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Are you looking for a thrilling audiobook experience? Look no further than “Touch & Go” by Lisa Gardner. In this audiobook review, we’ll dive into the captivating narrative and explore what makes this book a must-listen for mystery lovers and fans of Gardner’s work.

Key Takeaways

  • “Touch & Go” is a gripping mystery audiobook by bestselling author Lisa Gardner.
  • The audiobook features superb narration and production quality, making for an immersive listening experience.
  • Gardner’s writing style shines through in “Touch & Go,” with well-developed characters, thrilling plot twists, and a suspenseful atmosphere.
  • Fans of Gardner’s other works will find “Touch & Go” to be a worthy addition to her body of work.
  • Overall, our audiobook review recommends “Touch & Go” as a must-listen for anyone in search of a thrilling mystery audiobook.

Overview of “Touch & Go”

Touch & Go is the gripping tale of the Denbe family’s abduction. The book, written by the talented author Lisa Gardner, falls under the thriller genre. Gardner, a best-selling author, has published several novels that have won numerous accolades and critical acclaim.

In this narrative, the Denbe family is kidnapped from their luxury Boston home, leaving no trace. The search for the family becomes complex when the investigators find themselves at a dead-end, with no leads, no ransom demands and no reason for the event.

We are taken on a thrilling journey with twists and turns as the investigators struggle to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of the Denbe family, all while the family’s survival hangs in the balance. The plot is fast-paced, with a mixture of action and suspense that keeps the listeners hooked.

In the subsequent sections, we explore various aspects of the audiobook production, including narration, production quality, character development, writing style, plot, pacing, themes, and atmosphere. By the end of our review, we hope to provide our listeners with a comprehensive and informed analysis of Gardner’s Touch and Go.

Narration and Production

One of the most important aspects of an audiobook is its narration and production quality. In “Touch & Go,” the narration is top-notch, with the voice actors bringing the characters to life and infusing the story with suspense and tension.

The clarity of the dialogue is excellent, making it easy to follow the story and understand the emotions of each character. The production quality is also superb, with any accompanying sound effects or music adding to the overall atmosphere of the narrative.

The combination of stellar narration and high production quality makes for an immersive and enjoyable listening experience. Listeners will feel like they are right there in the heart of the story, which is a testament to the audiobook’s exceptional production values.

Character Development and Writing Style

In “Touch & Go,” Lisa Gardner masterfully weaves together a complex plot with dynamic and relatable characters. The author’s writing style is engaging and breathes life into the story, making listeners feel like they’re right there with the characters.

Gardner creates realistic characters with depth and dimension, instilling them with unique personalities and complex emotions that grow and evolve throughout the narrative. From the main characters like Libby and Tessa, to the supporting cast that includes law enforcement and family members, each character is fully formed and memorable. As the story progresses, listeners become increasingly invested in their fates.

Gardner’s writing style perfectly complements the characters and the story, seamlessly blending tension, suspense, and emotional depth. Her vivid descriptions and spot-on dialogue immerse listeners in the story and keep them engaged throughout. With her talented prose, Gardner breathes life into the characters, making them feel like real people.

“I loved the writing style in ‘Touch & Go.’ It was so engaging and I really felt like I knew the characters. Lisa Gardner is a true master of her craft.”

The combination of Gardner’s exceptional writing style and memorable characters makes “Touch & Go” an unforgettable audiobook experience.

Plot and Pacing

Lisa Gardner has crafted an intricate plot in “Touch & Go,” full of twists and turns that keep listeners hooked until the very end. The pacing of the narrative is masterful, effortlessly building tension and suspense as the story unfolds.

As the plot thickens, listeners are left guessing who the culprit is and what their true motives are. Gardner’s ability to weave together multiple storylines without losing momentum is a testament to her exceptional writing skills.


Listeners are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the story progresses, with moments of heart-pounding action and heart-wrenching drama. Gardner’s attention to detail ensures that every scene is packed with tension, and the plot keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Overall, “Touch & Go” has an expertly crafted plot that never disappoints. The pacing is just right, with numerous plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Themes and Atmosphere

Lisa Gardner’s “Touch & Go” brings an atmospheric and suspenseful narrative, infused with a range of thematic elements that keep the listeners engrossed throughout the story. The emotionally charged themes of family, love, trust, betrayal, and redemption work together to create a realistic and compelling world for the characters to navigate.

