah.

Get Your Copy of “Glory Over Everything”

If you’ve been captivated by our audiobook review of “Glory Over Everything” by Kathleen Grissom, it’s time to get your own copy. This novel is widely available in various formats, making it easily accessible to readers worldwide.

For those who prefer audiobooks, you can get your copy from Audible, Amazon, or other reputable audiobook retailers. The audiobook is professionally narrated and offers a unique listening experience that brings the story to life.

If you prefer to read the book in print, you can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other online retailers. Alternatively, you can check your local bookstore or library for availability.

E-book lovers can also get their copy from Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, or other e-book retailers. The e-book format offers convenience and portability, making it an ideal option for readers on the go.

Wherever you choose to get your copy, we highly recommend adding “Glory Over Everything” to your reading list. Its captivating story, complex characters, and compelling themes make it a must-read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction and audiobooks.


What is the audiobook review of “Glory Over Everything” by Kathleen Grissom?

The audiobook review of “Glory Over Everything” by Kathleen Grissom delves into the captivating story that explores themes of courage and survival. It offers a unique perspective on historical events, making it a compelling listen for history enthusiasts and fans of character-driven narratives.

What is the synopsis of “Glory Over Everything”?

“Glory Over Everything” is a captivating novel by Kathleen Grissom that follows the story of Jamie Pyke, a free biracial man trying to pass as white in the 19th century. Set against the backdrop of the pre-Civil War era, the book explores Jamie’s journey of courage, survival, and self-discovery as he navigates the complexities of identity and racial prejudice.

Who is Kathleen Grissom, the author of “Glory Over Everything”?

Kathleen Grissom is a talented author known for her captivating storytelling abilities. With a compelling writing style and a knack for exploring complex themes, she has garnered acclaim for her previous works. “Glory Over Everything” is a testament to her literary prowess, delving into thought-provoking narratives that resonate with readers.

What is the audiobook experience like for “Glory Over Everything”?

The audiobook experience for “Glory Over Everything” enhances the storytelling by bringing the characters and their struggles to life. With a skilled narrator who portrays the emotions and nuances of the characters, the audiobook format adds an immersive layer to the already gripping narrative.

What are the themes explored in “Glory Over Everything”?

“Glory Over Everything” delves into themes of identity, racial prejudice, freedom, and the complexities of familial relationships. The novel offers a thought-provoking exploration of these topics, prompting readers to reflect on their own beliefs and perceptions.

Can you provide a character analysis of “Glory Over Everything”?

Through a thorough character analysis, “Glory Over Everything” presents a diverse cast of characters who drive the narrative forward. Jamie Pyke, the protagonist, undergoes tremendous growth and self-discovery, while other supporting characters add depth and complexity to the story. Their relationships and motivations contribute to the overall plot, creating a compelling reading experience.

What is the historical context of “Glory Over Everything”?

“Glory Over Everything” is set in the pre-Civil War era, offering readers a glimpse into the historical backdrop of racial tensions and social inequalities. The novel presents a fictionalized account of real-world events, providing valuable insights into the time period and shedding light on the challenges faced by marginalized communities during that era.

How would you describe the writing style and pacing of “Glory Over Everything”?

The writing style of “Glory Over Everything” is characterized by its descriptive prose and engaging narrative structure. Kathleen Grissom’s attention to detail and ability to evoke emotions make for a compelling read. The pacing of the story strikes a balance between introspective moments and suspenseful plot developments, keeping readers hooked from start to finish.

What is the emotional impact of “Glory Over Everything”?

“Glory Over Everything” elicits a range of emotions in readers, from empathy for the characters’ struggles to the suspense of their dangerous situations. The novel effectively tugs at the heartstrings, leaving readers deeply affected by the characters’ journeys and the issues they grapple with.

What do critics say about “Glory Over Everything”?

Reputable critics have praised “Glory Over Everything” for its compelling storytelling, vivid historical depiction, and its thought-provoking exploration of themes. The novel has garnered positive reviews, with critics commending Kathleen Grissom’s talent for crafting engaging narratives that resonate with readers.

How do readers generally respond to “Glory Over Everything”?

Readers of “Glory Over Everything” have expressed appreciation for its powerful storytelling, well-developed characters, and its ability to evoke strong emotions. Feedback from readers indicates that the book has resonated with many, drawing them into the narrative and prompting thoughtful discussions about its themes and messages.

How does “Glory Over Everything” compare to Kathleen Grissom’s previous works?

In comparison to Kathleen Grissom’s previous works, “Glory Over Everything” continues to showcase her exceptional storytelling abilities and her talent for delving into complex themes. While each of her novels stands on its own, readers may find similarities in her exploration of identity, relationships, and historical contexts.

Who would you recommend “Glory Over Everything” to?

“Glory Over Everything” is recommended to readers who appreciate historical fiction, character-driven narratives, and thought-provoking themes. Those interested in exploring issues related to identity, racial prejudice, and family dynamics will find this novel particularly engaging. Fans of Kathleen Grissom’s previous works may also enjoy this captivating story.

Where can readers get a copy of “Glory Over Everything”?

“Glory Over Everything” is available in various formats, including audiobook, e-book, and print. Readers can find their preferred format through online retailers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or borrow it from local libraries and bookstores offering audiobooks or print copies.

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