The complex themes are enveloped by an atmosphere of suspense, fear, and tension, adding an extra layer of depth to the narrative. Gardner expertly balances the themes and atmosphere, keeping the story tense and thrilling, while also providing significant moments of emotional depth for the characters and listeners alike.

Through her skillful writing, Lisa Gardner creates an immersive atmosphere that pulls the listeners into the story and keeps them hooked. The themes and atmosphere work together seamlessly, providing an unforgettable listening experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens to “Touch & Go”.

Comparison to Other Works by Lisa Gardner

In “Touch & Go,” Lisa Gardner employs her signature storytelling style, weaving a complex web of intrigue that keeps listeners hooked until the very end. However, when compared to her other works, “Touch & Go” stands out as a transformative moment in her career, signaling a shift towards a more suspenseful and thrilling narrative that would continue in her subsequent publications.

One of the key similarities between “Touch & Go” and Gardner’s other works is her ability to create multidimensional characters that feel real and relatable. Her characters are flawed, intriguing, and often forced to grapple with difficult choices that test their moral compass. This style of character development also mirrors her previous works, such as “The Neighbor” and “Live to Tell.”

However, “Touch & Go” is notable for its darker themes and more complex plot twists than her earlier works. While Gardner’s previous novels dealt with mysteries and thrillers, they often had a more traditional whodunit style that is less present in “Touch & Go.” The narrative complexity and the way the characters are portrayed is more reminiscent of her novels like “Find Her” and “Look for Me.”

Overall, “Touch & Go” is an excellent example of Gardner’s unique writing style, and it’s fascinating to see how her work has evolved over time. With each new novel, she pushes the boundaries of her genre, and fans of her work will no doubt continue to eagerly await her next thrill ride.

Reception and Critical Acclaim

Since its release, “Touch & Go” has received widespread critical acclaim. The book has been praised for its thrilling plot, gripping characters, and impeccable writing style. Lisa Gardner’s ability to keep readers on the edge of their seats has been a point of particular admiration.

The novel has been listed as a New York Times bestseller and received several literary awards, including the 2013 ITW Thriller Award for Best Hardcover Novel.

Literary critics have also praised “Touch & Go” for its complex plot, unexpected twists, and high-stakes suspense. BookPage reviewed the novel as “an irresistible combination of mystery, suspense, and finely wrought prose that will keep readers hooked until the final shocking revelations.”

The widespread reception from readers and critics alike cements “Touch & Go” as a must-read thriller and showcases Lisa Gardner’s immense talent as an author.

Audiobook Recommendation

After listening to “Touch & Go” by Lisa Gardner, we highly recommend this audiobook to both crime fiction enthusiasts and those looking for a thrilling story that will keep them engaged until the very end. Gardner’s impeccable writing style and the excellent production quality achieved make this audiobook a must-listen.

The characters are well-developed, and their growth throughout the story is both relatable and realistic. The plot’s pacing and suspense will leave listeners on the edge of their seats, making it difficult to stop listening. Moreover, the excellent narration and production quality of the audiobook add another dimension to the story and make it an even more enjoyable experience.

If you’re in search of an audiobook to re-listen to, then “Touch & Go” by Lisa Gardner should be at the top of your list. You’ll pick up on details you may have missed during the first listen and be reminded of why this audiobook is such a great listen.


In conclusion, “Touch & Go” by Lisa Gardner is a must-listen for any audiobook enthusiast. Gardner’s writing style is captivating, and the characters are well-developed. The plot is full of twists and turns that keep listeners engaged until the end. The themes throughout the narrative add depth and suspense to the overall atmosphere, making for a thrilling experience.

The audiobook’s production quality is top-notch, with clear and concise narration that enhances the story’s listening experience. It is no wonder that “Touch & Go” has received critical acclaim and gained popularity amongst fans of the thriller genre.

We highly recommend this audiobook to anyone looking for a gripping and thrilling story that will keep them on the edge of their seat. Lisa Gardner’s “Touch & Go” will leave listeners wanting more, making it a perfect addition to any audiobook collection.

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